Every Restaurant Owners want to increase their customers, sales, and profit and they are also aware about the fact that, if we go online then it will open new door and opportunities for our business, they are also aware of benefits of creating food ordering & Food Delivery App But they don’t aware about the Development cost, and that’s the main hurdle which stops them to go online and convert their traditional restaurant into digital restaurant.

So let’s talk about the Cost and even before that, which factors impacts on cost. I’m dividing this in to 5 points.

1) Decide what kind of Food Delivery App do you really want? There are various options available for the Restaurant.

  • Food Ordering App
  • Food Delivery App
  • Call a Waiter app
  • Food Ordering Market place like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber eats and others
  • Restaurant Reservation System
  • Pizza Delivery App
  • Restaurant Table Booking App
  • E-Menu / Digital Menu App
  • Driver Tracking App

and many others…!!


2) What Features do you want?

You can create an MVP by just creating a Design, Integrate those design and by adding some essential features and you can keep upgrading your app by adding new features every month.

Over here, I’m trying to list some necessary features.

Necessary Features:-

  • Signup, Sign in, forgot & change password, create & manage profile (These are so basic features)
  • User can Search food, view food details, price, order food online and make the payment.
  • Check the order history, cancel the order, and give ratings and reviews.
  • Admin/restaurant can manage the orders, manage the payment, and manage users.

Optional Features:-

  • Reorder, Pre-Order, Dine-in
  • customize the food ingredients,
  • Refer a friend and get some points and redeem those points in the next purchase
  • Delivery tracking
  • Chat feature
  • discount/coupon codes

If you are thinking to create an app like Zomato/Swiggy then it’s completely different topic for the discussion and you can refer this blog for more information.

3) In Which platform do you want to create the app?

It’s your choice to go with the Android OR iOS OR Both. Choose your platform based on the number of users in your city, country,

If you are planning to launch an app in India/south Africa then people are using Android more than iOS. So android will be a suitable platform.

if you are planning to launch an app in the US OR UK, then might be the iOS is a more suitable platform.

4) In which technology, would you like to build the app?

Every technology has its own pros and cons, it’s depends on your need and choice which one will you choose.

For example, some people are using Photoshop for design and some using sketch for design and some people also using online readymade tools.

If you go with Hybrid technology it will cost you less but it will not give the desired performance.

Native technologies like Swift 5 for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android app will be the best suitable thing.

5) Which company you were choosing to develop your app?

That’s the most important part which determine the cost of your app.

If you choose a company from India then you might be getting the price of 10–20 USD/hour and on other side if you choose a development company from US/Uk/Canada/ or other Region then might be you will end up by paying 70–150 USD/hour.

We are at, The App Ideas having extensive experience in Creating Food Ordering & Food Delivery Apps. If you need any further information regarding the Restaurant Apps then feel free to reach us.

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