How much does it cost to make a Dating App like Azar?

In the present time, dating App like Azar is highly in demand because today‚Äôs youngster is more likely to use dating app for finding their future mate or making new friends. As dating app is time-saver because you just need to check online without visiting anywhere or without wasting time on people who are not interested in dating. So if you are thinking of launching an app like Azar then you have a question in mind, how much does it cost? and we were trying to answer this question in this blog. Before we talk about the cost and timeline, let’s discuss it’s facts & features. Facts and features of App like Azar. Azar is a Korean dating app, launched in 2014 by Samuel Ahn. The idea behind launching dating App like Azar is providing a platform for peoples to get connected with people around the globe without any barrier. Azar app is launched by a Korean startup Hyper connect, where they have developed a unique video chat dating app like Azar to make easy for youth people to search for new online friends and start video chatting with a stranger. Yes if you are a user of Azar you can directly start video chatting with a stranger without any hesitation. After launching, it has exceeded 200 million cumulative downloads from 230 countries. Azar is a dating app which allows people to talk with strangers and provides a service of video chat with their match. Azar not only provides video chat services but also provide a feature where you can discover or meet new people across the world by new steps like chatting or video calls. Azar is a unique or first dating app which provides the user with a platform to show physical selves to their match/stranger like if you wish to have a video chat with someone whose profile interesting, you just need to right swipe. Azar makes it easy for people to connect with a stranger and talk with them, and if they find compatible with each other then they can move further for a healthy relationship. And now Azar is also providing language translation services through so there will be no language barrier between two users. As we have discussed the App background, how it works and other stuff about Azar app, but as you want to launch a dating app like Azar then you must know the Key features list of Azar. Sign in /sign up Create your account and add some personal details Add your preference or interest(looking for a boy, girl or both) Add the religion, likes, don’t like, and other stuff (whom you want to be matched) Interest- add your interest and find people who are similar to your passion. History -through which you can reconnect with your previous match easily. Chat module Video chat module Text translator Voice translator Privacy and security Help and support module Sign out/log out Delete account Hope after reading above Stuff, you are cleared with the … Continue reading How much does it cost to make a Dating App like Azar?