Our Process

At the App Ideas we follow a customer-centric process of developing precise solutions to problems that can delight the users. We follow agile development methodology to ensure uncompromising performance and faster pace of development.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis

We attentively listen to our clients and understand the problems that we need to address with a comprehensive solution. We start by gathering all the requirements and analysing them.

Initial Meetings, Questions & Answers Session

After gathering requirements we do a lot of brainstorming to understand the scope of the solution for specific customer problems. For this we conduct team meetings, question and sessions to decide the particular trajectory we need to follow for building the software product.

Project Estimation & Proposal Making

At this stage we have a total picture of the project requirements, time limit and cost. Accordingly we estimate the project cost and required time and resources. Finally we create a proposal mentioning all the details corresponding to cost, development time, project deadline, schedule and resources.

Resource & Team Allocation, Project Setup

After getting the final nod from the client we create a detailed plan of resource and team allocation. Following this we create the setup and give responsibility to a project manager with specific recommendations for the entire project.

Daily/Weekly Updates & Improvements

As the project continues rolling, we come with project updates at regular intervals ranging from weekly to monthly updates. Accordingly we come with specific plan if value addition and improvements for the project.

Project Handover, Deployment & Support

When the development is finished and the software application is ready for deployment, we handover the application to client. We offer continuous post-development support and take responsibility of the successful deployment.

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