Due to the advancement of technology, everything is moving towards the online platform. Nowadays people are also inclined towards the technology for fulfilling their daily needs like using an online store for shopping, booking transportation or ordering food. Accessing online service is easy and time-saving.

When we talk about the courier delivery service then courier companies are one of the market’s long-lasting on-demand businesses. On-demand courier delivery services provide you to deliver your goods, letters and packages to the destinations and you can also track shipments easily. The service is not limited to delivering letters or goods, you can deliver anything to any place. 

The On-Demand Courier Businesses are in high demand in today’s market because delivery services are necessary for all kinds of online business. People are accessing online services as they get delivery services. Some of the online services collaborate with courier delivery business to provide the delivery services to their customers. 

Are you thinking of launching an On-demand Courier delivery business?

So in this article, we are going to discuss the On-demand Courier delivery business, how this service works? What are the basic features of this kind of app and how much does it cost to develop an on-demand Courier Delivery app?

Some facts and figure about the On-Demand Courier Delivery app:-

    • This On-demand courier service market has reached the US $380 billion in 2018 and it is expected to increase by $760 this year,2020.
    • FedEx is one of the global leaders in courier and delivery services and it has generated almost $65.5 billion in the year of 2018. 


  • As per the analyst prediction, the courier delivery business market will record a compound annual growth of more than 5% by 2023.
  • It is expected that this on-demand courier delivery service is reacting to 464300 million USD by the end of 2025.

Is it profitable to launch an On-demand Courier delivery app?

Yes, as we have already seen the demand for courier service is going to increase in future. So if you are thinking of launching an On-demand app service, then you can launch an On-demand Courier delivery app in the market and collaborate with many services who require courier delivery services for their business.

On-demand courier delivery services also help in making money by using different ways. Let’s discuss,

How an On-demand courier delivery app helps you in generating revenue?

  • By integration of Ads services in your platform.
  • By introducing a Subscription or premium model where the user has to pay for accessing the advanced features.
  • The courier service provider has to pay for listing themselves in the features list.
  • Admin gets a share of every transaction that takes place on their platform.

What is the working model of an On-demand courier delivery System?

On-demand courier delivery service working process is:-

  • Initially, the user has to set up their profile as well as the people who are providing the courier delivery service can register themselves to this platform.
  • After profile creation, whenever a user is looking for a courier service, they are able to check various courier delivery services and hire them for their services.
  • Users have to provide the pickup and delivery locations, package dimensions, weight and other details.
  • The courier service provider can check the request and details of the delivery product, pick up or drop off location and decide whether to accept or decline. In case of decline, the request is redirected to another courier services provider.
  • After accepting the request, the courier service provider has to pick the parcel and drop it to the destination on time.
  • Users can track their parcel and after completion of work, User can make the payment to the courier service provider by using various payment gateway.

What are the Basic features of an On-demand Courier delivery app?

The On-demand courier delivery app mainly consists of three main modules:

Courier Delivery App

User Panel

  • Users can create and manage their management.
  • Map-view for checking the nearby On-demand Courier Delivery.
  • Add the details of the parcel.
  • Add pickup and drop off point.
  • Cost calculator
  • Send the request for delivery services
  • Cancel booking
  • Chat integration.
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Reviews and rating module.
  • Push notification.

Courier service provider Panel.

  • Sign in module for courier service provider.
  • List of available orders.
  • Can check the parcel details and pickup/drop off location.
  • Able to accept and decline the service
  • Google map integration for navigation.
  • Chat module.
  • Order history
  • Withdrawal of payment module.
  • Push notification
  • Driver can track their earnings

Admin panel

  • Admin can securely log in to his/her panel
  • Manage user profile
  • Manage driver panel
  • Admin dashboard
  • Chat module
  • Manage CMS.
  • Trip Tracking module
  • Push notification.

How much does it cost to develop an On-demand Courier Delivery app?

The cost of an On-demand Courier delivery service depends on some of the factors like:-

  • The app development and designing
  • The number of features and functionality
  • Developer experience
  • The platform (Android, IOS or both).

The App Ideas is one of the leading web and Mobile app development industry. We provide the best IT services at the best rates. As we have worked on a similar kind of platform here I am listing the approximate cost of developing an On-demand Courier delivery services.


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • IOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 5 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing an On-Demand Courier Delivery app is  4000-7000 USD.

Would you like to create an On-Demand Courier Delivery App?