On-Demand Digital Services App is generally referred to hire or to access On-Demand Services App through an app platform whenever required. In this Era, the world is approaching to digitize all the services to make the work easier and faster.

Here We are going to discuss in detail what digital services and What is On-Demand Services App. The demand for this platform in the market, working model of an On-Demand Services App platform.Some of the basic features of an On-Demand Services App and how much does it cost to develop an On-demand Digital Services app.

What is Digital Services and what is On-Demand Services App?

An On-demand Digital services App is generally providing the platform to the user to utilize the digital services by using the app. In this type of platform, you can provide the following kinds of digital services.

  • Hire a Photographer.
  • Rent Digital Camera.
  • Hire a Videographer
  • Hire a painter or painting.
  • Hire a Content writer.
  • Hire a Web designer or developer for some period of time.
  • Buy or purchase templates as per of requirements.
  • Hire freelancers.
  • Digital repairers.
  • Videomaker services.

And many more digital services.

Digital services can be sold to someone or can be repeatedly allotted to someone for some time without any requirement of an inventory or storeroom.

Why Digital services advantageous and are in high demand in today’s market?

Digital services are in high demand in today’s market because it provides the convenience of utilizing the services in the better and easiest way. Let’s know some of the advantages of digital services which keeps its demand increasing:


  • Digital services offer Low Cost:- As the owner doesn’t require any inventory for storage and no shipping cost.
  • Digital services are always above high profits edges.
  • Orders can be easily delivered in a short time.
  • Digital services also offer some flexible products.

Is It profitable to start an On-demand Digital service app business?

Yes, launching an On-demand Digital Service app for starting any new business or startup is going to be very Profitable. Nowadays, according to the statistics users are more inclined towards On-demand Digital services app.

This On-Demand Digital Services app platform also helps in generating revenue. Let’s discuss some of the ways of making money from an On-demand Digital services app:

  • By charging a commission on a per purchase of digital services using your platform.
  • By integrating Ads services.
  • By launching a premium model of the app, in which a user has to purchase the premium app for accessing advanced features.
  • By offering featured listing to the services providers,

What is the working model of an On-demand Digital services app?

Before launching an On-demand Digital service app, let’s know  the working model in detail:

  • In the On-Demand Digital Service app, a digital service provider can easily set up their profile by verifying their account.
  • Digital service providers can easily list down their sample and services along with prices.
  • Users can easily create their profile by verifying their account.
  • Whenever required, users can easily search or find digital services.
  • Users can check the samples, cost and profile of the digital service provider.
  • Users can easily hire or buy services.
  • Make an online payment by using various payment gateway options.
  • Users can also give feedback after utilising the services.

What are the basic features of an On-demand Digital services app?

An On-Demand Digital Services app generally consists of three main panels:

1. User Panel

  • Able to create their profile.
  • Able to search and find the required digital services by using filters.
  • Users can view the profile.
  • Users can check various samples.
  • Users can check the premium Samples.
  • Users can buy or hire services.
  • User can make payment
  • After accessing the services, users can give feedback.

2. Digital Service provider.

  • Able to set up their profile by verifying their account.
  • Able to manage the profile.
  • List down the services with samples and cost.
  • Able to update their details.
  • Manage the user and their request.
  • Payment management
  • Feedback management.

3. Admin Panel

  • User profile management.
  • Digital Service Provider profile management.
  • Profile verification.
  • Ads and premium feature management.
  • Payment management.
  • Feedback management
  • Revenue tracking.
  • Report generation

How much does it cost to develop an On-Demand Service App?

The cost of an On-demand Digital service app depends on some of the basic factors like:-

  • Mobile app designing
  • Features
  • Functionality
  • Mobile app developer experience
  • The platform (Android, IOS or both).

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So here I am listing the approximate cost of developing an On-Demand Services App:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • IOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 5 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing an On-Demand Digital Services app is  4000-7000 USD.

Would you like to create an On-Demand Services App?