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Mobile App Idea 1: Music Learning App

It’s an app idea for Music Lovers and music tutor app Using this app Music Tutors can register, create their profile, list down music courses, share courses link in social media, get an easy booking and getting paid online, get users reviews & ratings.

Music lovers sign up, sign in, find the tutors for specific skills, check their detailed profile, check their availability and book them, pay them online, ask questions online, and after completion of the course, drop ratings and reviews for them.

Mobile App Idea 2: App like TikTok/Dubsmash

People were crazy for this app, because it gives a chance for users to upload short video , gain followers and earn out of it as well. Users can create short music and lip-sync videos of 3 to 15 seconds. The app was launched in 2017 by Bytedance. This app is available in 75 languages and it reaches 1 billion download mark.

You can take out this App idea and create an app for some specific niche audience with a similar concept and it’s a good chance to become famous.

Mobile App Idea 3: Latest Business Ideas App

There are two types of people, one who has lots of app ideas but struggles with the funding and on the other side, some people like to invest but does not have a good app idea.

We can create an app, through which this kind of people meet online and discuss the idea and they can work together.

People can post their business idea in a brief and whoever interested in his idea contact him and after that, they can chat and become a partner.

Mobile App Idea 4: Song finder App

Are you in a situation, where you heard some song, music or ads or something else but you don’t know what it is? Then you will start searching for it spending hours in this process.

At that time, we think that, if there will be an app which listens to the music, ads and find relevant search results.

Mobile App Idea 5: App for coaching classes

There were millions of coaching classes running in the world and it’s time for digitizing their coaching class, Coaching class currently managing so many stuff manually like student registration, student data, fees details, course details, tutors details, students attendance, leave management, course management, class allocation, employees salary, mock test, results, parents details and other stuff. Also, it’s a huge demand for virtual classrooms as well.

However, if we will develop this all features in an app and web app then it costly and every coaching institute can’t able to afford it.

There will be a huge opportunity if we will come up with an app idea, in which we can offer all these things at nominal monthly fees and we can customize an app as per the coaching needs as well.

Mobile App Idea 6: Scan and Shop

Sometimes, we see a something but don’t know the name and if knew the name then we don’t know where it’s available in stock and what’s the price of it. Might be you all knew that, google comes up with a google lens, it scans the product and show its name and other details, we can create an eCommerce app using that, people can scan it and shop it.

Mobile App Idea 7: language learning App

App like Duolingo which is helpful in learning a new language. This app can shows the correct meaning of every word and sentences.

Mobile App Idea 8: Dr. Appointment setter App

This app works like a master key, Dr. appointment app for all, user can book a Dr. at any time, list of nearby Drs available and their specialties, user can check detailed profile, Availability, reviews and ratings and book and pay online.

This app idea will be a kind of market place for all kind of doctors.

Mobile App Ideas 9: Paint App (For deciding which color codes)

After certain time your wall paint was faded or sometimes due to moisture in wall paint, was damaged for certain parts of the walls at that time, you want to fix up your wall paint but it was not an easy task because you don’t know the color code of it and for the same color several shades and color codes are available, so guesswork will not work here.

This problem also faced by the fresh point as well, we don’t know how our wall will look after applying color or texture.

This problem can be minimized by an app idea, app which scan the wall and shows the matched color codes and for fresh paint, it shows how does it look after it’s got paint.

This app idea is very useful for a paint company. When a user can scan a wall and get a color code at that time, we can offer an ecommerce feature so they can purchase directly from an app.

Mobile App Idea 10: Lie detection App

If you have a device which catch if someone speak lies then. It’s really fun, right?

Yes, we have an app idea, which measure heartbeats rates and stress level. To increase the accuracy of the app you must require a device. It is a fun kind of app idea, it doesn’t show 100% accurate results however still people use it for fun.

