In today’s article, we are going to discuss the Digital classroom system development. As we already know, we are facing a very difficult time due to the introduction of the newly emerged diseases which are known as COVID-19 or coronavirus.

Due to the COVID-19 or coronavirus, we are in a situation where we need to lock or quarantine ourselves in the house. As in many countries, the government has announced a lockdown which means for a certain period of time everyone has to avoid going outside because it helps us to stop the spread of COVID-19 or coronavirus.

Due to lockdown in many countries, various businesses, as well as industries have stopped working or we can say shut down for a certain period of time. Along with this institutes and Schools are also close, many competitive exams are postponed.

So as a solution here we are providing the best solution for digital classroom, so let’s first understand the meaning of the app in detail.

What is the Digital classroom?

An online classroom is an updated type of classroom which is fully immersed in technology. As we know in today’s world, we are highly dependent on the digital world for our daily service requirements. Each and every business is now accepting digitalization.

In this digital era, we can easily access all the things with the example of an online platform like a website or mobile app. Why not take the advantages of technology in this tough time?

An  e-classroom can be launched for the students by which they can learn from their house without visiting the schools and institutions. By launching an online classroom app, Each student can easily access the internet connection to their electronic devices like laptop, tablets or computer.

Online classroom generally refers to access the online educational app and website to help students in learning new things. Let’s discuss what is the advantages of having a digital classroom, the importance of launching a digital classroom app now, what are the basic feature of a the online learning and how much does it cost to develop a E-learning app.

What are the advantages of having a digital classroom?

A digital classroom is very advantageous or an evergreen online platform because the education field or department never faces any kind of breakdown. So if you are connected to any educational institute then you must have to know the advantages of the digital classroom:

  • Online classrooms make the student smarter as with the help of technology, the student can learn new things and also make their doubts clear by interacting with many professionals.
  • An e-classroom is making the learners or students self-motivated.
  • With the help of the online classroom, it is very easy to share information because it rapidly shares the information.
  • Students can easily access the e-classroom as per their flexibility.
  • Nowadays as per the observation, now traditional classrooms are replaced by digital classrooms.
  • A app is also beneficial for the teacher as they can provide online materials and also check the student’s knowledge by using an online assessment method.
  • e-classroom concepts can be called as extracting the best out of the technology.
  • An e-classroom is very beneficial for the current situation.

Why is a digital classroom very essential or needed in this period of time?

A digital classroom is very essential in this present time because as because of COVID-19 or coronavirus we people are locked down to our house which is directly or indirectly affecting our business as well as Students crucial time.

Many exam dates are postponed due to this newly introduced virus. To help your students you can think of launching a Virtual or digital classroom which helps them to keep continuing their studies without any interruption or disturbance.

That’s why this is the most essential time to launch a Digital learning online platform which helps various students to learn and on the other hand it also helps the teacher to easily share their knowledge with their students.

What kind of features we shall include in a Digital Classroom platform?

Before knowing the cost of developing a digital classroom you need to know some basic or key features of a Digital Classroom. Mainly it consists of two  main panels:

Student Panel

  • Student login/sign up.
  • Students can search for relevant material.
  • Students can access the latest study material.
  • Students can check online streaming lectures.
  • Students can check the online assignment and solve it by themselves.
  • Students can post their queries or ask their doubts to their professors.
  • Students are able to access the self-assessment materials.
  • Chat or call module integration.
  • Students can prepare the notes online.
  • Student can  do revision at anytime

Admin Panel (School or institute panel)

  • Admin dashboard.
  • Student profile management.
  • Courses category management
  • Courses sub-category management.
  • Able to add, update or delete the courses.
  • Student doubt management.
  • Chat and call module.
  • Study material management
  • Online assessment management.

How much does it cost to develop a digital classroom platform?

The cost of developing a digital classroom online platform highly depends on some factors. Let’s know what are factors which affect the cost of the digital classroom:

  • The designing of the on-demand app.
  • The platforms which you want to launch (website or mobile app).
  • Technology for developing the e-classroom.
  • Features and the functionality you wanted in your digital classroom platform.
  • Developer’s experience.

So here I am going to list down the approximate cost of developing a on-demand digital classroom platform:

Timeline & Costing:-

  • Frontend design and development:-100-200 Hours
  • Backend Design & Development:- 100-140 Hours
  • Testing, Bug fixing, Project Management & Deployment:- 30-50 Hours

Total Hours:- 590-830 Hours

Estimated cost: – 5900-8300 USD.

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