Why should every shop owner must have an ecommerce store?

For centuries the fundamentals of retail have remain the same. When people wished to buy a product they used to find a store selling that stuff and they always used to do this by looking at the sign. Now, that same store has arrived right on your mobile screen. You can access your needful in a store and see the products and place order right from your mobile screen. This has become possible thanks to the proliferation of ecommerce across business niches. We don’t need to explain to what extent this change really took place. Today, all major retailers have their own ecommerce stores allowing their customers to buy both online and offline.


But what about small retailers and businesses who enjoy a large market share? Do the small businesses have equal opportunity with ecommerce as the big businesses? With small capital, negligible manpower and minimum resources how can they really compete with the large names of ecommerce retail? Theses are the questions that seem like a stumbling blocks to most most small businesses when they consider entering the ecommerce scene with their own brand.

Here we are going to explain why in spite of your small business size and limited resources you can boost your business profits and growth by starting a new ecommerce store. In fact, we feel every small shop owner should grab the robust opportunity of growth provided by ecommerce.

Web become invincible for every small business

Even if you are not keen on selling your products online, you offer several online avenues to your clients to get in touch with you. For example, your store is listed in the local business directory and customers when searching for local businesses in your niche often come into contact with you. Secondly, you are very likely to have a social media account on the name of business holder or if you are more aware, even a social media business page as well. However small it is, your business already have a small community over the web. Lastly, some small businesses also keep their customers engaged through social channels. So, the basic elements to present your store online is already ready.

Ecommerce is a level playing field

To the surprise of many small retailers, when you compare the ROI of a large ecommerce store versus the ROI of many small niche stores with unique one or two specialty products, often the later seems to do far better. Many small businesses starting with a few employees and a small two room warehouse quickly rose to global prominence with sweeping demands for the local specialties they are selling. Thus ecommerce emerged as a very level playing field with equal opportunity to achieve exponential growth.

Buying online is a lasting trend now

As most statistics show consumers across the globe are increasingly drawn to online purchase with too many winning factors for buyers. It is the value for money that today’s buyers mostly give importance to and it doesn’t always refers to the traditional price war in which big businesses can easily flex muscles. The value for money also refers to unique and niche local products about which big businesses don’t have any clue. Innovative products, unique craftsmanship, unique natural produce, quality that’s unique to a locality and products that evoke cultural milieu, all these became the secret weapons that made many local products and businesses instant global success.


From local organic food and cuisine stuff to fashion accessories to innovative gadgets from small startups to all sorts of livelihood products evoking local culture and flavor, we have seen and are continuing to see the outpouring of local products from various reasons across the globe to make a new popularity factor in the online retail world. Most buyers, thanks to the connected online marketplace can now access to things from other parts of the globe and this cross cultural stress on product promotion and sales helped making many small retailers win.

It doesn’t need big investment and resources

As a small business you can just be a knit unit of three or four persons who are running a store for years. Now when it comes to online stores, you are likely to be scared to begin with just because you think it requires big investment and too many people. This is the principal misconception that us preventing too many people from starting their own retail store. Let me be frank, you can just start your online store with no extra office for backend operations except your existing store.

Most small budget online stores depend largely on web based automation tools and smart algorithms to take care of their order processing and regular sales process. Most of the advanced ecommerce platforms offer comprehensive tools and functionalities to make the business process and customer handling as effortless as possible. The only needful is to build your online store by designated ecommerce professionals to ensure extracting the best from the respective platform.

It is the future of retail and business

ecommerce or mobile commerce is the future of retail and business transactions and is already evident from the increasing volume of online sales beating offline sales figure in many global markets. A recent survey confirmed that more than 60% of U.S. and more than 70% of U.K. consumers buy most of the products and goods online. In the developing world also across major cities and urban settlements people are increasingly adopting the habits of buying goods online. Naturally, as a small business you have no option but to jump on this roaring bandwagon of ecommerce. The sooner you do it the better you can position your business competitively.


Do you want to build an ecommerce store representing your small local business and reach out to the audience far and wide? We can help you building your online store with your own branding and customer outreach. At The App Ideas we have years of experience in turning out major ecommerce success stories by building web store for small and local businesses. We are just a phone call or a message away to guide you!

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Would you like to develop an eCommerce Store? OR Are you an eCommerce Startup? Do you have an E-Business Idea?

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Would you like to develop an eCommerce Store? OR Are you an eCommerce Startup? Do you have an E-Business Idea?