How much does it cost to make an app like Zomato?

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the most popular platform Zomato. Zomato is one of the most popular on-demand food delivery apps, and it is recognized as a global restaurant search and discovery services company.

Zomato is founded in 2008, that time Zomato is operating 23 countries, including India, Australia, and the United States. Zomato allows people to easily search for restaurants around them, provide service of food ordering and Food delivery. Nowadays, Zomato is also providing the services of table booking.

Currently, Zomato covers over a million restaurants across 10,000+ cities. As an emerging startup, Zomato has raised funds from many global companies. Today Zomato like marketplace app solution is an inspiration for many young people, Now people want to start a startup like Zomato.

Zomato like app solution is in high demand because we know nowadays everyone is comfortable in accessing online food ordering or food delivery services. People refer on-demand food ordering app rather go out for dinner or lunch. 

As digital technology is reshaping the market, the customer finds it more convenient and transparent method for ordering food online and also pay for it through an online payment method.

Would you like to launch an app Solution like Zomato in the market?

Here in this article, we are going to learn all the key aspects related to Zomato app solution as well as how to launch a  Zomato like app solution in the market. Let’s discuss the points on how to launch a Zomato like app solution.

The things you need to keep in mind before starting any food delivery app like Zomato.

1) Choosing the location or area where you can grow your food delivery business.

2) Partnering with grocery store and restaurant. Building relationships with the restaurant’s owner.

3) Deciding whether to have drivers on your payroll or contract with drivers the way Zomato does.

4) Research and List out all the feature to make an amazing app.


Let’s discuss, How Zomato works?

To launch an app solution like Zomato, you need to understand the overall working model of the Zomato like app solution.

1) It provides a list of all the nearby restaurant to the customer and provides many options to select.

2) Zomato is an amazing platform for restaurants to improve their market presence and reach many people through this app.

3) Customers can easily see and access the discount and offer.

4) Once the order is placed, Zomato gives them the leverage to pay through various payment methods.

5) The food order request is directly going to the Zomato delivery guys and then it notifies the restaurant.

6) The restaurant then confirms the order and pack the meal according to the requirement of customers.

7) Then Zomato delivers the meal and finishes the last step.

8) Zomato also provides an opportunity to show and promote their cuisines to a huge user base. The restaurant also pays to Zomato for featured listings.

9) Zomato is a reliable partner for restaurant, helping the small scale food industry to grow their business by expanding their reach and users via online branding.

10) Zomato partnered with almost every restaurant in the urban area and offering its customer a wide variety of food items.

11) Zomato has built up a rating framework which puts restaurant order based on their reviews and ratings.

12) Zomato technology enhances the user experience by providing the information like distance of the restaurant, food price, delivery charges and estimated wait time of delivery service.


How much does it cost to make an app like Zomato


How Zomato make money?

1) Food Delivery:- Zomato charges 10-15% on food ordering and also charge for delivery of food.

2) Advertising:- Zomato earn by advertising, they provide the banner advertisement. Charge restaurant for event promotion. Restaurants which appear on the landing page, they have to pay for that to Zomato.


What kind of features you require, to build an app like Zomato

  • User panel
    • Login module
    • User can set up their profile.
    • Allow location access.
    • Menu list with pictures
    • Reservation module
    • Sorting and filtering
    • Cart
    • Various payment method
    • Track the driver
    • Access offer or coupon
    • Details of driver or restaurant.
    • Provide feedback and users.
  • Restaurant  admin panel
    • Admin signup
    • Menu management.
    • Manage offer or coupon
    • Item tracker.
    • Manage orders.
    • Manage to bill
    • Manage report.
    • Manage ratings
  • Food delivery service panel(Admin Panel)
    • Manage user profile.
    • Dashboard Management.
    • Manage order.
    • Details about customer location and google map.
    • Manage delivery partners
    • Manage menu and dishes added by the restaurant
    • Review and ratings
    • Management of payment.
    • Manage multiple requests.
    • Push Notification.
    • Manage Feedbacks of the user


How much does it cost to make an app like Zomato?

The cost of food ordering app depends on the features you want, the layout of an app, the number of module you want, the technology you want to develop your app in and the additional features you want. Zomato is a database app, so an app like Zomato cost more. The range of developing an app like Zomato is 5000 USD – 8000 USD and it takes 600-800 hours to build an app like Zomato.


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Would you like to develop a food delivery app like Zomato? Feel free to reach us.

Quick Reach

Would you like to develop a food delivery app like Zomato? Feel free to reach us.