How Much does it cost to develop a Travel Buddy App? as the name suggests you might get the little idea about today’s point of discussion. Due to the digitalization, now it is very easy for people to access online services through platforms like the website and mobile apps.

Nowadays, it is very easy for people to access online services like ordering food, booking hotels or rental property, doing online shopping including Travel Buddy through various mobile apps and many more. We can clearly observe that Technology is working boon for the various industries as well as for the whole world.

As a result, Various Industry owners or Entrepreneurs have decided to make an investment in development of online solution like website or Mobile app which makes the life much easier for the people. If we talk about current trends then mobile applications are in high demand. This demand is going to increase in future.

If you are also thinking of making an investment in any kinds of online startup then it is one of the best ideas in this present time. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to analyze the market before planning , so you can provide the something different which can helps in success of the online startups.

Lets discuss one best ideas which is Travel Buddy app for an online startup. Here we came up with mobile app idea, so in this article, we are going to discuss Travel Buddy app in much detail, Along with the  profit to launch a Travel Buddy app in the market, what are the key features of a travel buddy app and how much does it cost and timeline to develop a Travel Buddy app.

What is the Travel Buddy app and use of the Travel Buddy App?

As the name suggests Travel Buddy app is for the Traveler who travels different locations to explore the beautiful location alone or single. The concept of travel buddy app ideas brings an app platform idea through which we can help a traveler to check or view other travelers who are travelling to the same place at the same time and if the traveler wants then he/she can connect with the travelers through this kind of app solution.

Travel Buddy app is also very useful because through these travelers can connect with other travelers which also helps them to share their expenses as well as they get a better company of another person who has the same taste of travelling.

Nowadays, if we observe the current scenario, then it is really hard for people to travel alone because sometimes it is very boring to pass the time in transportation as well as to get a better company during exploring new places. Because of this people refuse to travel to their favorite place alone.

If we provide this kind of solution in the market then it is very easy for the travelers as they can check the people who are travelling to the same place on the same time and can easily connect with them through this app.

Travel Buddy App

Why is it very profitable to launch a Travel Buddy App in the market?

As we are clearly observing that people are more inclined towards the mobile app services for their daily life needs. Due to which, Many of the people have though of making investment in online platforms. This can helps them to generate more profit. To gain more user attention, it is must required to offer unique features or functionality to the users. 

If you are also thinking of launching an online platform then, Travel Buddy app is one of the best ideas to launch in this present time. This Travel Buddy app solution can easily solve the problem of travelers of finding the Travel buddy partner through this mobile app solution.

So It is very beneficial for you to launch a Travel Buddy app in the market. Through the Travel Buddy App platform, you can also generate extra revenue  by following ways.

Monetizing methods through a Travel Buddy App:-

  •  Ads service integration- Allow third party users to display their ads on your platform or use your platform for marketing or promotion of their services.
  • Offering or launching the premium or subscription model of the app.
  • By providing membership offers to the user.
  • Collaborating with various travel agencies and providing them with your services.

What are the key features of the Travel Buddy app?

Travel Buddy app like a solution is very less in the market but these kinds of apps solution are going to be in high demands in future time. The Travel Buddy app Basically consists of two main panels. Let’s discuss the panel of Travel buddy app, along with its feature in more detail:

Traveler Panel (User Panel)

  • Travelers can log in or register themselves on this app platform.
  • After registration, travelers can create their account easily by adding basic information.
  • Edit and add their travelling spot
  • Travelers can check the nearby located user.
  • Able to view and match the date if someone is travelling on the same date and same place.
  • Connect with Travelers.
  • Check the profile of the travelers.
  • Chat module integration.
  • Audio and video module integration
  • Share their experiences.
  • Give feedback and reviews and ratings.

Admin Panel

  • Admin login module.
  • Traveler’s profile management.
  • Manage the traveler’s destination.
  • Matching theorem for matching the people who are going to travel the same place.
  • Membership profile management.
  • Premium and subscription feature management.
  • Marketing tools management.
  • Reviews and feedback management.

How much Does it cost to develop a Travel Buddy App?

The cost of developing a Travel Buddy app mainly depends on some of the factors, So it is really very difficult to predict the exact cost of developing a travel Buddy App. So let’s know, which factor affects the cost of developing a Travel Buddy app:

Travel Buddy App

  • App Designing and layout.
  • The complexity of the app.
  • UI/UX of the app.
  • Basic features of the app.
  • The advanced functionality of the app.
  • The technology platform of the app(Android, IOS, both).
  • Mobile developers experience.

Let me list down the approximate timeline as well as the cost of developing a Travel Buddy app:


  • App Design:- 9 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 7 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing a Travel Buddy App is 5000-8000 USD.

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