How can you grow your real-estate business by making a property listing and real estate app?

How can you grow your real-estate business by making a property listing and real estate app?

As most consumers these days are habituated to be informed about brands and interact with brands through mobile apps, there is no better way a business can think of presenting their business offerings. This is particularly true for real estate business as selling properties requires continuously keeping in touch with consumers. With the listed properties being accessible easily on the screen of handheld device you can expect more frequent interactions and continuous engagement resulting in more business conversion and sales.

Let us understand the way mobile apps for real estate business can play significant role in boosting growth and business conversion. Real estate consumers searching for properties of their choice and budget mostly searches on Google and online searches account for nearly 87% of business volume of the real estate sector as a whole. These property listing websites are mostly very dynamic in nature and offers an array of filters to help users find their desired properties through easy searches. Most of the top property listing websites come equipped with several search categories and filters to find the properties within your budget and with exact specifications.

There is no doubt that this online presence of the property listing websites really gave real estate businesses a solid boost in terms of user engagement and frequent user footfalls. The online property listing websites have given the business an unprecedented boost. But, for last few years a vast majority of these successful real estate websites are shifting their focus to mobile apps to stay continuously connected with their customers. While none of them are scrapping their web presence, all of them are eager to deliver a better and instant engaging mobile experience with a standalone app.

While websites will continue generate traffic and boost business conversion as always for their real estate businesses, the standalone mobile app will help them to strengthen the bond and garner more business from the loyal customer base. The dedicated mobile app will also help real estate businesses enjoying continuous and unperturbed relationships with middlemen, real estate agents and all the business associates and third party collaborators who play a crucial role in the real estate sector.

Let us have a look at some of the most crucial ways having a dedicated mobile app can play a positive role in the scheme of things for real estate business.

1. Giving a boost to the brand value and identity

Don’t you look at any business with higher esteem that has its own standalone mobile app? Yes, while most businesses have their own websites, having a standalone mobile app is still uncommon among most of them. Real estate businesses that have their own mobile apps besides their own websites are mostly big brands with a wider audience. What does this prove? Well, it proves that just by having a mobile app representing your real estate business you can actually give a solid boost to your business identity and brand value.

This is why, while extending your real estate website to a new app, always make sure that the new app carries all the brand specific elements in look and feel and functions.

Remember, your app should not look drastically different from your website and instead should offer a consistent user experience.

2. Allowing more ease of access and navigation

A mobile app unlike a website offers a thoroughly native experience. It can be accessed at any point of time and allows the users to remain continuously in touch. Whenever a user considers browsing some properties or looking at the prices, he can do so just with a single tap on the app icon from the device screen. A mobile app offers also a personalised way to access contents offered by a business. Naturally, users can set priorities and preferences and can access the properties of their choice whenever they wish. They do not need to tweak with the filters and categories to have access to the particular sort of properties every time they land on the app.

3. It is an interactive way to browse properties

The real estate apps these days are coming with an array of interactive features and functions that were unthinkable with apps of earlier era. Besides allowing broader search function covering all aspects, real estate apps also offers integrated GPS map and voice search features to make searches further easier. In the time to come we can also expect real estate apps to utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to cater to user queries more specifically as per their on-screen behaviour and preferences. Live chat and chat bots are also becoming increasingly common interactive features to address user queries while using real estate app.

4. Making the sales process easier

Real estate businesses thanks to the online marketplace of properties are facing the heat of competition and they no longer can afford to take the users for granted. Whenever your sales process makes it tougher for the users to interact quickly, they are likely to leave the app for some other apps. All these churned-out users who find your app not helpful for finding their desired properties are very unlikely to return again.

A sophisticated real estate app with effortless access to properties of choice can just prove to be invaluable and can make a lasting bond with the user. The ease of access and business process will make users stick to your app for all their property needs. Unlike websites, that requires fresh opening and searches, a dedicated real estate app can help them whatever property they need close in hand.

A mobile app will also help you tremendously in managing sales leads and creating plans to get in touch with them by addressing their queries. A mobile app unlike a website offers unprecedented control over the entire sales process, boost on user engagement and business conversion.

5. The properties can really come alive on screen

With the option of integrating augmented reality with real estate apps, many real estate businesses around the world are using this new technology to showcase real estate properties in more lively and true-to -life manner. With the improvements like 360 degree video, panoramic images and satellite images of the locality, grabbing the real look, feel and ambience of a property has become easier than ever before. As most properties are sold because of lucrative appearance, offering lively images, video and AR powered presentation of properties through real estate apps can really make a great difference in sales growth.

6. Big boos to real estate marketing

Mobile app grabbing permanent real estate space on the smartphone of the users offer most effective way to generate leads and nurture prospects with frequent interactions and push messages that are relevant to the respective users.

A dedicated mobile app allows a real estate business to capture interest of the users quickly by just addressing individual user preferences. A mobile app can easily generate leads and allow quick lead conversion with simple click to call feature. Push notifications also helps converting prospects into customers if the real estate business can utilise them to lure customers effectively. A real estate app can also help building an app community and promote events to strengthen bonds among users and thus boost more user engagement.

Are you trying to find a real estate app development company that has the experience of building most sophisticated and successful real estate app? Do you want to know about the cost of building a rich real estate app with guaranteed user engagement? Come to The App Ideas. Just give us a call or drop us a message and we are going to reply back to your queries at the earliest.

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Are you trying to find a real estate app development company, feel free to contact us.

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Are you trying to find a real estate app development company, feel free to contact us.