React Native is a free and open-source platform which is used for developing Mobile apps. React Native is Flexible and has cross-platform mobile app development features. Cross development features refer to one codebase you can develop the app in both the platforms(Android as well as IOS).

React Native is affordable compared to the native app development or hybrid app development. In Native app development, you need to hire two developers, Android developer who is expert in Java or Kotlin and IOS developer who is expert in Swift or Objective-C. Hybrid apps are developed using the framework of HTML.

With React Native the same team can Simultaneously develop the app in IOS as well as in Android which saves time as well as money. React Native is a Javascript framework and it is introduced by Facebook which provides the best design for mobile app development.

Here I going to list some Cool facts and figures about the React Native:

  • React native is Javascript based which is used for Android, IOS and Windows app development.
  • React Native around 40% to 90 % of developing time of apps in different platforms.
  • 66.7% of developer refers javascript for work

Currently, React Native is used by many big communities like Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Walmart, Ubereats, Airbnb and many more.

If you are thinking of initiating any online Startup by launching a mobile app then launching a mobile app really helps in generating more profits. Nowadays people are more comfortable by accessing the services through the mobile app because they find it easy to download the app for the play store or app store and access it any time.

Here I am listing the features of React Native:

  • React native is UI focussed.
  • React Native is cross-platform which generally covers the two major Ecosystem.
  • React native saves the time of development of apps.
  • React native codes are reusable, which means you can write it once and use it everywhere.
  • React Native is written in Javascript which is one of the most popular programming languages
  • React Native supports the Hot Reload. Hot Reloads offers the two-screen to the developers, one for the code and another to see the modification.
  • React Native Community is one of the strongest community in the field of cross-platform application development.
  • React Native supports the Third-party libraries.
  • Basically Native application is CPU(Central processing unit) oriented while the React Native application is GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) oriented.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of React Native?

Advantages of React native:

  • React Native is faster to build apps compared to the Native app development.
  • React Native supports multiple platforms.
  • React Native is time and cost-efficient.
  • React Native offers Native features.
  • React Native offers Stable Apps 
  • React native provides the Awesome performance
  • React native provides the features of Hot Reloading.
  • For developing an app in React native you need a small team.
  • React Native offers the simplified UI.

Disadvantages of React Native:

  • In the Market, there is a lack of React Native developers.
  • React native offers less smooth navigation.
  • Some custom modules are missing in the React Native.
  • React Native depends on Facebook and its rules.
  • React Native lacks the security Robustness
  • In React Native it is very difficult to manage the usage and memory. 

How much does it cost to make an app in react native?

The cost of the react native app highly depends on some of the factors like:

  • The Purpose of the app.
  • The Features and the functionality of apps
  • App designing and developing.
  • The experience of a developer

The approximate cost of developing an app in react native is 2000-5000 USD.

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