Sports Betting Apps are also growing or increasing their demands with an increasing period of time. Sports Betting which is also known as gambling is not a new thing in this present time. People do gambling of betting from a very early time and majorly betting or gambling is for the people who are sports lovers, Sports like Rugby, Basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, football and many other kinds of sports.

In an earlier time, when a group of people, friends and family used to watch Sports together then some of the people used to predict the future of the Sports game like who is going to win the match as well as the score of their favourite team or player. And the person whose prediction is going to be true, he/she gets rewards of money which is collected by all the people who have predicted the amount.

As we all know, nowadays people are more inclined towards the online platform for business, startup, various services, playing games and many more thing. Then, Why not convert this Betting or gambling game into a better App solution?

And as a result, if we check the App Store or google play store then we can find hundreds or thousands of apps related to betting or gambling. Mobile App solutions make the process easier, as well as people, can bet anyone from the corner of the earth and get the rewards by just sitting at home.

Would you like to launch a Sports Betting app?

So here In this article, we are going to discuss the How much does it cost to develop a Sports Betting App? in detail, the benefits of launching a betting app, the basic or key features of a Betting app and How much does it cost to develop a Sports Betting app.

Is it profitable to launch a Sports Betting App in the market?

Yes, it is very profitable to launch a Sports betting app in the market. People are Still going gambling or betting on the sports game similarly like earlier times. The only change is that now we have technology so people refer to technology for performing various activities and also for utilizing various services.

If you are thinking of starting any new business or online startup then you can launch a Sports betting app. In this app, people can register themselves and connect with similar kinds of betting or gambling lovers. Through this app service, they can bet on any sports games to anyone from the corner of the earth. If the user wins then he/she gets the reward but if the user loses then he/she can lose the prices.


You have heard the name “Dream 11” in which people have to make a cricket team of their favourite players as well as predicting the score of the player before the match starts. If you have predicted the score near or exact the score of the player or team in the match then you can win the rewards or price money from the Dream 11.

This is how the betting app works similarly to some of the most famous betting or gambling apps like Dream 11,10bet, Space sports and many more.

As a Sports Betting app owner, you can generate extra revenue from different-different ways. Let’s see, How to make money from a Sports betting App?

  • By providing a subscription or premium model of the app, in which a user has to pay a little amount of money to the owner for accessing the advanced features of the app.
  • By collaborating with third parties and allowing them to display their ads services in your batting app platform.
  • Charging a direct commission from the prize money of the winner.

What are the key features which we provide for a Sports betting app?

The Sports Betting app mainly consists of two main panels, the first panel is for the user and the second panel is for the Admin. Let’s discuss the basic or key features of Sports betting app in more details:

User Panel

  • User login sign up the module.
  • After registration, the user can create their account by adding basic personal information.
  • Betting guide document 
  • View the details of the players.
  • Choose the Sports game and the player.
  • Users are able to watch the live match.
  • Connect with other people.
  • Chat module
  • Video chat module.
  • Able to predict its score 
  • Payment Module integration.
  • Multiple language integration.
  • Check the end results.
  • Provides review and ratings.

Admin Panel

  • Admin login module.
  • Manage the user profile.
  • Track the current performance of the app.
  • Premium feature management.
  • Ads management.
  • Prizes and reward management.
  • Live match management.
  • Push notification.
  • Winner management.
  • Content management.
  • Reviews and rating management.
  • Payment management.


How much does it cost to develop a Sports Betting app?

As we have already discussed all the important things about the betting app. So let’s discuss the most important part of this article, the cost of developing a Sports Betting app. The cost of a betting app or Various kind of mobile app highly depends on some of the factors like:

  • Mobile app designing (UI/UX design)
  • The complexity of mobile designing.
  • Basic features of the app.
  • The advanced functionality of the app.
  • Mobile Developer’s experience.
  • Mobile Technology platform (Android, IOS or both)

Here I am providing the approximate timeline as well as the cost of developing a Sports Betting app:


  • App Design:- 9 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 7 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing a Sports betting app is 5000-8000 USD.

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