Privacy Policy

We at The App Ideas are highly committed as well as concern for our clients and visitors privacy. We are prohibited from spam, sell, rent or give away our clients data to third parties at any cost. Before using our services, it is highly recommended for you to check the described policy as well as accept our Privacy policy.

In the below section, we are going to explain every point of how we are going to use your personal information and what happens if we collect your personal data during any process, How we use it and more. Please keep reviewing our privacy page on a regular basis because we keep updating our policy from time to time as per requirements.

1. Information we collect from our clients

We collect some of the personal details of clients like E-mail address, phone number, name IP address, browser and more just to get and store the data of our clients. This information is used to complete the product order or request. The client’s personal information is not disclosed to any third parties.

We do not collect or store data for the visitors who only visit our website to check information.

2. Cookies

Cookies help us to store or get a small amount of data contained in your browser which is used in some areas of our website. This will helps us to optimize our visitor’s activities like on which pages they visited or which data they accessed which helps us in enhancing our services in a better way.

3. How we are using our clients information?

The information we stored or collected from our users is mainly used to improve user experience and to offer the personalized services to our clients.

4. Security

The data we collected from our clients like personal or non-personal is completely safe from any unauthorized access or loss of the data. The data we collected from our clients is stored at a completely secure server with complete protection, so only authorized persons can access it whenever required.

5. How do we protect our client’s or users data?

As we understand that if we collect your personal data then it is very important to protect it at any cost from unauthorized users. For the software development process, we assure to use limited information as much as possible and include limited trustworthy employers. Before starting the development, we are also ready to sign NDA for users data security.

6. Third-Party Websites/Links

The App Ideas may link to the third party services whenever required. However, we are not responsible for the privacy statements of third-party websites or services.

7. Changes or updates in the privacy policy

The App Ideas reserves the right of making updates or edit this privacy policy at any time without informing. We encourage our clients or users to review this page to stay updated about the changes we have made in our policies.

8. Connect with us

If you have any doubts or questions related to our privacy policy then you can get in touch with us by quickly filling the contact us form.

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