Ecommerce Store [Problems & Solutions]

In this blog we will check about, What are the problems you might face while making an E-commerce Store and What’s the solutions of those problems?

Bravo! You have finally launched an e-commerce store to help your customers get access to your brand online. We know the tumultuous tasks you needed to pass through to come up with an ecommerce site of your own. You found an interesting business niche, came into contact with reputed manufacturers and suppliers and ensured clean appearance of your products through some packaging experts. Most important of all, you gave designed a modern ecommerce website equipped to the brim to help you engage customers. Now that your store became live with traffic gradually pouring in, you can think of yourself as an ecommerce entrepreneur.
But wait, before seeing yourself in the middle of this sweet dream, let us make you see the real harsh realities that can shatter your dream to be a successful ecommerce entrepreneur. What happens if you don’t have steady traffic? What about getting conversion steadily to run your business profitably? What about dealing with the burgeoning competition? All these questions and many others are supposed to tickle you every here and then. Do you have a plan to address these challenges? If not, let us explain these problems along with solutions.

  1. Lack of website traffic

This is probably the most common problem across most ecommerce websites. People at the initial stage just do not know that your site exists and naturally they are not able to find it. Unless you make your site more discoverable to them you cannot thrive your ecommerce business with consistent flow of traffic. This problem is most commonly tackled by robust Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drive. This requires publishing quality contents and boosting those contents with technical SEO attributes like keywords, rich snippets, keyword rich summary, etc. Let us introduce some other effective ways of generating traffic.


  • Paid advertising is an effective way to bring traffic to a website. Google Adwords is one of the popular paid advertising channels through which you can target a niche market audience. There are several other paid advertising services in the market as well.
  • Social media marketing through popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is another most effective way to draw attention and drive traffic to your website. You need to target social platforms based upon the audience you need. For instance, Pinterest with an 80% female audience can be good for ecommerce stores targeting women and girls while Google+ with a male dominated audience is good for male centric products.
  • Innovative and creative social media presence is one crucial way to engage your audience quickly and gain traffic. A local brand of florist sharing unique jokes and funny messages can gain quick traction among its target audience. A restaurant by sharing know-how of popular or unique recipes can drive gourmet food lover traffic.
  • At the initial stage, discounts, coupons and promotional offers and advertising them widely across web channels can also be one effective way to gain traction and traffic.
  1. Challenge of facing too many competitors

    When you set up an ecommerce store without prior idea about the competition in the respective niche, you often end up facing too many competitors with the similar kind of offerings or product range. Even when you know, your niche is one if the most competitive one you need to find some effective ways to stand apart from the rest of the competition. Let us offer here some effective solutions to this common challenge faced by many ecommerce stores.
  • First of all, make a point to research your competitors including the big players. Reasonably evaluate your chances to deal with the competition around you.
  • Make a plan to stand apart from the rest of competition with some unique offerings in products or with services.
  • Apart from competitive offerings also plan out a competitive marketing strategy to outshine others. Make a plan to outshine your completion with unique social media presence, blogs, press releases, etc.
  • Always plan a strategy to come with some unique products every once in a while to outshine your competition.
  1. Boosting customer loyalty

    Irrespective of the volume of visitors what matters most is the customer loyalty for your ecommerce brand. Is your ecommerce store trustworthy for most of your visitors? Getting visitors is not just enough. What matters most is to retain those customers on board with frequent engagement and traction.

To boost the customer loyalty, what matters most is an excellent customer service which makes ordering products easy. While there are plenty of web stores offering similar range of products, you need to give your customers enough justification to visit and buy from your store. Let us mention here some effective ways to boost customer loyalty and trust.

  • Always provide detailed contact information including your address, phone number and employee credentials with their pictures, etc.
  • Always publish customer testimonials, and credibility scores of your website.
  • Offer a live chat function to your website to allow customers contact you quickly.
  • Publish high quality, informative and authoritative blogs on related topics of your niche. This establishes your expertise and credibility.
  • Always make sure to respond to any customer query and complain as quickly as possible.
  1. Dealing with the concerns of product return and refund

    According to a recent comscore survey, around 63% of consumers in US give importance to an easy return policy before deciding on making a purchase. The same survey also maintains that 48% of buyers would buy from retailers that ensure hassle-free returns of the products. So, to ensure long term success of your ecommerce store you need to deal with the customer concerns over return and refund policy first. Here we mention some effective solutions to the problem.

  • Always be transparent with your policy.
  • Always use plain language in the policy document that can easily be understood even by laymen.
  • Always use flexible and permissive languages instead of using forceful terms like “you must”, “you are required”, etc. Make sure you sound polite.
  • Always set expectations clearly in your return policy document.
  • Make sure you provide them all types of popular payments and shipping options including Cash on Delivery.
  • Make sure your staffs are trained enough to help customers as per the return policy.
  • Always humbly admit your mistakes and be prepared to bear the loss for your own faults in shipping the products.

Finally, for a new ecommerce store besides all these aspects, it is equally important to stay focused and patient while trying to optimize the website in every possible way. An ecommerce store finds its competitive footing over a period of time and with consistent efforts.

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