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Like many other On Demand Doctor App Development in the market today, the demand for on-demand therapist or On Demand Doctor App Development is also increasing at a rapid speed. In fact, these on-demand apps for calling medical care providers can really transform the healthcare services beyond recognition. We at the App Ideas build most future-ready, sophisticated and user-centric on-demand healthcare and doctor-hiring apps.

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Go Dr

Go Dr

Enormous Features of On Demand Doctor App

  • Signup

    This feature of the user interface will allow you signup as a new user with all the credentials and required details.

  • Signin

    After being registered users need to sign in to the app by providing their signup credentials.

  • Forgot Password

    In case the user forgets password, this user app feature will allow him to retrieve the password by following some easy steps.

  • Change Password

    The user can change his password from time to time in order to strengthen the security of the login credentials.

  • Create a profile

    Users can create their profile with the app by providing all the required personal details including contact information and address.

  • Manage profile

    Users can manage their profiles and edit them at ease by changing the profile information.

  • Manage medical history profile

    The users can also manage, edit, change and add new information to their medical history profile.

  • Search available doctors

    The users can search for specialist doctors from a variety of specialties through the search function and an array of filters.

  • Ratings and reviews

    Users can provide feedback about the doctors and the app by giving ratings and publishing reviews about them.

  • User can chat

    User can engage in real-time chat with the therapists and service-provider doctors and can explain their health issues.

  • User can Pay via PayPal

    User can make payment to the doctors and therapists for their required medical services by using PayPal and an array of other payment gateways.

  • User get the Morning Quotes

    User also get lucrative quote from the service provider doctors in the beginning of the day as promotional offers.

  • Signup

    Doctors and therapists also need to signup by creating a fresh new account with the app.

  • Complaint Management

    The doctors for using the app need to sign in by using the login credentials.

  • Forgot Password

    Doctors can retrieve their password or create new password in case they have forgotten their password or login credentials.

  • Change Password

    Doctors can change or create new password from time to time for the sake of safeguarding their account.

  • Create a profile

    Doctors can create or manage their own profiles by providing all the professional details.

  • Manage profile

    Doctors can manage their profiles by maintaining all their professional credentials and information in a discoverable manner.

  • Set availability

    Doctors can set availability of their services to opt for or opt out of requested services from patients.

  • Request for a withdrawal

    Doctors can also request for withdrawing from a previously opted service.

  • Doctors can see the reports

    Doctors can withdrawing from a service can also choose to see the medical reports of the concerned patients.

  • User Management

    The admin panel of the app allows the app admin to manage different users.

  • Doctors Management

    The doctors management section of the admin panel allows the app admin to manage the registered therapists and doctors.

  • Featured profile management

    The admin panel can also allow creating a list of featured profiles and managing them separately.

  • Payment Management

    The admin panel allows managing the payment methods, gateways and the actual payment made by the users.

  • Suspend account management

    The admin panel can also suspend certain accounts and can evaluate the accounts for disciplinary actions.

  • Dispute management

    The admin panel also helps sorting out any dispute between the service provider doctors and the patients.

  • Reports Management

    The admin panel also offers a report management feature to keep track of the doctor’s services and the patient’s feedback.

  • Doctors get notification

    The admin panel also helps sending doctors and therapists notification messages with latest service update.

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Lloyd Medley

We have designed and developed a website for his client, happy to work with him in future.

 Roberto Valdovinos

Roberto Valdovinos

We had done a Food Ordering and Food Delivery app for this client

Frequently Asked Questions

In this era, it is very important for you to have a Mobile app for your business because 70% of users are liking to access all kinds of services through their smartphones. So it’s beneficial to have a Mobile for your business success.
The cost of any mobile application mainly depends on your requirements like the features, design or layout, size, technology and more. The range is from 2000 USD to 25000 USD.
The best mobile app development technologies are React Native, Java, Swift, Flutter and more.
Cross platforms Technology is a Mobile app development technology that offers a single codebase for Android as well as IOS mobile app development.
As per the cost, the timeline is also dependent on the requirements. The approximate timeline is 2 months to 8 months.
Sometimes it’s difficult to get approval from the Google Play Store and App store but we have a team of highly skilled developer who known the terms or conditions and easily helps you to upload your app in the store.
Yes, you don’t have to worry. We are happy to deliver the results with confidentiality and definitely ready to sign NDA.
Yes, We are providing 3 months of free support and maintenance services after deployment of the project.
We offer Agile methodology for software development services. We divide the overall projects into small milestones, so if you want to make any changes in between, you can easily make it.
Yes, we will hand over all the documentation as well as the source code of your mobile app after developing the complete project.

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