Restaurant Menu Apps: How much does it cost to make an E-menu App or Digital Menu?

First of all, let’s understand the meaning of e-menu/digital menu/Restaurant Menu apps. E-menu or digital menu boards are an electronic display of menu list. Currently, this technology is used by many restaurants, coffee shops or cafe. E-menu is a digital menu which is displayed on a tablet to the customer in spite of giving them the paper menu.

By using Restaurant Menu Apps it is easy to display an attractive picture of food with its cost and description. If a cafe or restaurant is using a tablet for taking orders then they can easily switch to the E-menu or provide services to customers like viewing the food list, order food and pay for it using the online method. Some features are also added to e-menu like split bill and online transaction.

Why switch from paper Restaurant Menu Apps to E-menu?

Because it is an easy way to show upsells, calories and prices of the food item. E-menu is easily customizable, the restaurant can change their menu according to their needs in the app solution. This method of updating list is time-saving as well as cost-effective.

  • Boxy structure of the menu, easily re-presentable of dishes with its picture, cost and video is also included.
  • Unlimited menu list can be added because it is easy to add other section like breakfast, lunch and dinners.
  • Easy to search in E-menu as we can use the search bar for searching any food time easily.
  • By using E-menu customer can order their own food directly. As kitchen management can get notification of food item directly to their smartphones.

Restaurant Menu Apps

Let’s know some advantages of using E-menu for restaurant or cafe:-

  • It is way how you represent your menu:- When you handover tablet to the customer, they find high-resolution images, clear description of food.
  • Electronic menus are a great cost-saver:-It is a cost saver. As in digital menu, the restaurant can easily add coupons, offers and discounts because E-menu is customizable. In case of updating the food items, the E-menu app is time-saving than making updates in the paper menu.                                                                                              In Paper Menu, you have to make orders for printing the new Menu card but in E-menu app you can easily update the format as per the requirements.
  • The Service is faster:-E-menu is simple as a Food Ordering App and service is also faster, as a customer can choose the food, order it and it directly notify the kitchen management and they start preparing.
  • E-Menu app Boost sales with cross-selling.

How e-menu works and maximize profit?

As e-menu is adaptive, easy and flexible. Customers are more likely to use this kind of app like a digital menu rather than the paper menu. So using E-menu app, you can easily attract more and more customers and also helps you to gain more profit.

  • When a customer visit to a restaurant, they hand over the tablet to the customer and ask them to choose the food item or choose the dishes according to their need. Quantity can be adjustable according to requirement.
  • Customer order the food and if the customer is comfortable then like food ordering app, customers can do billing through online transaction.
  • The order directly notifies the kitchen management, they prepare food and deliver to the table
  • At last, the restaurant asks the customer to give feedback or review of food and services.

Restaurant Menu Apps

Features Of E-menu/Digital Menu

Customer Panel

  • Can view the Menu list of the restaurant.
  • Check the food item.
  • Check the picture and its detail.
  • Select the food item.
  • Change quantity as per of the requirements.
  • Make order.
  • Access coupon code.
  • Add the order in between.
  • Check the bill.
  • Make a payment.
  • Provide feedback to the services.

Admin Panel

  • Admin login panel.
  • Dashboard maangemeent.
  • Update the food item.
  • Update the food details like prices.
  • Manage coupon code.
  • Bill management.
  • Payment management.
  • Customer Feedback management.

How much it cost to make an E-menu or digital menu?

The Cost of a digital menu mainly depends upon the features added, the layout requires, in which technology you want your app. It also depends on the additional feature to add or different module to add. For developing an app like E-menu / Digital menu is in the range of 2000 USD-3000 USD and it takes 200-300 working hours.

Would you like to create a Restaurant Menu App? Feel free to reach us.

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Would you like to create a E-menu App or Digital Menu app? Feel free to reach us.

Quick Reach

Would you like to create a E-menu App or Digital Menu app? Feel free to reach us.