How much does it cost to Redesign a Website

Nowadays we can clearly observe that all kinds of industries have their own website for the betterment of their business because a website helps them with the marketing strategy which helps them to increase their sales and generate more profits.

Having a website for your business is very important as it can help you to generate for profit by forming the best first impression to your customers because it is very easy for customers to use the website and get all details about your services and otherly, having a website also helps you to stand out differently from your competitors.

We can clearly notice that in this present time small to large scale industry, like everyone is having their own brand website but they forget to maintain or redesign their website. Redesigning of the website is as important as a renovation or maintaining the house. With a certain period of time, the website function becomes older and out of date by which you as well as your customers have to suffer a lot.

So here In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of redesigning the website, when you have to redesign your website, which factors you have to take care while redesigning your website and the cost of redesigning a website.

Redesign your website

Why do you need to Redesign a Website?

Before knowing the cost and importance of redesigning the website, you need to understand why it is needed or the importance of redesigning a website?

Initially, before hiring someone for redesigning the website, you need to figure out the problems you are facing with your current website because analysing the problems of your website leads you to the higher chances of your website redesigning project to succeed.

Here are some of the most common problems which every website owner faces, when their website gets older like the low conversion rate of your current website, Slow processing or loading of the website, the layout as well as designing,(colours or fonts) finds to be outdated and many more factors.

How often should you redesign your website?

As per the survey, you need to redesign your website every two to three years of a time period to stay updated and modern. Redesigning a website is important when your website slows down or decreases the traffic or user’s attention.

Website redesigning is not something a business or industry has to do but website redesigning is the necessity to succeed and keep updating your brand through your website.

But how to know or How often you need to redesign your website?

Website redesigning majorly depend on some of the elements, let’s discuss the elements in details: 

  •  An average website has a life of 2-3 years after this you need to maintain or redesign your website for better performance.
  • Redesigning of the website is also important to tackle the several problems which you face while using your website like hacking or takes high time to load.
  • Website looks and designs are one of those things which generally attract the customers to visit your website.
  • When your website shows various errors like “error 404” and functions which do not work properly.
  • A website redesign is important when you need to make changes or redesign your website according to your preference like adding more features and functionality in the website to make it more powerful.
  • Some more factors of redesigning the website are for the betterment of SEO, to make the website simpler, to increase speed, increase sales, to change the structure of the website
  • When your website is not compatible with every latest device or we can say the website is not responsive and not mobile-friendly.
  • When you observe that your website is outdated and it’s not flexible with the latest versions of technologies.
  • A website redesign is required when you see that your website or your brand is falling behind the competition.
  • Website redesigning is required when you are not getting the expected result from your website.

Redesign your website

What things should you consider while redesigning your website?

As we have discussed above all the factors of website redesigning by which you have probably understood why it is important to redesign a website and when you have to redesign your website.

So let’s know the things which you should consider while redesigning your website?

  • While website redesigning, you should consider some of the backend services like CMS(Content Management System).
  • While website redesigning you need to focus on the clean design of the website because of the clean design of the website helps you to attract more customers.
  • While redesigning your website you need to focus on the layout as well as the colour scheme of the website because these things  are the most important things to make the website successful
  • While website redesigning you can add some more advanced functionality and features which make the website easily accessible.
  • In website redesigning you can update the navigation of the website and make it easier for a user to easily navigate from one module to another.
  • Update the website by adding social logins as well as a call to action module.
  • While website redesigning, you can hire developers who can make the code simpler which helps to take less loading time.
  • While website redesigning you need to focus on the website compatibility which means the website should be compatible with multiple browsers as well as mobile-friendly.
  • Website redesigning helps you to increase the security level of your website.
  • While website designing you can add the features like reviews, client testimonials, tracking and many more advanced features which are beneficial for your business.
  • Add the valid contact information with detail and update or add the landing page to your website while redesigning.
  • Add the website copyright while redesigning the website.

How much should you pay to Redesign your website?

The cost of redesigning a website mainly depends on some of the factors. Let’s know, which factors affect the cost of redesigning a website:

  • Redesigning of the website mainly depends on the size of the website or we can say the number of pages.
  • The process of a website redesign.
  • The functionality or features you need to update or add in the website.
  • The number of changes required to redesign the website.
  • Technology or platform of the website.
  • Developer’s experience.

Here I am listing the approximate timeline and costing of redesigning a website is:

Approximate Cost:500-800 USD.

Approximate Timeline: 18-25 days.

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Would you like to redesign your website in a better way to generate more profit? If Yes, then feel free to reach us.

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Would you like to redesign your website in a better way to generate more profit? If Yes, then feel free to reach us.