On Demand Food Delivery App Development

The most demanding and one of the most utilized app solution is an On-Demand Food Delivery App Development. As we all know, food is the basic requirement to live a healthy life and for some people food is life. This food industry is one of those fields which demands is only going to increase with time.

This present time is known as the Digital era, where everyone likes to use online services or digital services like using websites or mobile app services for accessing each and every service. As per the survey, 70-75% of people are using smartphones and almost all the smartphone users are using the web and app services.

The same digitalization is also applicable to the food industry Because people are more inclined towards the app or online services rather access the offline services by visiting any food court and food industry. So for attracting more customers and gaining more profits food industry owner are shifting their store to the online platform or along with offline services also giving the online or app services to the people.

So If you are the owner of any food industry or running a restaurant, for maximizing profit you must have a food ordering app of your restaurant. And if you are thinking of a startup then you can launch a marketplace food ordering app and easily make money through it like Zomato and Swiggy.

Let’s discuss in more details: Why there is a need for On-Demand Food Delivery App Development?

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development is increasing day by day as people are now inclined more towards the apps services. Food ordering apps are simply used for ordering the food from any food court or restaurant which has launched their own Food web or Food apps solution.

On Demand Food Delivery App Development

You have heard the names, Zomato and Swiggy, these are some Successful on-demand food ordering or on-demand food delivery apps marketplace. This kind of app solution provides a platform to the various restaurant to list down there services and from this app, user can easily check the list of the nearby restaurant for ordering food at their own place.

On-Demand Food Delivery App Development is easy to use and people are really comfortable to use food ordering apps as the only requirement is a smartphone with a good internet connection and almost everyone owns smartphones.

Food ordering apps help people in various ways like due to food ordering apps services, a user can order food from anywhere at any time, the user can order their favourite food through an app easily and also make online payments.

Due to this On-Demand Food Delivery App, user can access the restaurant services by 24/7 and can order food at anywhere by easily making the online payment.

Food ordering apps also helps its owner to make money. How?

Let’s discuss: How you can make money through an On-Demand food ordering app?

Other than customer attracting, you can also make money from the On-demand food ordering app through different-different ways. Let me list down some of the ways of earning money from an On-demand food ordering app.

  • You can allow the third party to use your platform for marketing and provide them with your platform for displaying ads and charge them for advertising their things.
  • If you are launching a marketplace food ordering app then you can ask for the share of every order from the specific restaurant.
  • You can charge your customer, delivery fee or convenience fees.
  • In the marketplace food ordering app, you can charge a fee to the restaurant for better positioning on your platform.

If you are thinking of launching a food ordering app then initially you must know the basic or the key features of food ordering app.

So let’s know: What are the basic features list of food ordering apps?

As a food ordering app consists of some main modules:

 1. Admin Panel(For marketplace food ordering app)

2. Restaurant Panel

3. Customer Panel

1. Admin Panel:

On Demand Food Delivery App Development

  • Admin Login/sign in
  • Search and filter
  • Restaurant management
  • Payment management
  • Order management
  • Discount offers and coupon management
  • Technical assistance
  • Delivery services management
  • Monitoring every action
  • Feedback and review module.
  • Logout.

2. Restaurant Panel

  • Restaurant signup
  • Menu management
  • Photos and video integration of food item
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Searching and filtering option
  • Analytics & report generation
  • Push notification
  • Order management
  • Social media integration
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Payment management
  • Offers and coupon management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Reviews and feedback checking
  • Chat integration
  • Signout

3. Customer Panel

On Demand Food Delivery App Development

  • Customer signup/create account
  • Searching and filtering bar
  • Cart for adding the selected food item
  • Order placement
  • Various payment method
  • Utilization of offer and coupon
  • Driver tracking
  • Help and Support
  • Give feedback and reviews
  • Checking other customer feedback and reviews
  • Logout module
  • Delete account option

How much does it cost to make a food ordering apps?

The cost of food ordering app highly depends on the features or the layout you want to integrate into your food ordering app and it also depends on the technology or platform which is used for building the food ordering app. Here I am going to list down the approximate cost and timeline of food ordering app:

Timeline & Costing: –

  • App Designing:- 30-50 hours
  • Android App Development:- 70-110 Hours
  • iOS App Development:- 70-110 Hours
  • Backend Design & Development:- 80-130 Hours
  • API Creation & Integration :- 30-50 Hours
  • Testing, Bug fixing, Project Management & Deployment:- 20-50 Hours

Total Hours:- 300-500 Hours

Estimated cost: – 3000-5000 USD (If we count at the rate of 10 USD/hour only)

How do we help to make the best food ordering apps?

We are from The App Ideas, a leading web and mobile app industry. We have experienced team of people who are expert in creating a mobile app by providing the unique and best solution. We worked on Android as well as the IOS platform.

As here we have discussed On-Demand Food Delivery App Development, we have worked on various food ordering apps projects, you can check our portfolio. We provide you with the best solution for any kind of food ordering apps.

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Are you interested in executing a food ordering app? If yes then feel free to reach us and get a free quote.

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Are you interested in executing a food ordering app? If yes then feel free to reach us and get a free quote.