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Mobile App Idea: 11 App like true caller

Do you know about true caller? It shows an image or name of the person who called you. Even if it’s not saved in your contact list. Have you ever wondered, how does this work?

Whenever you were installing truecaller, you are allowing to access the contacts list and all of your contacts will be uploaded on the true caller server they will check the name against the phone number and shows when someone calls you. In short, you were accessing the crowdsourced information and you are also surrendered your contacts list.

Mobile App Idea 12: Quick Money lending App

Payday loan concept is very famous in several countries where people take money for certain days only which is generally less than a month time.

We can do the exact same thing via an app as well, An app which lends quick money to the user based on certain document verification like national identity card verification and in this quick money lending interest rate is quite high.

User need to also pay for the insurance amount so lender never lose the money.

Mobile App Idea 13: Story Sharing & teller App

Who doesn’t like to listen to beautiful and interesting stories? Especially, kids, they loved it. Sometimes, kids won’t sleep until their parents tell them a story but parents can’t able to remember all those stories.

Parents also knows the importance of storytelling. Stories can create a great impact on child behavior, memory and it’s motivating child to perform well in their life.

We have an app idea, which allows storytellers to write and upload their story with images and videos as well and they can earn out of it based on the number of views.

Parents can register, login and purchase a subscription so they can access unlimited stories and they can read or listen online and they can tell their child.

Mobile App Idea 14: Kids Watch App with parental control

We all know that it’s really bad for children to use mobile under certain age and nowadays, children, teenagers won’t stop using mobile phones and they were watching several unnecessary things sometimes adults stuff as well and this worries most to the parents. If they use the mobile phone to watch productive and learning videos then it’s really great.

We are at the app ideas, comes up with an app idea, which allows parents to choose a videos which they would like to allow children to watch, it has an access control and parents adding certain videos based on their culture, language, and learning videos and kids can watch  those videos only, we can also set the timer for that. Kids can’t watch more than certain time limit as well.

Mobile App Idea 15: Audio editing App

An app which allows users to record audio, convert it into other formats, reduce background noise, amplify pitch, cut and join the audio. This kind of app idea is huge in demand.

Mobile App Idea 16: Anonymous Job finder App

People are always looking for a better opportunity for themselves however they don’t want their current employer knows about their job hunting, if the current employers knows about it then they might lose their current job as well.

So how’s it possible? We have an app idea which allows job seekers to hide their personality and upload resumes, and we can also offer a feature of uploading multiple resumes at the same times, so for different skills they can send different CVs.

Would you like to know more about this app? Then check out this detailed article:-

Mobile App Idea 17: Rent a boat

There are several boat renting companies which suffer from the loss because of poor booking management, either they are overbooked or totally empty, and in both cases they lose the business. Boat company should manage their booking in a proper manner, they need to be ready for the season and it’s easily possible using an app.

Boat rental company can create an app for their business, in that they can list down all the available boats, also list down details like price per hour or ride, price for a specific day, availability will be managed by the system as per the booking. Companies can take several decisions based on the available data, like which boat booked most, and which boat is available at most accordingly they can set their prices and take the buying decision.

Customers can easily book online and pay online, they can book a slot so they don’t need to wait for their turn.

Mobile App Idea 18: Online resume creator

What will you do, if you want to make a resume on the go? It’s seems difficult, isn’t it?

We have an app idea, using an app, you can select any resume template and make editing in that and share it with anyone.

Mobile App Ideas 19: Calorie Counter App

Day by day, people were more conscious about their health, and we all knew that, our health is directly dependent on the food we consume during the day/night and every food has calories and minerals. The main problem people are facing is how to know the calories of each food, and how to know the minerals into it, how to know which food should we consume for weight loss or weight gain or to maintain the body?

We have an app idea, which allows you to log your current weight, lifestyle, height, and goal and based on this information, app suggests how many calories you need, what kind of food you can take, and you can log your daily activities, food you consume, it will also send reminders like to drink water, exercise and other.

