Benefits of an E-commerce app

  • User App

    As most users now access contents and online stores on their mobile screen, an ecommerce app for mobile is a natural value proposition.

  • Always open storefront

    A mobile online store helps to keep a store always open and accessible just a simple finger tap away on the screen.

  • Always accessible customer support

    A mobile commerce app can reach out to customers to provide easy support whether they are active or inactive with the app.

  • Sophisticated shopping experience

    By integrating sophisticated features and design elements a mobile commerce store can deliver more sophisticated shopping experience than its desktop counterpart.

  • Easier product promotions

    A mobile ecommerce store app allows more lucrative and easily accessible promotional campaigns for products and services.

  • Higher ROI growth

    Thanks to the scope of continuous and relentless engagement a mobile commerce app ensures the optimum scope of business conversion and ROI growth.

User App

  • Profile Management

    This section allows the user to create a personal profile with all the necessary information and required details.

  • Address Management

    This section of the user app allows you to provide your addresses and manage them with the option of editing, deleting and adding new addresses.

  • Service Selection

    The users can choose from a variety of services from the selection provided by the user app interface of the on-demand service app.

  • Check Service details

    The users further can get into the service details of each services before deciding to opt for the preferred services.

  • Book Service online

    The users can book any of the chosen services online by providing the required specifications and agreeing to the terms of the service.

  • Schedule Booking

    The users through the user-app interface can also schedule booking of their preferred services in a deferred date and time.

  • Make Payment Online

    Users after finalising the service they require can make online payment by using any of the payment mode and gateways provided by the app.

  • Get invoice copy

    Users after opting for a service and paying for it can get the invoice copy of the app requested through the app.

  • Ratings and reviews management

    Users can provide feedback about the opted services by providing ratings and by writing reviews about the specific services.

  • Push Notification

    Users can opt for receiving push notifications about any update starting from the marketing promotions to the updates about their opted services.

  • Instant Quote

    Users can ask for instant quote regarding the rate and specifications of the services they opted for.

  • Card Management

    Users can opt for service card to subscribe to any of the online services without hassle and manage their service cards.

  • Coupon Code Management

    Users will get promotional coupons to opt for services with lucrative discount and through the user app interface they can easily manage coupon code.

  • Collection Report

    Users can also evaluate their spending on the services against all the services they opted for through comprehensive reports.

  • Delivery Report

    Users can access the delivery and execution reports for each of the services they opted for.

  • Check health

    The same user interface of the app will also allow them evaluate the user health condition over a period of time.


  • Service Man Management

    The admin panel of the app will have a comprehensive section with a manpower database to help app admin manage the service professionals.

  • Complaint Management

    The admin panel will allow managing user complaints besides allowing the admin to categorise and screen them into various categories.

  • Job Management

    The admin panel will allow managing all the assigned jobs for the service app.

  • Service Man Tracking

    The admin interface of the app will also allow tracking the service professionals in real time.

  • Health Check Video

    The admin panel of the app will also allow you to create and post videos with the detailed information concerning the health check-up of the professionals.

  • Payment Management

    The admin panel will also allow managing the user payment for the services through a comprehensive gateway.

Seller Panel

  • Profile Management

    The service providers or sellers of the services will be able to create their profiles and manage profiles from a comprehensive interface.

  • Product Management

    The seller panel will also boast of all the saleable services along with detailed specifications.

  • Category management

    The seller angel of the app will also come with various categories to accommodate all types of services that are provided through the app.

  • Order Management

    The seller panel will also allow easy order management interface to keep a control over all the ordered services.

  • Payment management

    The seller app interface will also allow the service providers to manage the payment methods, gateways and actual payments made by the customers.

  • Offer Management

    The seller app interface will also allow the service providers to manage all the promotional offers rolled out for the service takers.

  • Shipping Management

    The seller app interface will help the service providers manage the delivery of services from the same interface.

  • Inventory management

    The seller app interface will allow managing all inventories, tools and equipments for providing g the services.

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