How much does it cost to develop a Split Bill app?

Split Bill app, as the name suggests this app is for splitting the bill between the people who are sharing some kind of services between them. Split Bill app helps in accurate splitting the bill in a number of parts required to the user.

Why is a Spill Bill app required?

In this present era, Various people are sharing expenses with their family and friends. People generally share their rooms with their friends, decide to travel with their friends by sharing all the expenses or going for a luxurious place with their friends and family. In this period of time, it is very difficult for people to Split the Bills and share the bill in a required part. Either they have to manually calculate by using calculators or pay the bill on your own.

For such a problem, the Split Bill app is launched which is the best solution for all the kinds of scenarios discussed above. Users can easily add the total amount and share the expenses in equal amounts to everyone without facing any difficulty.

Here In this article, we are going to discuss Split Bill App, when a split bill app is required, Why to launch a Split Bill app in the market, the basic features which we provide in a Split Bill app and the cost of developing a Split Bill app.

Where can we use the Split Bill app?

Initially Understand why a Split bill app is in demand in today’s time. As we have discussed, people like to share their expenses and utilize the luxurious thing by sharing it between two or more peoples. Here I am going to list down where a Split bill app is a boonfor the people:

  • Rental property payment includes Splitting of the light bill and water bill.
  • Travelling expenses sharing.
  • Restaurant bill sharing.
  • Sharing of any luxuries thing.
  • Sharing household things expenses.
  • Hotel booking expenses sharing.
  • Cab booking expenses sharing.

And many more.

From the above-listed things you can probably predict the importance of having a Split billing app is time-saving as well as convenience to users.

Why is it beneficial to launch a Split Bill app?

Nowadays various people are thinking of initiating or launching an online platform like a website or mobile app for generating profit Because people are now more inclined towards digital services as it is easy as well as convenient to use.

How much does it cost to develop a Split Bill app

If you are also thinking of initiating any startup or online platform in the market then the Split Bill app is one of the best solutions to launch for the people. As we know due to digitalization, people are now using online payment or transactions for making payment of various services. Online payment is secure as well as easy to use.

The split bill app is very helpful for the people who are facing trouble in splitting the bill between their friends and family or between 2 or more people. Split bill app is also beneficial to you as through this platform you can generate extra revenue without doing much work.

Let’s discuss, How to monetise the Split Bill app?

  • Integrating Ads services in your platform: Allow the third party to display ads services in your platform.
  • Launch premium or subscription model of your app.
  • Allow membership packages to your user for accessing more benefits of the app.
  • Collaborating with various payment services.

What are the key features of Split bill app?

We have already discussed all the important points related to a Split Bill app and its importance. The Split Bill app mainly consists of two main panels. Let’s discuss the key features of a Split Bill app in more detail:

User Panel

  • Users can register or log in to their account.
  • After registration user can easily set up and manage their account
  • Add some basic details like name, E-mail address and many more.
  • Users can invite their family and friends.
  • Users can create a group of members for splitting payment.
  • Reminders for making payment.
  • Payment gateways integration.
  • Notify user payment amount via message or E-mail.
  • Chat module integration.
  • Access Coupon code or discount offers.
  • Give feedback and ratings to the app.
  • Share this app via social media and recommend it to other users.

Admin Panel

  • Admin login Module.
  • Admin Dashboard 
  • Users profile management.
  • Membership profile management.
  • Ads management.
  • Premium features management.
  • Revenue management.
  • Payment management.
  • Push notification to the user.
  • Mange offers and coupon code.
  • Manage users feedback and reviews.
  • Generate reports for tracking app performance.
  • Manage marketing tools

How much does it cost to develop a Split Bill app?

The cost of a Split Bill app highly depends on various factors so it is really very difficult to predict the exact cost of developing a Split Bill app. Here are some of the basic factors on which the cost of the Split Bill app is dependent:

How much does it cost to develop a Split Bill app

  • UI/UX designing.
  • Mobile app complexity.
  • The basic features of the app.
  • The advanced functionality of the app.
  • Frontend and backend development of the app.
  • The technology platform of the app(Android, IOS or both).
  • Mobile developers Experience.

Here I am providing the approximate timeline and cost of developing a Split bill app:


  • App Design:- 9 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 7 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing Split Bill app is 5000-8000 USD.

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Would you like to develop a Split Bill app? If Yes, then feel free to reach us.