Top 50+ Awesome Mobile App Ideas for 2020

Hello Friends, this is part 2 of Mobile App Ideas, before you read this, I suggest to check out our first blog which also contains another 50 Mobile App Ideas, you can find the link here. Mobile App Idea 1: Music Learning App It’s an app idea for Music Lovers and music tutors. using this app Music Tutors can register, create their profile, list down music courses, share courses link in social media, get an easy booking and getting paid online, get users reviews & ratings. Music lovers sign up, sign in, find the tutors for specific skills, check their detailed profile, check their availability and book them, pay them online, ask questions online, and after completion of the course, drop ratings and reviews for them. Mobile App Idea 2: App like Tiktok/dubsmash People were crazy for this app, because it gives a chance for users to upload short video and gain followers and earn out of it as well. Users can create short music and lip-sync videos of 3 to 15 seconds.The app was launched in 2017 by Bytedance. This app is available in 75 languages and it reaches 1 billion download mark. You can take out this App idea and create an app for some specific niche audience with a similar concept and it’s a good chance to become famous. Mobile App Idea 3: Latest Business Ideas App There are two types of people, one who has lots of app ideas but struggles with the funding and on the other side, some people like to invest but does not have a good app idea. We can create an app, through which this kind of people meet online and discuss the idea and they can work together. People can post their business idea in a brief and whoever interested in his idea contact him and after that, they can chat and become a partner. Mobile App Idea 4: Song finder App Are you in a situation, where you heard some song, music or ad or something else but you don’t know what it is? Then you will start searching for it spending hours in this process. At that time, we think that, if there will be an app which listens to the music, ad and find relevant search results. Mobile App Idea 5: App for coaching classes There were millions of coaching classes running in the world and it’s time for digitizing their coaching class, Coaching class currently managing so many stuff manually like student registration, student data, fees details, course details, tutors details, students attendance, leave management, course management, class allocation,employees salary, mock test, results, parents details and other stuff. Also, it’s a huge demand for virtual classrooms as well. However, if we will develop this all features in an app and web app then it costly and every coaching institute can’t able to afford it. There will be a huge opportunity if we will come up with an app idea, in which we can offer all these … Continue reading Top 50+ Awesome Mobile App Ideas for 2020