Mobile App Idea 20: Blood Pressure Check App

There were several apps available which claims that they were providing the accurate blood pressure measurement but claims were not true because not a single phone have those kinds of sensors which accurately measure the blood pressure, so we need to use an external small and portable device which linked with an app, that save the data and create the report based on these data.

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Mobile App Idea 21: Document Scanner App

To carry out all of your important document with you every time it’s impossible kind of stuff, and on the other side, you don’t know what document required when. To solve this problem, we have an app idea which allows the user to scan and store the important document in an encrypted form so there will be a slick chance to misuse it by anyone.

Mobile App Idea 22: Voice Changer App

It’s a fun app idea, you can change your voice tone, pitch if you call using this app.

Mobile App Idea 23: Suggest recipe based on the ingredient you have

Generally, cooking recipe app shows a recipe and ingredient required to make that recipe and the main problem is that we don’t have those ingredients available and due to that, we can’t able to make recipe. By understanding this common problem, we have an app idea, which shows recipe based on ingredient you have. You can select a list of ingredients and app will recommend recipe which you can make in a certain time.

Mobile App Idea 24: WhatsApp status saver

Billions of people were using WhatsApp and so many people putting up status and stories. You have also liked Some of the stories and status posted by your friends or family members and you would like to use that same for your status and stories. So there will be an app idea, which gives a facility to the user to store the stories and status and use it like theirs.

Mobile App Idea 25: WhatsApp stories suggestion

People want to share various stories on what’s app on a daily basis and for this, we can provide various suggestion to the users.

Mobile App Idea 26: Daily quote and motivational quote app which you can share in all social media

As we all knew that, motivation doesn’t stay more than a day so it’s recommended to take a daily dose of it. But how? So for that, we have an app idea, which shares a daily motivational quote, videos and get motivated. You can create an app like this and earn using AdSense.

Mobile App Idea 27: Crowdfunding App (to raise a fund)

Some people have an excellent idea but they does not have enough fund to execute their idea in this case, they have an option to raise a fund from public or raise a fund from private investors or venture capitalist and if they took funds from vc or investors in this case they need to compromise with the ownership of their business, which is not a good thing for any founder and to raise a fund they need a platform which allows people to give some small fund in exchange of products or services or sometimes, it’s used for noble cause as well.

Mobile App Idea 28: 3D camera App (capturing 3D images)

Currently, people were crazy about the photo editing app and cameras and that’s the reason, majority of the smartphone companies launching a phone with high end camera with some unique features and more megapixels, with better quality results and selfie is in trend.

We have an app idea, which convert images into 3d dimensional. Either you can take an image in such a manner or you can upload series of images in a certain way, the end result will be 3d image.

Mobile App Ideas 29: Dr. Appointment booking

Are you a doctor? If yes, then you must need this app where you can save all the data of your patients, your patient can book an online appointment with you, pay online, ask questions and drop a feedback. As a doctor it’s quite easy for you to manage your patients.

Mobile App Idea 30: Agriculture App

An app where farmers can meet with the customers directly, An app where farmers can connect with the retailers, input providers and other suppliers directly, it’s kind of market place where people can meet and contact each other. We can also introduce subscription feature for input providers, and also introduce an ecommerce feature so farmer can buy things from suppliers.


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Mobile App Idea 31: Career guidance App

College students/pass out facing so many difficulties like finding the right job, what to do? Which field to choose? What’s the best career option? What’s the best skills to acquire? and many more.

We have an app idea, where we can allow students, student influencer and companies to use the app.

Students can see what’s trending industry, which skills to acquire, learn about how to find the right company, how to create a professional CV, cover letter, how to find a niche and suitable industry for their passion, how to apply in a company.

Students influencer or experts can create content, post it and earn out of that, they will also help the students and might be they can charge them for these services.

we can also allow companies can post their jobs, various information, what they were planning to hire in the next year.

