Here we are going to discuss about the Swiggy app. Demand for restaurant finder and online food ordering or food delivery is increasing day by day. This digital technology is reshaping the market. As everything is going online and the customer finds it more convenient and transparent method for shopping online and also pay for it through an online payment method.

But when it comes for food? everything need an convenience services like Online platform. Yes, we are going to discuss how to make a food ordering app like Swiggy.

When we talk about food delivering app or food ordering through online, Swiggy is one of that word, strike on our mind.

The things you need to keep in mind before starting any food delivery app like Swiggy.

1) Choosing the right people or area.

2) Partnering with grocery store and restaurant. Building relationships with the restaurant owner.

3) Deciding whether to have drivers on your payroll or contract with drivers the way Swiggy does.

4) Providing various features on your mobile app, because getting more service customers get more comfortable to use your app.

Swiggy is one of the largest and most valuable industries for food ordering and food delivery. Swiggy is an on-demand food delivery app, Swiggy also gave the delivery service to the restaurant who don’t have much staff for delivery service.

Let’s discuss, How swiggy works?


Swiggy works by providing a complete solution for food ordering and food delivery. Swiggy connects the neighbourhood restaurants with the foodies.

Customer can open the app on your smartphone, Checkout various list of restaurant and have a look at dishes of each and every restaurant.

Once the restaurant is selected and the order is placed by customers, a restaurant which has its own swiggy app receives the order detail and prepare food for the order.

A notification is sent to all the drivers, who are near to the location of customer and restaurant. Then the driver picks up the meal from a restaurant and deliver it to the customers.

How Swiggy make money?

1) Commission:-Swiggy charges a 15%-25% commission on the order received by the restaurant. The percentage of the commission depends on factors like the frequency of orders received the location of a restaurant, the dependency of a restaurant on Swiggy, percentage charged by competitors, penetration to a new city, etc.

2) Delivery charges:-After swiggy got a stronghold of the market, it started charging for delivery service.

3) Advertising-As with delivery services, Swiggy also started to advertise the restaurant. Swiggy started advertising revenue via two models-Banner promotions and priority listing of restaurant.

What are the Key features of a Swiggy app?

  • User app

    • Sign in/log in
    • Search bar
    • Menu list
    • Description of food
    • Add to cart module
    • Payment
    • History
    • Track item
    • Feedback or review
  • Restaurant  admin panel

    • Admin login
    • Manage customer and customize menu.
    • Create an offer or discount on food item.
    • Manage item tracking.
    • Notify user about the confirmation of order and manage orders.
    • Manage payment/billing
    • View and manage report.
    • Manage feedback.
  • Food delivery service panel

    • Sign in
    • History
    • Notify about order
    • Delivery location detail
    • Map
    • payment

How much does it cost to make an app like Swiggy?

The cost of food ordering app depends on the features you want, the layout of an app, the number of module you want, the technology you want to develop your app in and the additional features you want. Swiggy is a database app, so an app like swiggy cost more. The approximate range of developing an app like Swiggy is 5000 USD – 8000 USD and it takes 600-800 hours to build an app like Swiggy.

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