Explaining the e-commerce opportunity for the small retailers

Explaining the e-commerce opportunity for the small retailers

Ecommerce has come of age and now small businesses including those brick and mortar local stores started to understand the impact ecommerce can have on small businesses. But just like huge opportunities the transition of a small business to an ecommerce store doesn’t come without challenges. For small retailers and businesses beating these challenges to avail the opportunities of thriving ecommerce is most crucial.

Small businesses all over the world are increasingly finding that internet is capable to give them the biggest push for growth and outreach to customers. With more than fifty percent of US consumers preferring to shop online ecommerce stores are the rule of the day now for many retailers and local businesses. So, ecommerce is here to stay opening a whole array of opportunities for small retailers. Let us have a look at the key opportunities offered by ecommerce for small businesses.

Ease of buying for customers

An increasing number of people are preferring to purchase online just because of the convenience and ease of doing it. The web store allows them buying products at any time from the convenience of their home. The online stores also offer them a variety of payment methods besides allowing them browsing almost an inexhaustible range of products. Customers can also choose products and leave them in their wish list or postpone the purchase by leaving the carts and return later to make the purchase. This is the most quick, easy and convenient way of making purchase available just on your handheld device.

In-depth product information

While in contrast to the physical stores the web stores cannot allow you to touch the actual product but by presenting in-depth product information and with meticulous images explaining product dimensions and with lively product videos actually a web store can reveal more details of products range than actual stores. This is why online stores makes buying decisions easy.

Businesses can take advantage of search engine ranks

A small retailer now can come to search ranks with its product offerings thsnks to a rigorous SEO effort. All the insecurity of getting in-store footfall for your physical store can be a matter of the past when presenting your products online and following it up with a solid SEO effort. As customers are now willing to find unique products and specialties from different localities instead of the same run of the mill products of big brands, small businesses with unique product range enjoys a better scope of getting consistent visitors and business conversion.

Knowing and addressing customer needs better

Unlike physical stores where you have no concise avenue of knowing customers buying habits and buying signals, web stores just allows you taking note of all buying signals and customer behaviour in detail. Online stores equipped with powerful analytics tools can easily come with great actionable insights that can guide you about precise actions to address customer needs and push sales. This allows retailers a big opportunity to optimise their strategy and product offerings continuously.

Bigger customer outreach round the clock

Thanks to ecommerce small businesses can continuously reach wider audience all over the web as their offerings get the exposure through world wide web. Ecommerce creating a global marketplace without geographical boundary and constraints can help a small retailer present his unique local products to an audience located far away in another part of the world. Such unperturbed customer outreach is also available round the clock and customers can visit your online store throughout the day from different time zones. This really opens up the opportunity of multiplying your business several hundred times.

Inbuilt and effortless marketing avenues

Earlier the physical stores needed to market their brand through traditional ads and media coverage costing them a premium while not garnering enough value. With online stores, such premium marketing is a thing of the past. You have ready-in-hand social media marketing channel inbuilt allowing satisfied customers to share their happy experience with others.

You have a highly targeted landing page to drive visitors for business conversion and engagement. You have email marketing at your disposal to send personalised emails to your loyal customers and potential prospects and drive business conversion. All of these marketing channels and tools cost a little or almost negligible while delivering most effective output in terms of traffic and business.

Mobile shopping

As more than 90% of consumers now have mobile devices within reach all the time, for any need turning to mobile device is quite normal. Naturally, people these days turn to mobile phones for their shopping needs. Already a whopping fifty percent of European population turn to mobile for browsing and product search while a quarter of the population actually end up buying from online stores for their regular needs. As retail is increasingly getting momentum through mobile apps and mobile browsers, the traditional retail is facing a dip in sales. This is one reason that make embracing ecommerce or more precisely, mobile commerce quite obvious.

Finally, embracing ecommerce is no longer just a survival tactics for most retailers or small businesses. Actually, ecommerce opened up for them the global marketplace with diversified and demands of niche specialty products that besides offering value for money utility also carries a great lineage of tradition or sometimes, cultural expression. Thanks to ecommerce a designer handicraft manufacturer and artisan can now sell her products directly in the global marketplace at a much higher price. Local businesses by reaching global customers can also build their brand name quickly. Ecommerce is a big opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of a level playing field called web.

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Are you a small retailer? Do you want to extend your business with the burgeoning ecommerce platform? feel free to contact us.

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Are you a small retailer? Do you want to extend your business with the burgeoning ecommerce platform? feel free to contact us.