Mobile App Idea 32: Digital Contractor

Startups can’t afford to hire a team and they required lots of stuffs to create their brand presence in the market, first of all, they need business consulting services, lawyer services, IT services like Logo Creation, Website development, website maintenance, app development, Digital marketing services and all these services can’t be managed by a single person and they can’t able to afford to hire a whole team so they need a contractor who will complete their work as per their need.

So for this problem, we have an app idea, which helps startup or any person to post their requirements and they can hire a local or remote developers/ designers/ marketers, in this way they can save lots of their money and time.

Mobile App Idea 33: Night out App

Would you like to night out with your friends? Are you facing difficulties in searching nearby pubs or clubs or restaurants or theatres and etc.

We can create an app through which you can see the nearby clubs, pubs, restaurants and we can offer a button called check ins and check out so your friends will know that you will be there so they can also join you there, Using GPS navigation we can show the direction. We can offer a feature where users can host a night out event/party and others can join by paying a certain amount, give a ratings and reviews to the event.

Mobile App Idea 34: Announcement App

When you were travelling in any public or private transport, in the current time, there will announcement is running when any upcoming station is coming but what about in the mid time, I mean between the station. There will be an app idea, which plays near by places ads or play a certain music when geo-coordinates match.

Mobile App Idea 35: City Explorer App

When you travel in any new city at that time, you were facing several difficulties like what to eat, where to eat? which places should I visit? what are the public transports available? and various others.

If there will be an app which guides users what are the places you should visit, where to stay, from where and how you can get an easy public transport, shows nearby places, restaurants, pubs and also show some secret places.

Mobile App Idea 36: Bulk Invites App

People were organizing various parties, functions, and events at that time they need to invite so many people and invite should be personalized and in this digital era, people were sending invitation digitally.

We are at The App Ideas, can create an app through which you can create a contact list and assign those contacts in a separate categories like friends, family, office colleagues and various others and then they can create an event and then they create customized invitation card via an app and share it on social media, email or any other way they want.

Mobile App Idea 37: Meter Reading App

Do you have electricity at your home/office? Do you have a gas line at home/ office?

If yes, then you also see the meter for that, which records your usage for a month or two and to take the measurement of that meter, Electricity and gas companies need to send their person to record these data and it’s a lot of work and wastage of money.

We have a perfect app idea for this problem which allows user to take the picture of meter and send it, along with the meter, we can add QR code which scan the other customer details and from app side we can record the date and time. Now, maybe you think that, why users will do that for us? So for that, we can offer some discount or coupon codes so users will be happy to do that.

Mobile App Idea 38: Photo Editing App

Just recently, iPhone 11 & iPhone11 Pro launched and their main focus is on camera, Realme, Vivo and various other smartphone launched in recent times. And all of the company giving topmost focus on camera, because all the companies knew that usage of the camera is the highest and that’s the deciding factor for purchase.

Along with camera, there will be a huge demand of various photo editing apps, People want a perfect app which provide various filters, short video, slow motion, portrait mode, night mode, panorama and manual customize features for pro-people.

Mobile App Ideas 39: Utility Bill Payment App

Would you like to spend your important day hours standing in a line to make a bill payment of  Light Bill, Tax Bill, and other types of the bill?

Obviously, the answer is no. People need convenience, people want to pay these bills by sitting at their home, people want an automated system which deducts the bill payment from their debit/credit card.

We can offer this convenience by creating a Utility Bill Payment App. Where people can list all their bills like property tax, electricity bills, and we can also offer a feature where users can able to do a mobile recharge, cable tv recharge.

Mobile App Idea 40: Rent anything App

What will you do if you require any item for a few days only? The answer is very simple, Either you will borrow it from your friend or family.

However, did you get what are you looking for? And don’t you think it’s shameful or embarrassing situation when we ask something from someone.

