Dating apps [Why It fails?]

Online dating through using a dating apps is also a part of this modern era by using online dating you can find someone special or your dream person. As we all know this is a digital world, from shopping to bill payment everything is done through online services. This online dating has become a way to find someone special or some people use it for making new friends. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Cupid are the most popular dating app used by young people to find their love. But Currently some dating apps are failing or user get bored to use and by this, some people don’t refer to use dating app because the user finds it boring and time-wasting but what’s the reason of failing dating apps? Here I am listing the problem with the solution, that’s why dating apps fail? 1. UI/UX of dating app:- Problem- As you have launched a dating app with all the features and functionality which user like but what if the lookup of your dating app does not match with the word dating? You have invested a lot of money on this project but still, you are not getting profit because the user doesn’t like the UI/UX or the overall user interaction platform of your app, the user finds it boring and complex to use at the end they uninstall the app. Solution- If you are thinking of launching a dating app, first, you need to pre-plan the things. Make the document of your requirement or blueprint and then take feedback or review it with some user and make changes accordingly in your app. Refer to another popular dating app also, to get an idea about the layout of the dating app. Select the best deployment company, which has experience and help you out to make the amazing dating app with best and Unique UI/UX design. 2. Poor app performance:- Problem:- Sometimes user find issue in login/sign-in module. Sometimes they find difficult to open their account. And when this happens every time, users get irritated and finally delete their account and uninstall the app. Crash occurs when the user has not installed the new version of your dating app or this is also because they have low storage space. Solution- To avoids the crashing problem, your app or the dating app must be of several Megabytes(MB). Keep the size small and concize, as users mostly prefer the app(dating app) which don’t occupy much space in their storage and can be used easily. Before launching, testing can be done efficiently. 3. Security glitches:- Problem- This is the most important thing to take care of apps like dating app.many app fails because there is no privacy or security provided. If there is no security, user account gets hacked by a hacker and can be misused. There must a privacy in any app, by which user feel secure and can customize their account settings accordingly. Some dating app don’t provide any security, and user denied anything if … Continue reading Dating apps [Why It fails?]