Benefits of an E-commerce app

  • User App

    As most users now access contents and online stores on their mobile screen, an ecommerce app for mobile is a natural value proposition.

  • Always open storefront

    A mobile online store helps to keep a store always open and accessible just a simple finger tap away on the screen.

  • Always accessible customer support

    A mobile commerce app can reach out to customers to provide easy support whether they are active or inactive with the app.

  • Sophisticated shopping experience

    By integrating sophisticated features and design elements a mobile commerce store can deliver more sophisticated shopping experience than its desktop counterpart.

  • Easier product promotions

    A mobile ecommerce store app allows more lucrative and easily accessible promotional campaigns for products and services.

  • Higher ROI growth

    Thanks to the scope of continuous and relentless engagement a mobile commerce app ensures the optimum scope of business conversion and ROI growth.

User App

  • Profile Management

    Create/Maintain profile for every courier boy.

  • Create/Maintain clients list

    Where operator enter the details of the client like name, Email id, Phone number.

  • Create/Manage Sectors

    based on the zip codes.

  • Create/ Update orders

    Operator will create the customer order by filling up name, email id, phone number, zip code, address, parcel type, approx. weight.

  • Assign the Sectors to courier boys

    We need to create the zip code table where operator will enter the zip code.

  • Reports Management

    View the list of the assigned jobs on a particular day for the courier boy.

Courier Boy App

  • Login

    The courier boy needs to create login credentials and log in for use.

  • Forgot Password

    In case of forgetting password the courier boy can follow the instructions to create a new password.

  • Change Password

    Courier boy can change the password at any point of time.

  • See the assigned jobs list

    Courier boy can see the list of all jobs assigned for him.

  • Get the details

    Courier boy can access details about each and every job assigned to him.

  • Timeline

    20 Working Days

  • Picked up the parcel

    They need to click on Button Called “Parcel Picked up”.

  • If person was not available

    Courier boy click on Create a note button and generate a note and submit it.

  • courier boy see the job list.

  • once they clicked on it, it will open the pickup and company details

  • They click on start journey button, live tracking will be started

Admin Panel

  • User Management

  • Courier Boy Management

  • Courier Management

  • Payment Management

  • Reports Management

  • Content management

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