Why WordPress is the first choice to make a website?

WordPress as of now has been widely recognized as the most popular content management platform with the largest number of websites running with it. As per very recent statistics from very credible sources, it powers more than 28.9% of websites over the internet which amounts to almost one and every 4 websites we come across. That is really a dominating presence for a CMS platform.

WordPress is not only great CMS platform for all kinds of blogs, content publication websites and business websites trying to connect their audience. But with a plethora of tools for selling products online, it is also a great CMS platform for showcasing products and merchandise. To leverage the power of WordPress for the e-commerce and online businesses WordPress has introduced WooCommerce, a powerful e-commerce platform with all power of WordPress and more.

While these two platforms are widely hailed as irreplaceable for web and e-commerce development, we need to know specific reasons behind their popularity and the factors that make them first choice among other CMS options.

Why WordPress for web development?

WordPress absolutely free and open-source

It is absolutely free and open source and this means besides allowing developers to build a website on a robust platform with a minimum cost it also helps developers from all over the world add value to the platform on a continuous basis. From the plethora of most sophisticated plugins and extensions to frequent updates for security and other features, you get value additions of all types without paying anything.

WordPress great for SEO


It has began its journey as a CMS platform for blogging but it continued to get drive more value with a plethora of plugins and extensions. From easy content management structure to easy to use admin panel to a great array of plugins for search engine ranks, in more ways than one WordPress as a CMS platform boosts SEO of websites. If a blog or content-rich website needs to take full advantage of SEO tools of a CMS platform, WordPress comes as an irreplaceable first choice.

WordPress offers great UX

WordPress is a feature rich and easy to use CMS platform. While user experience is one of the most important considerations for a website to become popular, WordPress with its easy to use interface and control panel offers unprecedented ease to both users and administrators. Whether publishing contents or bringing changes to them or creating new widgets or changing themes, allows you doing everything with unparalleled ease. The low learning curve of the WordPress also makes it ideal for any new company to adopt and allow its non-technical staff to maintain it.

WordPress comes with lot of value additions

With unprecedented popularity making it so widely adopted, there have been too many developers who unleashed a plethora of extensions or plugins for the platform with the objective of creating value additions for users. While most of such plugins come as free they offer great value and scopes of customization for web administrators. These plugins adding more to the core functions of a website actually make development easy while saving cost and time for web development.

WordPress is a matured platform now

WordPress has been around for more than a decade now and in all these years it has experienced continuous growth in every regard. From value additions from web developers across the world to the unmatched popularity of the platform for building websites across niches, as a platform continued to experience growth in all directions. Overall these years, it has experienced and addressed all sorts of issues and concerns maturing the user experience continuously.

WordPress is a highly scalable


Many businesses who need multiple websites to promote several offerings of their business can find WordPress very useful as the platform offers multi-site capability with just a single domain address. With WordPress, you can put together several sections under the same website. It is highly scalable to accommodate your increasing traffic as and when your business grows.

WordPress is a highly customizable

It’s highly customizable to address every different requirement for web ventures and overall user needs. From custom design with any distinct type of theme to creation of features by carefully choosing the required plugins to customize features like the language of communication-based on the location and user base, the platform offers a rich set of customization options.

WordPress is a powerful and secure

World’s famous businesses and brands with large business websites who enjoy millions of traffic every single day prefer WordPress. From biggies like CNN to Forbes to large tech websites like Mashable, Techcrunch, and Metro, all of them like WordPress. WordPress has a lot of powerful security features that can easily be tweaked as per your needs.

Why WooCommerce for e-commerce websites?

WooCommerce, an offshoot of WordPress is a free and open source e-commerce platform which basically comes as a WordPress plugin which has been downloaded more than 2 million times all over the world. It comes as an open source e-commerce development platform with a rich set of features, flexibility, and scalability for e-commerce businesses of all niches.


Here are some of the key reasons to choose Woocommerce for e-commerce development.

It is free

As a plugin WooCommerce is an absolutely open source and free and naturally it is best suited for all new startups and smaller ventures who wish to build their e-commerce websites at low cost without compromising on features and strength.

It is flexible and scalable

Woocommerce offers unmatched flexibility with a lot of value-added features that are perfect for e-commerce websites. It is a dynamic platform allowing easy and flexible category creation, offering different search filters and a lot of options with payment gateway and payment methods. It is also highly scalable platform to accommodate increasing e-commerce traffic and volumes of transactions.

Easy to customize

WooCommerce offering a whole array of sophisticated themes it allows great scope for customizing the look and feel of your e-commerce website and web store to deliver a unique look, feel and functional ease.

It has all e-commerce specific features

The best thing about Woocommerce platform is that it is equipped with all the critical features required for a e-commerce website. It offers all the e-commerce specific features including tracking order, delivery monitoring, inventory management, etc.


The Woocommerce plugin also comes with a variety of useful analytics tools allowing evaluating your e-commerce business through various metrics.

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