In this case, most of the people ended up with the buying that costly or unnecessary items. Which they don’t need after certain days. So it’s really bad spending and on the other side, there are several people available who have these kind of products and nobody using that.

If we will create an app which allows people to rent anything they want and also decide the hourly and daily prices for that product. So, renter got excited and uploads their products and on the other side buyer will get what they want. For certain days and time and they don’t need to face any embarrassing situation.


mobile app ideas: 41 to 51 apps

Mobile App Idea 41: Professional networking App

Did you know that, we were spending 80% of our time on social networking app. There were millions of people spending several hours of their day in useless activities like watching other people’s feeds, videos, stories and other stuff.

did they get any benefits out of that? Answer is no. That’s the very painful situation of our society. People were doing those activities which kill their time.

Is it possible to remove that habit? Answer is no. BUT we can replace that habit with a good one. Instead of spending time on social media they can switch to professional social networks in that they were getting similar kind of experience, the difference is that, this kind of network benefits in the long run.

You can make professional networking which allows users to increase their connections. Learn new skills, find a job, find clients, find co-founders and sites like LinkedIn, Xing is a perfect example for professional networking app & website.

Mobile App Idea 42: Question & Answer App for a niche audience

What will you do, if you have any question in your mind? Most of us say that I’m googling it and that’s true. Most of all our questions answers we can find it on google easily but still, users were not satisfied with the answers provided because google runs on algorithms, it crawls the article based on keywords relevancy, backlinks, no. of users clicks on that same article and various other stuff.

In short, there will be a huge chance to not find a proper answer to your question. And that’s the reason, Quora, yahoo answers, wiki answers kind of platforms are in demand however these platforms are covering all the categories so answers will be generic and the audience will be mixed.

So there will be a great opportunity for an entrepreneur to create a question-answer app and attract a specific niche audience.

Mobile App Idea 43: Patient Daily Health Log Sheet App

Have you or your family members have been hospitalized?  If yes, then you have noticed one thing, every day, Nurse/Carer comes and record health condition of the patients and these details. They were recorded on the notebook, then all these documents need to submit to the insurance company for medical claim procedure and hospitals also need to keep the document with them for certain months and this is a really tedious process.

We can create an app which keeps maintaining the patient history, disease, duration, what medical treatments served to him/her by a hospital. Daily health record log, save and view reports (blood, urine, WBC and others), patient will receive an invoice, pay online, give ratings, reviews and feedback.

On the other side, the hospital can offer a better treatment if they knew the patient history, clear communication b/w the patient and hospital, finance management will be easy.

Mobile App Idea 44: Salon Booking App

Have you visited saloon on weekend or festival time? how was your experience? have you waited for 2-3 hours just to do a simple hair cut or saving or some other treatments?

It’s really frustrating for customers, isn’t it?

On the other side, It’s really difficult for a saloon to manage the customers and provide better service. and the most frustrating and the funny part is that they are almost free/vacant on other days of the week.

We can easily solve this problem by creating a salon booking app through which salon can set availability and user can book online, pay online. In this way, User and Saloon owner both were happy.

Mobile App Idea 45: Baby Food Suggestion App

An adult person can eat any type of food they want but that’s not true for the infant, As a Parents, we must need to be very conscious regarding the food choice, Infant needs proper nutrition but all parents are not well educated or qualified to know what they can provide to their baby.

We can solve this problem by creating a simple app and we can create that in a regional language as well so all parents can use that and know. What food they can offer in a certain age, also we can send push notification which reminds the parents to offer on a certain time.

Mobile App Idea 46: Time Management App

We all have 24 hours in a day, and how will you use that, that’s makes the difference in your life and in your lifestyle, you become successful if you use it well, and it breaks you down if you don’t care about your time.

Every business professional wants to manage their time in an efficient manner so they can make most out of it but in this recent time, there will be huge amount of social distraction and we can’t ignore that. We can’t achieve our goals due to that.

