Want to Develop a Unique Dating App?

Would you like to develop a unique dating app that makes online dating easier than others. Yes, I mean do you really want to build an app that actually works better than Tinder, Hitwe, Badoo, Cupid Dating, Zoosk? If yes, then you have just happen to be at the right place.

First of all, let us start with some Indian questions. Why at the first place you need a dating app? While there are already so many dating apps with several of them having millions or thousands of users, why still develop a new dating app? Do these apps have some shortcomings that your dating app can fulfill and address? Do you think dating apps really have untapped potential in many parts of the world and your new app can just take on this void zone by addressing what they want?

Again, if you have conceived the idea of building a new dating app because of the above reasons, you are just in sync with us. We too think the so called popular dating apps in the market have a lot of shortcomings and issues. We too think, many developing countries like India has a big untapped market for dating apps and it has been still underserved by most dating apps.

But while the idea of a dating app is fully valid and reasonable, your app concept and execution have to deal with the biggest hurdle of delivering something unique for your users. Yes, however tall and robust your claims are, it is the final output through a unique app that will be decisive.

What The App Ideas can do?

The App Ideas is the breeding ground of most unique app ideas that our creative designers and skilled developers further shape into a truly never-before app with custom look, feel and features.


We know the basics of most dating apps and the solution is already ready with us. Now based on your query we can just build upon this skeleton and shape your custom dating app unique in every aspect. Let us have a look at some of the key features that we provide in your dating app.

Social Login

Social login is a must if you want your users to have an effortless user experience right from the beginning. They may prefer registering with all the information at a later date but at the initial stage such requirements should not prevent them quickly login and start using it.

Find Nearby dates (Map integration)

It is pretty common but one of the most important features for any modern dating app. Since everybody is interested to date someone located close, allowing users to find nearby date on a map is very important.

View Profiles


This feature has a lot of scope to tweak with some interesting interactions. Just think how right and left swap of profiles in Tinder meaning respectively rejection and like became so popular and almost synonymous to the app. Actually, profiles are where users spend most of their time and so it deserves some special attention in dating app. Fortunately, we can come up with some unique ideas for showcasing profiles in a dating app.

Match Finder Algorithm

This is where you need to give your users flexibility of making choice through his own selection of criteria. The algorithm should be broader to encompass every single detail concerning physical attributes, demographic categories, society, upbringing, habits, sexual preferences, hobbies, food and fashion tastes and even to some extent psychological characteristics. Broader the expanse of these categories, better the uses will find them at ease.

Push Notification for a new match

Push notifications for a dating app should be allowed to remain hidden and visible. Notifications should also have flexibility of coming with or without sound alerts.

Live Chat

These days, live chat remains an integral part of most dating apps as users can easily buzz each other and communicate for further communication.

Audio & Video Calling

Most dating apps still lack this feature and naturally integrating this instant calling feature can give your app a real edge over many others.

Ads Integration

Finally, when it is about integrating ads within your dating app, make sure it does not make the core user experience and look and feel of the app suffer. You should always monetise by pushing an option for using the app without ads.

Admin Panel Features

Besides the user specific features, a dating app should also allow easy backend management for the administrators as well. Let us have a look at the key admin panel or backend features for any dating app.

User Management

It is about managing user login, user activities and user interactions while using the app. Capability to address recurring issues is crucial aspect of user management.

Profile Management

Profile management features all the respective controls to manage creating user profiles and responding to user search algorithm to make them appear on the profile page.

Payment Management


This admin panel feature takes care of payment processing for the value added features.

Ads Management

This admin panel feature is there to manage ads provided by the affiliated advertiser brands.

With in-depth knowledge and expertise of dating apps, The App Ideas can turn your idea into a robust unique dating app. Are you ready to brainstorm the dating app idea with our experts? Just drop us a message on Skype and we are going to engage with you at the earliest.

We at The App Ideas boast of a solid experience and expertise in building unique dating and chat apps for clients in different parts of the globe. Do you want to know more about our unique value proposition for building an authentic dating app? Just give us a Call or drop us a message on Skype and we are going to engage with you in minutes.

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Do you need an Unique Dating App? OR Do you like to develop an app like Tinder, Zoosk, Hitwe?

Quick Reach

Do you need an Unique Dating App? OR Do you like to develop an app like Tinder, Zoosk, Hitwe?