Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant [2020]

Today we are going to discuss the Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020. This Restaurant app idea is for the people who want to start an online business in food industries, for the people who own a restaurant and want to digitize it in the best manner for generating profits and also for the people who like to add something new in their digital Food Services.

So, here In Below section, we are going to discuss Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020.

Why is it beneficial to launch a Food ordering app ideas for your Restaurant?

Currently, People are crazy about using the apps for every service including food-related services. Using apps is very easy and time-saving. On the other hand, as the users are accepting the online services so restaurant owners are providing the app services to the customer for gaining the profits.

As per the facts and figures, launching an app idea for a restaurant is very profitable to the owners. How?

  • According to the survey, overall more than 2.72 billion people are using smartphones.
  • Digital ordering has grown 300 per cent faster than restaurant visitors.
  • 74% of restaurants agree that technologies have improved their guest appearance.
  • 95% of the restaurant agree that technology has improved their business efficiency.

After knowing the facts and figures you can easily conclude the importance of launching app ideas for your Restaurant which helps you in increasing referrals and maximising profits.

As this article is beneficial for you to get different-different app ideas about the food ordering apps, which you can use in your restaurant and provide better services to your customers and make them happy.

As people are more comfortable to use the app rather than waiting for waiters or order, as they get more options in-app and it is time-saving, for both the restaurant owner and the customer.

Let’s discuss the top App Ideas for Food Ordering Apps which you can implement in your restaurant to maximize your profit:-

1) AR Based Food Ordering App Idea

AR Based Food Ordering app platforms are in high demand in today’s market because this kind of app solution provides the best dining experience to your users. This kind of app solution helps users to easily check the 3-D view of the food before ordering.

An AR Based Food Ordering App provides the best ways for grabbing the attention of the users to your services. These kinds of services are accepted by very few restaurants, so it might be the best chance for you to best your customers by launching an AR-based model app solution for your business.

2) Pizza delivery App Idea

We all know, Pizza is the most favourable and mouth-watering food. This kind of application is used by a Pizza restaurant. Which means without visiting the restaurant, Customers can choose their favourite pizza, order it at their own place and pay for the service through different payment methods.

Providing this kind of ordering app to the customer, restaurant owners can attract more customers. Why? Because customers feel comfortable, as they get their favourite pizza at their doorstep and it is reliable and convenient to use an app for pizza ordering.

If you have an app for food ordering (Pizza ordering app), for delivery service you have two options either you can provide this service to the customer by your own or another option is to collaborate to the third party for delivering the services to the customer.

3) Table booking App Idea

Table Booking app is beneficial for your restaurant. How?

This app gives comfort and saves valuable time for users. The restaurant owner will be happy to manage their orders with more accuracy, offer a better service, restaurant workers will get a proper time to cook the food, and the owner can run their business in a smaller place as well.

Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020

Problem: When you have a plan with your family at the festival to have dinner at your favourite restaurant but as there are people like us who also want to visit for dinner. In the end, the number of people is more than the capacity of the restaurant and for this, you have to wait for your turn and we people hate waiting. 

People also have another option to book through calls and the staff writes your details on paper, But if the paper is misplaced? there is no proof of your reservation. And Booking by the call is also a waste of time for a restaurant as they have to attend the call at working time.

So what is the solution to this problem?

The solution is Table Booking Apps which is convenient for both the Restaurant owner as well as for customers. 

For customers, it is easy to book a table and also get to know whether a table is available or not at your time. And for Restaurant owners or Staff, they don’t have to waste their time attending calls and save all the details digitally which is easy to use. You can provide Pre-ordering of food which we discuss later in this article.

4) Call a waiter App Idea

This App Idea is used for calling a waiter for food ordering without waiting for them. How?

The basic need for using this kind of system is to have a QR code scanner in Customers Smartphone and on the other side, the waiter can have a smartwatch or smartphone connected to the scanner.

Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020

Customers visit your restaurant, check out the menu and now to order food, they need to scan the QR code by which the waiter gets notified about the service and the table number from where he/she needs to take the order. This app is convenient for both the party ( customer and restaurant owners), As it is one of the easiest ways for calling waiters.

5) Digital Menu App or E-Menu App Idea

As the name suggested, basically this application is used by restaurants to replace menu cards and offer the menu list digitally on screen with their cost and picture.  For better understanding let discuss this app idea in detail.

Digital Restaurant E-menu (Electronic Menu) offers robust features that not only help your restaurant to update the menu anytime but also improve the overall dining experience. Which means customers get the whole menu on their screen like a food ordering application, customers just have to select and order food items. 

And for a better understanding of the food item, an E-menu app contains the food picture along with its brief description. The customer easily searches, selects and orders their food by selecting the food item.