Do you feel a need for an app which stops distraction, which stops all kind of notification, calls, message and all other unnecessary stuff? Do you need an app which can track your daily activity and record your unproductive time and give a reminder if you spend more than that We can minimize distraction by creating an app, which records and tracks your   activities like watching videos on YouTube, viewing feeds on Facebook and Instagram, chatting on what’s app/we chat and other types of activities and gives an alert when you utilize your 50% of your time, 90% of your time and 100% of your time, we can go further and we can stop all this app if you reach your daily quota same like our data plan.

Mobile App Idea 47: Tailor measurements App

We here one thing very often in our lifetime, if you want to improve your personality then wear the clothes which fit your personality and body type and that won’t be possible without custom design cloths which designed by the skilled tailors.

However, all these trailers have one big problem and it was measuring the people body and keep the data secure and they are doing this procedure manually.

If we will create an app which records the measurement, and save the data for future use. In this app we can include standard size charts for different types of clothes like jackets, shirt, dress trousers, and others. These data will easily share between  multiple people.

In this way, tailors can work mutually and also offers a trial to their customers

Mobile App Idea 48: Business listing App

Every business owner wants to promote their business, some businesses are regional and some are international but one thing is common. If you want to success then you must need to do the marketing and there are several ways of doing marketing like tv ads, news ads, radio ads, hoardings and banners ads, now these are traditional and costly approaches to promote your business.

A new way to promote your business is to list your business in popular directories where lots of visitors come every day. Directories on which users can trust, directories who provide accurate information about the business, rating and other stuff.

Ex:- clutch.co this is a well-known directory for IT services business, lots of visitors come on this directory to look for the perfect vendor for their it services needs.

These kind of business directories apps were huge in demand. You can create a business listing app and offer a great service and price to startups and earn out of it. In-fact, you can establish your whole business based on an app.

Mobile App Idea 49: Marketplace for buying and selling second-hand products

People were so fascinated about the latest products especially some rich peoples, generally, they don’t use items or products until it damaged or not functioning. They used products for certain time only and then they sell it out sometimes they throw it out BUT what about middle-class families, the high middle class they don’t throw their items like rich people do they change their products when they get a good deal from their old products or they want to upgrade And it’s a huge community in the world. Who falls into it.

As you have seen, OLX in India taking huge advantage of this situation and they were offering a perfect solution for the sellers and buyers to sell and purchase second-hand items.

This market has a huge opportunity which is not explored fully.

So if you were planning to create a business then you can create a platform like this.

Mobile App Idea 50: Auction App

If you have money then can you buy any products or items? Most of the people say yes.

But actually answer is No. Not every time not all items. Especially items which are rare and ancient.

If you are fond of this kind of items then you must knew that, if you want to own rare, ancient items then you need to participate in auction and let me tell you there were millions of people available who were interested and desperately waiting for auction and on other side various sellers who are need of money want to sell this kind of items.

We can create an app which gives a platform to sell and buy this kind of items via auction. Sellers can register and list down their products and buyers can bid and the highest bidder wins the product and seller delivered the product to buyer and admin get some cut out of that.

Mobile App Ideas 51: Meditation App

Nowadays, people leaving a stressful life, and it directly impacts on their mental and physical conditions, some people were suffering from insomnia.

We all need a stress free life and we all knew that it’s difficult to achieve that.

And there will be an easy solution for this to hire a medicine or join a yoga Centre and do yoga. But do we have time and do we have money to do that? No, right.

So what’s the alternative solution?

We can offer an app which includes relaxation music, music which gives us peace, music which improve our work quality.

Admin can also post motivational quotes and video and remind users to meditate for certain times.

We’re hoping that! Now you have enough mobile app ideas and to execute any idea, you need a detailed information for that, we can assist you in that, we can offer consulting, designing, development and marketing services. We will be with you from scratch to finish, let’s execute mobile app ideas together. Feel free to contact us.

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