Benefits of GPS Location Tracking App Development

  • Driver productivity

    Driver tracking app will help to boost the productivity of drivers by keeping in constant touch.

  • Reaching destination faster

    With the tracking app, real-time suggestions and advice can be delivered to help him reach the destination faster and safer.

  • Fuel efficiency

    Real-time tracking of the vehicle will help to prevent misuses and unnecessary errands to boost fuel efficiency.

  • On-road security

    Thanks to such app in real-time any security issue or challenge can be known and accordingly on-road traffic can be reached for help.

  • Better vehicle maintenance

    Real-time tracking of the vehicles will also help better maintenance and look-after of the vehicle.

  • Real-time communication

    A driver tracking app will also help a business keeping in constant communication with the driver allowing them to give any instruction.

Passenger App

  • Social Logins

  • login type (leading Passenger or Travelling Passenger)

  • Profile Management

  • Current Booking Details

  • Live Driver Tracking

  • Live Chat

  • Call with driver

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Give a tip to the driver

  • Pay online

  • Request for instant quote

  • card management

Driver Application

  • Login/ Register as CH4U Driver or Contractor Driver

  • Profile Management

  • First use checkup list

  • Booking Details

  • Route information

  • Start & End Journey

  • Live Chat

  • Call with Passenger

  • Panic Button

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • receive Tip

  • History of trips

Our Solution

Driver App

Passenger App

Would you like to make a Driver Tracking or Any other live tracking app? Feel free to contact us and get a free quote.

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