This app makes the food ordering process simple and time-saving.

6) Food Ordering Market Place App Idea

As you all have heard, the most popular names “Zomato”,” Swiggy” and “Uber Eats”.If you haven’t heard, let me tell you about what they are? Why do we use them ? and why are they so popular?

First of all, they all are food delivery applications, if you don’t have your own Restaurant app platform but you want to make your business online then this marketplace app provides you with the platform to display your menu to the hungry customers. 

When Customer orders the food from your restaurant you get notification about the order, And you can easily provide the delivery service to customers, which means you deliver food to the customers at their doorstep.

Online food ordering app and delivery businesses have earned an eminent position in the e-commerce market. , which proves that if this business works with the latest trends, it can earn huge profits.

As Zomato raised funding total of $255 million and Swiggy raised $100 million.

Let discuss how  their market place work

As it’s the marketplace is quite simple, Following is a step-by-step guide:

1. Customers explore the list of restaurants and their menus in a specific area. Also, check the review of each and every restaurant easily.

2. Customer places the order and chooses the desired payment method because it provides many options for payment (Online payment or COD).

3. Restaurant and marketplace owners get a notification about it.

4. Customers get a confirmation of their order.

5. The restaurant will start order processing and food preparation.

6. The order is delivered to the customer by the restaurant or third-party delivery service.

7. Marketplace owner cuts pre-decided commission from the total amount of the bill and releases the rest to the restaurant owner.

8. Major Advantage of this kind of application is that it increases the convenience level of customers by delivering food on their doorsteps.

7) Snacks Delivery App Idea

This kind of app is used by small scale restaurant owners who only provide the snacks service to the customers.  This kind of application is used by the customer for the ordering of snacks from any place or from anywhere similarly like ordering food.

Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020

Sometimes this service is available 24/7. If you are the owner of a snacks store then this kind of app is for you and by doing this, you can maximize your profit.

This kind of app really helps you to get more customers because they find this service convenient as it is easy for them to order snacks online at any time from any place. And by the app, you can reach more customers digitally.

8) Baby Food Suggestions App Idea

This kind of application is basically used for babies, age-groups of children from 5-4 month to 1-2 years. This kind of app idea can be introduced by a restaurant to gain more visitors to their restaurant platform.

As this app contains the total meal plan of the baby, which helps new parents and guides them about the proper meal of babies according to the age and birth period. This app also contains some remedies with its proper cure for babies.

If you are the owner of a baby food store then this App Idea really helps you to maximize your profit by reaching more customers through an app.

9) Food Recipe App Idea

To get more visitors to your website or app, with a food ordering app you can also provide one more app that is a Food Recipe app. Link your Restaurant app with another app which is a food recipe app for promoting your service.

What does this app include?

You can include videos of cooking delicious food like, How do we make Italian food? What do we use? And many more things which you want to reveal to your customers.

This app contains the video part as well as the next part, in which a  restaurant can describe the ingredients and the process of preparing delicious food.

10) Homemade cook App Idea

A Homemade cook app, where your restaurant can’t be a part of this app. If you are new in the market, you need to gain more customers to your restaurant, gain more visitors to your app. So How to grab customers’ attraction towards your services.

So, you can provide a homemade cooking app for your customers, through which your chef can directly connect to them and the customer can easily learn cooking from their own place.

11) Checking Ratings and reviews of Restaurant App Idea

A food ordering app always contains this kind of app as it helps your customer to choose high rated food services and help Restaurant owners where they need improvement.

Marketplace food ordering and delivery service use this kind of feature to differentiate between the service and quality of food provided by a specific restaurant.

It is beneficial for the Restaurant owner to maintain this and after ordering of food, ask customers to give feedback and ratings to their services.

12) Food & Nutrition app for Gym Lover App Idea

Food and gym lover food app which contains the details about dieting, meal chart for losing weight as well as for gaining weight.

If you are running a food court for gym lovers then this app definitely helps you to grow your business through approaching people via the online app or food ordering app. Customers find it easy to use this kind of application as with diet plans, they also get the food according to your diet.

This kind of application has a different section as per the requirement of the customers like protein food, crabs food etc. The restaurant also provides such an app for visiting customers.

13) Deal and Coupon app for restaurants App Idea

As a restaurant owner, you need to retain your old customer for a better relationship with them, but how?

For that, as a Restaurant owner, you can provide an app for a coupon or for a free discount to your customer. By using the code from this app they get some discount or some offers on their order. As customers are more attracted towards the deal or coupon to gain an advantage of it.

14) Food Ordering App Idea

In current digital marketing trends, People mostly prefer online ordering facilities. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone so if whenever you feel hungry you can order your food from the Food ordering app. This App provides flexibility to customers as the whole menu is on their screen with a cost. They are just a click away from their favourite food.

Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020

For the owner of a restaurant, it is important to accept the current trend and move with it and provide the online food ordering services to the customers.  This kind of app is easy to use because the only thing that is required is a smartphone and a good internet connection.

This kind of application is only used for ordering food and after order, customers can pick their food or it is delivered by the restaurant.

15) Food Delivery App Idea

This type of application is used for the delivery of food. For customers, it is the only way by which they get their delicious food at there place by just allowing their location in the application

But wait what for Restaurant owners? There are two types of restaurants for using this type of application.

a)Let discuss the First type -the restaurant owns both the app, which means the customer can order food and the restaurant also provides a delivery service to their customer as they have different staff for handling these services.

b)The second type of restaurant only owns the food ordering app, they don’t have the delivery service because they don’t have extra staff for delivery service. What do they do?  How do they manage this service?

Let me explain, As they hire the third person for the service to deliver their order to their customers on time. Whenever this type of restaurant gets an order they notify their third party which provides the delivery service to their customers.

16) Driver tracking App Idea

This Driver Tracking App is used by a restaurant owner as well as the customers. Why do we need this kind of app?

First of all Driver Tracking App made to receive and manage bookings from your dispatching restaurant. It is fast, reliable and simple to use. Get our latest Driver Tracking App which allows you to track the drivers using GPS on their smartphones and assign the job in a more efficient way.

Top 22 App Ideas for Restaurant 2020

It is used to get the location of food items by using GPS service. By this restaurant owner as well as the customers can track the food item. This Apps also helps the Restaurant owner to know if some problems arise in between the delivery time and they can take action immediately.

17) Food Ordering during Travelling App Idea. 

This kind of app can be owned by the restaurant owner who has their food industry on large scale or there are many franchises of that particular restaurant.

This kind of application is mostly used by the customer who likes to get delicious food during travelling. For example, a food ordering app used on the train by hungry people from their favourite restaurant and it is delivered to them at their station.

It is also used by travellers as in an unknown place this kind of app really helps them out. So it becomes easy to order food from any location. Like Dominos Provide this kind of service to their customers.

18) Tiffin Delivery Service App Idea

Like the pre Table reservation system, we have other app ideas which help you to make pre food ordering, a Tiffin Delivery services app. A Tiffin Delivery Service app is basically for the people who want to carry homemade food during travelling or taking food for the other place.

A Tiffin Delivery app services platform helps users to easily make the pre-order of the food item through the app solution and when the food gets ready either user can collect it from the restaurant or it is easily delivered to the users own place.

If you own a restaurant, then you can provide this kind of service to your users which helps you to gain more customers’ attraction to your services as well as helps you in maximizing the profit. This kind of food app ideas can also be launched as a new online startup for earning money.

19) Ibeacon App Idea for Fastorants

Ibeacon App Idea for a Fastorants is an app solution which helps you to easily reach your customers without working hard for it. Let me Explain How?

This Ibeacon App Idea for Fastorants helps you to easily grab the attention of the people who pass your Fastorants. The user who owns this type of app solution probably gets a notification of nearby Fastorants along with its Discounts offers or deals.

Isn’t it amazing? You can launch your own Ibeacon App Ideas to beat your customers and maximize the overall annual income.

20) Coffee and Snacks Ordering (for cafe restaurant)

This is a kind of app which can be used in the cafe for ordering.

In the cafes, customers have to visit the store and go to the counter for order and after order, they need to wait for their turn which is a total waste of time.

So for time-saving, the Cafe owner can provide an app to customers by which they can order their food. After ordering, an order code number is allocated to the Customer. When an order is ready, customers get a notification by which they can easily collect the order from the counter. This kind of food ordering app makes the work easier.

21) Kitchen Management App Idea

This type of food ordering app is directly connected to the kitchen of a restaurant, which means when a customer is ordering food from their workplace or from their table, the kitchen department gets notified about the food item which is ordered by the customer. After getting notified, the kitchen department can start working on preparing the ordered food.

App Ideas

As everything is handled by a smartphone, which makes the thing easy and simple for both included people (customers and the restaurant owner).

22) Burger and Pizza Constructor App Idea

This type of app idea is beneficial for Burger/Pizza Fastorant owners for ordering the Burger or Pizza of their(Customer) own taste. By providing this kind of app to your customers helps you in generating more leads.

How does this type of food ordering App Ideas work?

These App Ideas allow your customer to construct the pizza or burger by using this Burger and Pizza Constructor app. Customers can easily make the choice of the ingredient and easily construct the food item from bottom to top according to their taste.

And after construction, customers can easily order and customize food items by using the app.

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