How much does it cost to develop an Agriculture App? Agriculture app solution is a digital platform which is beneficial for the farmers. We can clearly observe that each and every field is now accessing the benefits of technology for the betterment of their business and industries.

Having an online platform like a mobile app or Website is very beneficial for the business owner because it makes the management easier and can be called as one of the fastest ways to reach customers and provide them with your services conveniently.

But some still innovation is required for the farmers like an agricultural app. As we know we do not probably get the vegetables and fruits directly from the farmers, there are various channels available between the farmer and the customer. Sometimes it is not beneficial for the farmers as they don’t gain the profits as per their hard work and on the other side, customers get the vegetables at high rates.

Why don’t we make a platform which can connect Farmer directly to the sellers and customers? Which can probably minimize the middle person and connect farmers to customers which can be beneficial for both the parties. It is also helpful for the market sellers as they can easily connect with the farmers through this agriculture app solution.

Would you like to launch an Agriculture app solution in the market?

If Yes, then here in the below section we are going to learn more about the key points of launching this agriculture app solution in the market like why it is beneficial to launch an agriculture app in this present time, what is the working model of an Agriculture app, What are the key points of inclusion in the agriculture app and how much does it cost to develop an Agriculture app.

Why is it beneficial to launch an Agriculture app in the market?

As we know, online platforms like websites and mobile app solutions are in high demand in today’s market. And due to its high demands, almost every business owner or Entrepreneur is converting their business to an online platform for maximizing the profits and attractions.

And due to the increasing demands of the online platforms, various new bees are also finding some new app ideas to launch in the market for generating profits. Online platforms provide the easy accessibility of all kinds of services and it also saves time.


If you are also thinking of launching any app platform or initiating any online startup then you can think of launching an Agriculture app. As we have already discussed, the Agricultural app is a platform through which farmers are directly connected to the market sellers as well as customers easily by having this agriculture app platform.

As per the research and statistics, The global smart agricultural Market will grow from $5 Billion in 2017 to $15 Billion in 2025.

Agriculture apps are beneficial to launch because these kinds of app solutions are in high demand in today’s market as well as this kind of app solution can also be easily monetizable, so the app owner can generate extra income through this agriculture app solution.

Let me list down some of the best ways of monetizing this agriculture app solution:

  • Integrate ads services of third parties in your agriculture app platform.
  • Provide premium and subscription models of the app.
  • Offer membership packages to the users.
  • Take a small amount of direct commission from the market seller or farmers. 

Working model of an Agriculture app:

In this agriculture app solution, the farmer can easily create their account and manage it by updating the details as per of the requirements. The farmer can easily list down the food items like vegetables, fruits, cereals, species and many more. After listing down they can easily connect with the market seller or customers for ceiling the products.

The second panel is for the Market seller, They can easily manage the farmer’s data as well as their customer’s data. They can directly connect with farmers and buy their product for selling it to the customers at reasonable prices.

The user or we can say the customer panel can easily check out all the products or items available at the store. Along with this, they can easily connect with the market seller as well as farmers for buying their daily groceries easily and conveniently.

What are the key features of an Agriculture app solution?

In the above section, we have already discussed all the advantages or benefits of launching this Agriculture app solution. Here we are going to learn more about the features of agriculture apps which we can provide in this agriculture app solution.

Agriculture app solution mainly consists of four main panels. Let’s discuss each of the app features panels in more details:


Farmer Panel

  • The farmer can easily log in to the app
  • Able to manage their account.
  • Add the details of the products.
  • Manage quantity and price.
  • Update the list of the products.
  • Find nearby market sellers.
  • Chat module integration.
  • Audio /Video module integration.
  • Connect with nearby customers.
  • Manage payment.
  • Provide a rating to the app.

Market seller app panel

  • Login /sign in/Sign up.
  • Market sellers can easily set up their profile.
  • Manage the list of available items.
  • Can connect with farmers.
  • Chat module integration.
  • Audio/Video module integration.
  • Connect with the customers.
  • Buy the products from the farmers
  • Able to update their services.
  • Payment management.
  • Provide a rating to the app.

Customer Panel

  • Customer sign in panel
  • Can set up their profile.
  • Allow location access.
  • Search nearby market sellers.
  • Connect with the market seller.
  • Able to access the details of their services.
  • Make an order of the project required.
  • Track the delivery services.
  • Make an online payment.
  • Chat module integration.
  • Video/Audio chat module integration.
  • Provide a rating to help.
  • Admin Panel.
  • Admin dashboard management.
  • Manage the farmer’s data.
  • Mange market seller data.
  • Manage customer data.
  • Track the current activity.
  • Manage the categories and subcategories of the product.
  • Manage the product listing.
  • Manage premium features as well as ads.
  • Manage membership profiles.
  • Revenue management.
  • Generate reports and analytics 
  • Manage ratings of the app.

How much does it cost to develop an Agriculture app solution?

If we talk about cost, then you must know that the cost of mobile apps is highly depending on some of the basic factors as well as on your requirements. Let me list down some of the factors on which the agriculture app solution:

  • App designing and development.
  • The basic features of the agriculture app.
  • The advanced functionality of the app.
  • The technology platform of the app (Android or IOS)
  • Mobile developers experience.
  • Complexity of app

And many more.

So it is very difficult to provide you with the exact costing of developing an Agriculture app. So here I am listing the approximate cost of developing an Agriculture app:


  • App Design:- 9 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 7 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing an Agriculture app is 5000-8000 USD.

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