Yelp is an online platform which helps people to find various destinations easily and quickly. Nowadays its is really great to use technology whenever you get stuck in any situation like take an example of travelling to a new place then technology are helpful as you can easily search for the best nearby hotels or restaurants.

What is Yelp and How it is started?

Yelp is an online business directory Service or a crowd-sourced review forum and currently, its headquarter in San Francisco, California. Yelp is a Directory which provides the details with the reviews about every business. Yelp also operates an online reservation service called Yelp reservations.

Yelp is founded in the year 2004 by the employees of PayPal, Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman. Gradually in time yelp has raised its overall revenue. in 2019, Yelp has stated it had around 192 million reviews on its sites.

Yelp is mostly used by three types of people:

  • Local Business: Local business registers themselves in such type of directories for the purpose of advertisement or promotion.
  • People who read reviews to find some recommended business, this yelp directory helps them in searching for various business provider firm.
  • This platform is also used by the reviewers or by the content creators.

Yelp helps in managing the issues like it helps in discovering various travels places, where to discover the best food or restaurant, Finding hotels and it also gives online reservation Services. Yelp directory is also helpful for B2B as it can easily provide the list of various business names with its respected reviews like if user wants can easily find the IT service provider industry by using yelp.

What are the Advantages of Yelp?

Here I am listing the advantages of Yelp directories:

  • Yelp provides the ease of Communication, this site is like Word-of-mouth for the digital world.
  • Yelp provides reviews of all the firm which is really helpful for the user.
  • You can even find and make friends like social media.
  • Using Yelp it is now easy to find best or hot places to visit.
  • User can easily get all the details about the firm he/she is looking for.

How Yelp is earning money?


Yelp is one of the most popular and the biggest directories which shows the data of every  Firm with their reviews. Its but obvious that Yelp is earning lots of money.

Let’s discuss the ways by which Yelp is earning money:-

  • Local Business Owner pay Yelp for doing their advertisement as yelps ads are placed higher in the search results.
  • Yelp generates its revenue by taking a commission from various firm. For example- Yelp charge commission to the food ordering restaurant on per orders.
  • Yelps offer various deals for promoting the business directories as exclusive deals or offer to attract new users.
  • Yelp also offers the premium services app as for using some additional service user has to purchase the premium app.
  • Yelp provides some tools to the business owner and for accessing tools, the business owner has to pay charges of using yelp tools.

How Yelp Works?

Yelp provides the platform to various Business to register and promote their services and on the other hand user who want services, can easily access the data of the yelp for finding various firm. User can easily check the offers or deals of various business, can check the records of just opened business, get to the superior establishments easily, start the conversation with various yelpers and many more.

The owner of the yelp just has to manage all the data efficiently and keep updating the offers or deals and verify the business account before allowing them to register.

What are the features of Yelp-like app?

The Yelp-like app consists of three Panel:


1. Customer App Panel

2. Business owner Panel

3. Admin Panel

1. Customer App Panel:

  • Customer can easily create and manage their profile.
  • Customer can access the Smart Search /Advanced search features by applying filters.
  • Can able to access various business categories and subcategories.
  • Can check all the details of the registered business.
  • Easily navigate the platform
  • Social sharing
  • Can access the ads of business
  • Can easily create the favorite list
  • Get notify whenever any offer or deal is launched.
  • Can access the photo gallery of Business.
  • Access the online booking service
  • Easily give feedback, reviews and ratings.

2. Business Owner Panel:

  • Business Holders can easily login/register themselves on the platform.
  • Can easily create profile
  • Do the business listing
  • Manage ads
  • Payment management
  • Push notification
  • Manage bookings or any services related to their business.
  • Manage the history
  • View feedback or reviews.

3. Admin Panel:

  • Admin Login module
  • Manage the Dashboard
  • Manage Users profile
  • Manage Business owner profile
  • Manage feedback and reviews
  • Manage offers or deals.
  • Manage payment
  • Manage ads
  • Manage Business listing
  • Manage forums.
  • Manage conversations.

Some Additional Features:

  • Map Integration
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Various payment gateway integration
  • SMS API Integration
  • Profile verification
  • Report and analytics generation
  • User can access the location-based functionality easily
  • Sign-in by using social media
  • Media sharing
  • Easily check the history activity
  • In-app purchase features.
  • Deal or coupon code integration
  • Chat module integration

What is the benefit of launching an app like Yelp?

This type of directories are in high demand as in this present time people are accessing technology for the fulfillment of every need and this kind of platforms make work easier for them as the user just has to add the location and the industry, Yelp can list out all the industry of that particular location.

If you are thinking of introducing an online directory like Yelp then this is one of the best ideas. As Yelp-like platform as also in generating a high amount of money.

How much does an app like Yelp cost to build?

The Cost of an app like Yelp depends on some of the components:

  • The technology you want(Android, IOS or Both)
  • Designing the app
  • Developer’s experience
  • Features and the functionality
  • The layout and the Modules of app

So here I am listing the approximate cost of developing an app like Yelp:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 5 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing an app like Yelp is 3000-4500 USD

How we can help in generating an app like Yelp?

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