6 Steps to Preplan your Mobile App Development

These days, for businesses having a mobile strategy is an irreplaceable need, not just an option. Though mobile web has become swift and fast paced solution to access web based services on the go, there is still no credible alternative to Native experience. This is precisely why most businesses these days are serious about building mobile app that represent their brand.

In spite of such huge enthusiasm and activities for creating brand specific mobile apps, only a handful of apps really make a successful presence converting business. A vast majority of apps are still just numbers populating the app stores. Poor planning for every different aspect of development well in advance is responsible for the failure of most apps.

So, you need to pre-plan your app in all aspects, starting from your target audience, the app idea, the niche offerings you want to make to the development and marketing of the app.

Benefits of Pre-planning a Mobile App

There are obviously wide ranging benefits of pre-planning a Mobile App. Let us have a look at few of them.

● Pre-planning the app offers relevant insights into your target audience, competitors, and market trends at a very early stage
● Thanks to pre-planning you have a very streamlined and efficient development processes
● With pre-planning you can always communicate the app idea to the developers better.
● The pre-planning also helps you with proper budgeting for development and marketing.
● Pre-planning is also very effective to create buzz about the app long before the app is actually out.

How you can do the pre-planning for your next app?

When you have decided to launch your new app, first of all you need to define the basic aspects the app should address. It needs to define the problems and its solutions addressed by the app, the functions and features it should have, the kind of audience will find the app useful and the way it can grow with more user acquisition and business conversion.

Let us address these questions concerning pre-planning in a step by step manner.

Defining the Mobile App idea

This is unarguably the first step of preplanning an app. To obtain a clear idea of the app write a short description of the app and explain the basic idea of the app in clear and simple terms. Define the app in a broader perspective and answer the following questions.

What the app is all about?
what purpose it would serve for the users?
What do you expect the app to do?
How you want the app to work?
In what ways it can quickly orients and engage users?

Now put down the whole concept in clear points answering all the above mentioned questions in objective manner. This exercise should come up with the clear idea of your app along with its core concept, app features and functions and the way it is destined to serve users.

Define the target audience

You need to define your target audience very clearly as this will help coming with UI and UX elements that your audience prefers most. By defining target audience for your app you can also embrace marketing techniques and monetisation methods most suited for your audience.

When identifying your target audience you need to know the users demographically, as per their buying behaviour and typical user behaviour attributes. By knowing these aspects you can easily build and market an app the way your target audience prefers.

● Who are your users as per demographics? Are they predominantly male, unisex or female? What us the age bracket of your target users? What ethnicity, nationality and geographic location your target audience mostly belong to? What kind of financial affluence you expect your users to have? What are the common lifestyle habits of your target users? All these questions related to demographic character are important.
● Who are the users of your competitor app? What kind of problems they are facing? In what ways your app can have a better appeal to the same audience of your target users?
● Does your app creates a unique niche of its own? In that case, what is the market potential of your new app?

While all the above mentioned questions are important to obtain a clear idea of the audience of your app, you cannot do this without asking these questions in the right place and context. It requires conducting research and getting feedback from several sources. Apart from the traditional market research techniques, conducting surveys and discussing in niche forums and social media platforms can be helpful to obtain answers to the questions and lot of valuable feedback.

Research your competitors and similar Mobile app

In case your app doesn’t represent a breakthrough niche, in most cases you would have several competitive apps or similar types of apps. Now, pick those apps that are successful in the market and looks much similar to your app concept. Now, by going through a detailed analysis of these apps you can easily see where they excel and where they fall short of. You can evaluate the solutions they offer to problems, the way they function, and the way these apps can be improved.

When researching focus on both premium and free apps belonging to your niche or the ones that boasts of many similarities with your app. First of all, find the strength of every single app and then find user feedback from the reviews. Find out what they like and dislike about the apps. When evaluating competitor apps you need to answer the following questions.

● The reason for the app being successful.
● The reasons why people find the app good.
● The reasons most customers stick to some of these apps or use frequently.
● How the apps evolved making the user experience better over time?
● How these apps are reaching their prospective users? What marketing message they rely upon? What channels they adopt successfully?
● Figure out the unique selling point and competitive advantage of each of these apps.
● What monetisation model they embraced?

When you have answers to all the above mentioned questions, you can easily figure out how you can enhance the user experience and offer a better app than your competition.

Brainstorming the idea with your own teammates

Now that you have actually shaped the app idea in all its opportunities and loopholes along with a detailed competitive analysis, it is time to foster innovation on the same idea. There is not a better method to come with new innovative ideas than brainstorming the same app idea with your teammates. But as for selecting people who can add value by brainstorming always choose creative minds and experts from different fields who have an exposure to the creative process of app conceptualisation and development.

The typical brainstorming for a new Mobile App should deliver insights on technical, strategic, marketing, and user experience grounds. Some of the elemental questions that a brainstorming process heavily relies upon include the following:

● Should the app idea be tweaked a little as per the business objectives?
● How can it engage audience quickly?
● How can it offer a unique value proposition for the users?
● How can you be competitively in a more advantageous position with less resources and more conversion with the new app?
● What better ways you can consider monetising it while making it free or affordable?
● Can the app concept be improved for better business conversion and engagement?

Now put together all the findings reached so far

Now on the basis of all the research and brainstorming you have a detailed concept about the app and it is very likely that the original idea looking a lot different from all the findings that you got so far. When comparing all the findings and suggestive changes with your original app idea, it becomes clear how going through these pre-planning steps actually proved to effective.

Now on the basis of this feedback and findings you incorporate changes to your Mobile App idea that suits you. You can also add several additional features to the original app concept to address the concerns and requirements you have found. But in any case, abstain from overdoing with lot of features and design changes and ensure simplicity and ease of use in every regard.

Produce a flowchart

Now that the changes that you want to incorporate in your original app concept us clear, you need to come up with a flowchart that shows how the different sections are supposed to be knitted together and how different functions of the app are to be made by the developer teams.

With the detailed flowchart you can easily see what the app is going to look and feel like. You need to keep it concise, simple and straightforward. The flowchart besides showcasing the quintessential concept of the app will also give details of the workflow and functions of the app along with budget, deadline and development process. It can also mention the assigned people for each function and process. Often a flowchart helps a development company to come with a screen by screen sketch or prototype of the intended app.

The App Ideas as a dynamic mobile app development company masters the art and science of pre-planning an app to ensure optimum success of the app in all regards. With years of experience and several successful apps to our credit, we know what it takes to come with a unique app idea, evaluate it and transform the idea into a robust successful app.

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