Innovation Still didn’t happen in Food Ordering App?

Life is getting smarter with every passing day. So to speak, the smartphone flaunting Uber generation does not like to put extra effort into anything, not even for a great sumptuous food platter. Walking up to the restaurant next block for a few servings of sizzling kebab seems to be too time to consume for our jet-set generation. This is why in urban settlements and metros ordering foods through mobile apps has become so popular these days.

Current scenario with food ordering apps

Do you think most of the so-called food ordering apps in the market are just apt and well equipped for delivering good food at your doorstep? It is very unlikely for anyone to remain completely satisfied with these apps that claim to offer great food delivery service at the doorstep.

There are too many glitches we often come across with these apps. Besides, the questionable quality of food, extra pricing with packing and delivery charges and the concerns over the service quality and timelines, we often fail to find foods and food joints that we are looking for.

In one way to say, we always settle for less with these so-called popular food apps. But why? It is simply because we have such scarcity of options. In fact, you cannot name a single food app that caters to all cities with the same delight guaranteed for customers everywhere. The Uber of food ordering app does not arrive yet. However sad it sounds, it is the reality we need to admit.

A diversified quick search filter

Many apps simply forget the fact that food is a highly diversified niche that requires an equally befitting approach to address various needs with specific measures. From cuisine available through the nearby restaurants to the varied price range to categories food specialties as per the serving time (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks) to the restaurant categories and hygienic ratings, there can be numerous categories for filtering the food lover preferences. For tremendously diverse niche like food and beverage, you need to offer listings with easy to apply, highly diversified filters for quick search.

If I type “Pastas” does the search deliver me all the food results across restaurants nearby with Pasta mentioned in the food title? Seriously, such a lust can really help me find the food I need and intend to order. Once I get all the listings with “Pastas” included I can choose one depending on my preference for cuisine, toppings, price range and so on. Instead of just offering such easy to use search option and filters for all listed foods most food apps actually try to push some restaurants and food listings like paid ads. No wonder, they take users for granted and consequently never gets the popularity they deserve.

Food is overpriced because of delivery and packaging

This is another common complaint about most food ordering apps presently working on the market. The business model of food ordering app must be based on profit sharing without really impacting the price for the end user. The transparency maintained by many food apps by mentioning the delivery and packaging charge clearly on the invoice instead of an unexplained increased price for every food item is a good practice. But even then, this excess costs incurred by customers for delivery and packaging also works as a deterrent for delivery of foods.


If banners and other forms of restaurant ads promoted by the restaurants can work as a good measure to open additional sources of revenue can they just help removing charges for delivery and packaging? Well, there can be other ideas as well that can make an impact in dropping the extra tariff for delivery of foods.

Finally, food delivery apps need a lot of innovative measures to stay relevant and competitive. For a new app to compete with the older players in the good delivery market it needs to come up with a really engaging app, streamlined delivery process and great benefits on food tariffs for the consumers. Food delivery apps as of now couldn’t prove themselves to offer real value for money and all their marketing mainly limited to one catchphrase “sumptuous food delivered at the doorstep”. Can we expect this situation to change in the near future, with a new breed of food apps?

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Would you like to make a Food Ordering App OR Website for your restaurant? Feel free to contact us.

Quick Reach

Would you like to make a Food Ordering App OR Website for your restaurant? Feel free to contact us.