User Features list

  • User login register

    User needs to register by creating an account and providing personal details.

  • Sponsor details

    User can access the details about the sponsor.

  • Order details

    User can access the details about the products accessed by him.

  • register with refer link only

    User can register with the app by using only the refer link.

  • User can manage profile

    User can manage, edit and add his profile details as and when needed.

  • Daily dividend process

    The user can transparently see the daily dividend he is getting.

  • Daily commission process

    The user can transparently see his commission process.

  • Refer system

    User can see the referral system and how it works.

  • Withdraw process

    User can also see the progress of withdraw process.

  • Testimonial

    User can see the testimonials and feedbacks from other people in the business.

  • E-wallet

    User can access the e-wallet to retrieve his payment.

  • User can view his commission

    User at any point of time can view his accumulated commissions.

  • User can see his child users (partners)

    User can see all his down-line child users and partners.

  • User can view his daily dividend

    User can keep a close tap on the daily dividend.

  • This is single level MLM system

    This can work both for single and multi-level MLM system.

  • User can manage his payment details

    User can access and manage all his payment details from the user app.

Admin Panel

  • Admin management

    Admin management allows app admin to control all aspects of the app.

  • Can view all users

    App admin can view all users through this panel.

  • Manage users with parent / child

    The admin can manage all users along with their parent or child partner.

  • Can view e-wallet of all users

    App admin can access the e-wallet of all users through this admin panel.

  • Can view withdraw requests

    App admin can easily view all withdraw requests made by the users.

  • Can accept withdraw request

    App admin as per the policy can choose to accept withdraw requests from the users.

  • Admin management

  • Can view all users

  • Manage users with parent / child

  • Can view e-wallet of all users

  • Can view withdraw requests

  • Can accept withdraw request

Technologies we use

  • WordPress

  • HTML

  • Photoshop

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

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