App Marketing: [Post Launch Marketing Plan]

What to do After Launching the App? A Guide to Post-Launch App Marketing

So, you did everything to create buzz about your new app before the launch and now you have finally launched it in the store. Great! Finally, your product is live grabbing attention of a handful of people. But what is next? Would it roll on its own? Certainly not. It needs all-out marketing push to stand out from the stiffening competition. That’s what we call post-launch app marketing.


You can play some tricks to make some download numbers to show off and gain weight at the app stores but this will not work when you need business conversion and revenue from your app. After all, you poured in all these hefty money into app development to earn and grow as a business, right? So, the organic download is what your post-launch marketing should target instead of getting quick numbers.

Do you want to know about the time-tested principles of success for your post-launch app marketing? Here we explain some of these key ways to make post-launch app marketing big.

Concentrate on download numbers for first few days

Just within the very first week of launch it advisable to concentrate only on download numbers. In the initial few days or until your app can generate a decent download number, you hardly can have a user base to put under the scanner of analytics. So, try to gain in download numbers from both organic and paid sources.

Facebook mobile ads

Facebook is the most effective medium to promote an app with quick to interact install button built in. Facebook mobile ads almost became a permanent and most reliable marketing tool for a vast majority of app niches ranging from the games, travel, media and productivity to any other niche or category. You can just opt for a basic Facebook ad and stick to it with regular engagement and interaction with audience comments and messages. On the other hand, you can also run high-worth mobile ads guaranteeing widest possible outreach.


Now, after running the ad on the Facebook you should also take advantage of the Instagram as well. On Instagram, try to partner with an influencer who can help you reach your target audience on a broader scale. For Instagram always ensure that the ads look and feel like general posts without much of a commercial and promoted feel. The platform has a reputation for being the hater of ads but the ones that can blend the flavour of real posts will sustain.

Try some promotions

For many apps generating a decent download number and getting some profits is not a big deal. But, this is far from enough to help your app sustain a business. This is why you need to spend in promotions from the initial profit and scale up the download numbers and user base. A campaign for nice giveaways offered to every new user can boost the download numbers several times and in the long run, a good portion of this download volume can turn into loyal users as well.

Engage frequently with customer comments and feedbacks


The best way to know the shortcomings of your product is to engage frequently with the comments and feedback of your users. Many of the first breeds of app users are likely to find your app worthy of a comment or feedback or just a straightforward grievance or complaint. Address each of these replies in clear conscience and with detailed answers to satisfy the users. Always admit the weak points of your app and promise to make the app better.

30 days gone, it’s time for analytics

Now your app has become a little familiar to the mobile users. With persistent effort, you also have created a small community of users. Though this community is still feeble and non-committed in character. This is when you should start using analytics. Various metrics like Daily Active Users (DAU), Monthly Active Users (MAU), App Retention Rate, Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), etc will help you get a clear picture about the user engagement and new downloads.

Come with frequent updates to solve issues

An app stays alive and blooming when it gets upgrades and updates with regular value additions, relevant contents and fine-tuning of features and functions. The analytics will guide you about what changes you need to bring in, the kind of shortcomings you need to address in features and design, etc. You can easily give a fresh breath of life to the app by fixing bugs and some unwanted glitches. A new update also makes a relevant news to connect your users with fresh gusto and that is precisely why fresh app updates are so important a part of app marketing in the post-launch period.

Social media sharing


When you build an app, always ensure that you provide Share buttons within the app to allow instant social sharing. From allowing to share app contents to user achievements and rankings, you can easily help reaching the wider audience and create buzz when people share something about your app. Running a parallel social media campaign for your new app will make new inroads for marketing. Thanks to social media, every app can have the most powerful brand ambassador and it is the people.


When a month is passed, your app should roll on smoothly with frequent signs of growth. But this success is ensured by prolonged, vigilant and meticulous marketing effort after the app is launched. When the app gets the momentum, the marketer’s job gets tougher with more responsibility to keep it going and achieve more milestones of downloads, revenue and growth.

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Do you want to know how the app ideas can help you in creating a post-launch marketing strategies for your app? Just give us a call or drop a message and we will be with you at the earliest.

Quick Reach

Do you want to know how the app ideas can help you in creating a post-launch marketing strategies for your app? Just give us a call or drop a message and we will be with you at the earliest.