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Are you have thought of developing a successful Salon Booking app for your business?

If yes, then you are at the right place for developing a Salon Booking app. With the right place, this is probably the right time for you to launch a successful salon booking app in the market. Many of the businesses are now planning of digitalizing their services to increase the profit rate of the business. The users or customers are also loving the concept of digitization because it offers the convenience of accessing the services from any place and at any time from a single screen app.

Here we are at The App Ideas, which is one of the leading Salon Booking app development company. We have a team of highly experienced and expert mobile app developers who will offer the best salon app development services at the best rates. Feel free to reach us and get a free quote for a Salon Booking app development service.

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Enormous Features of Salon Service App

  • Registration and location setup

    Customer App can allow a customer to add up their personal details like Name, Address and more. Customers can also provide access to their location to find better results.

  • Browse Salon

    Customer App can easily check the list of the nearby salon or they can also browse the salon easily in a Salon Service app.

  • Check the details

    Customer App or panel can allow the users to check the overall details of the salon services as well as the beautician list for hiring.

  • Schedule an appointment

    Customers can easily access the list, check the reviews of the beautician and then easily schedule an appointment at the availability.

  • In-App Calendar

    The calendar is also integrated into a customer app to conveniently manage the appointment. Customers can check the calendar and book appointments accordingly.

  • In-App chat Interaction

    Customers can have access to the chat integration service. Through these features, they can easily chat for the support service.

  • Check order history

    Customers can also have access to their history. They can see the past scheduled appointments with the salon name and payment history.

  • Payment integration

    The customer app is consist of multiple payment options by which customers can easily make the payment using various methods like Wallet, Debit/Credit and more.

  • Loyalty programs

    Customers can easily have access to loyalty programs. They can also be applied the new offers and discounts option to the services.

  • Add reviews and Feedback

    After receiving the salon service, customers can have access to share their experience by adding reviews and Feedback accordingly.

  • Push notification.

    The customer app can also be integrated with such features by which they can receive alerts and notifications about the services and booking.

  • Profile Management

    A Beauty Salon App owner can allow developing their profile by adding on personal details like address, beautician details, experience, price and all.

  • Accept/ Decline request

    This app allows the owner to check the customer request list. As per the availability, they can accept or reject the request of the customers.

  • Appointment management

    This panel can offer access to the panel owner to add the available time slots. Salon owners or managers can also add or edit the opening hour.

  • Catalogue management

    This app panel allows the salon owner to manage their catalogue easily. They can easily list down their services in well alphabetic order.

  • Service management

    This app feature can grant access to the Salon manager to edit, add or delete the services as per their requirements. They can edit any information accordingly.

  • Payment management

    An important feature allows the panel owner to manage the payment methods of the services listed in the app. They can easily customize the payment.

  • Offer and discount management

    Beauty Salon app owners can also have access to update the offers and discount information at their convenience.

  • Integrate Chat module

    As in the customer panel, the Chat module is also integrated into the Beauty Salon app panel. These features can be helpful for both parties.

  • Feedback and review management

    Beauty Salon app owners can have access to the feedback and reviews of the customer. They can analyze and make the improvement as per the customer feedbacks.

  • Profile Management

    A salon admin panel can allow the owner to check the details like customer details, beauty salon profile, payment information and all the other details.

  • Customer Support

    Admin panel can also have features that will directly connect with them to the customers or we can say by which they provide the customer support.

  • Salon management

    Admin can easily have overall access to the Salon services which are listed in the app. Admin can easily add, update or delete the Salon as well as manage the details.

  • Subscription management.

    Salon app Admin app has features to manage all the salon owners subscriptions on the basis of which the listing of the salon store is decided.

  • Analytics and reports

    Admin can easily analyze and generate reports based on past profits or losses. This feature can help to boost marketing to expand business with the proper planning.

  • Payment Management

    Admin Panel can have overall control over the payment module. Admin can also take care of the withdrawal requests, customer payment disputes and all.

Why should you take the Salon App Solutions from us?

Quality Salon Solution

The App Ideas is one of the leading web and app development company. We have a team of highly skilled developers as well as designers who are proficient in offering mobile app solutions for all businesses with unique designing including the Salon app solutions. We have delivered Quality Salon App to our clients by integrating all the basic as well as advanced requirements.

As we know quality is very important in this present time because it plays a vital role in the success of any kind of business. If you are planning to launch a Salon app then it is highly recommended to not compromise in quality. Our expert developers trust in offering high-quality solutions to the clients and integrating advanced features.

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Lloyd Medley

We have designed and developed a website for his client, happy to work with him in future.

 Roberto Valdovinos

Roberto Valdovinos

We had done a Food Ordering and Food Delivery app for this client

Frequently Asked Questions

Salon Booking app is an online platform that helps in making online appointment booking to get more reservations on the business module. This way is convenient as it can be easily booked by the mobile app in a few seconds.

Salon Booking app is very beneficial for your Salon business, as you can clearly see that users are more inclined towards the online platform. That solution can help in increasing the profit rate of the business.
Yes, it is possible to develop a Mobile app for both Android and IOS users using the single technology which is known as cross-platform. We work on Cross-platform technology.
The cost of developing a Salon Booking app depends on your requirements. The approximate cost for a single vendor saloon booking app cost 3000 to 5000 USD and the multi-vendor cost 7000 to 9000 USD.
As with the cost, the timeline also depends on the technology or features you want to integrate into a Salon Booking app. The Approximate time for a Single vendor app is 45 to 60 working days and the Multi-vendor app is 90 to 120 days.
Yes, we provide the three-month free support as well as maintenance services after the deployment of the project.
Yes, we are also offering a yearly maintenance contract of post support and maintenance at an inexpensive rate.
Yes, after the deployment of the projects, we hand over all the codes as well as files to the clients.
Yes, absolutely. It is possible for you to redesign your old salon booking app. Feel free to connect with us.
Yes, it is. We offer customizable salon booking app development services, which can be easily updated in future.

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