On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring App is mainly referred to have an On-demand Platform through which we can easily hire computer technician whenever required. As we all know, nowadays people are liking the app services for satisfying their basic Service requirement.

Due to the introduction of On-Demand Platforms, People lives have become so easy and simple that they can easily buy, book or sell anything by just sitting at their couch or from their home.

As we people are more inclined towards the On-demand platforms, due to this to generate more profit many of the business owners have moved their business to the Online platform and providing the on-demand services to the people.

Here we are going to discuss one of the most demanding On-Demand app ideas “On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring App” which you can initiate as a small scale startup and gradually expand it into a large scale startup.

Are you interested in launching an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring App?

On-Demand Computer Technician app is required because people find it very difficult to find a perfect computer technician who can help them out by solving the issue they are facing. On the other hand, computer technicians are unaware of their demand as they do not have a specific platform to get the service requirement details.

As a Solution, an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring App can be originated in the market. These kind of platforms are not only for the individual peoples but this is also beneficial for the people who are running computer schools, computer classes, IT service companies etc.

Here In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages of launching an On-demand computer technician hiring platform, working model of an on-demand computer technician app, basic features and functionality required in this app and cost of developing an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring App.

Why is it advantageous to launch an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring app?

If you are looking for an idea to start your own business or startup then you can launch an On-demand computer technician Hiring app in the market which is very beneficial to various organizations.


As an app owner, you can also generate money from this on-demand platform through different-different ways. Let’s discuss some of the best ways to generate money from an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring app:

  • By allowing Ads services in your platform. Third-party can utilize your platform for displaying their ads services on your platform.
  • You can offer premium app services to your users. Generally, premium apps are ads free and the user can easily get access to additional features.
  • You can easily charge a direct commission to the Computer technician on per job booking through your platform.
  • Offer Featured listing services to a computer technician. In this, the computer technician has to pay a little amount of money to keep themselves in the featured listing.

What is the working model of an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring Platform?

On-Demand platforms like On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring platform makes the process more simple and faster. Let’s discuss how this On-Demand computer technician app makes the working model easy to hire an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring App.

  • Firstly, the user can easily register themselves in this platform by verifying their account by E-mail address and contact number.
  • Users can easily set up and manage their account.
  • On the other side, Computer Technicians can easily register themselves and verify their account with their E-mail address and contact number.
  • The computer technician can easily create their account and list down their expertise in the app along with the price of services.
  • Users can easily search for the nearby computer technician and view their services along with prices.
  • After viewing the profile and choosing for the right computer technician, the user can easily make a request and hire the computer technician.
  • After completion of work, the user can easily make the payment by using various payment options integrated in-app.
  • Users can also share their experience by giving feedback and ratings to the computer technician.

What are the basic features required in an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring platform?

An On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring Platform mainly consists of three main panels. Let’s discuss the features in detail:

1. User Panel

  • User login/ Sign up
  • User profile management.
  • Allow location access.
  • Search and filter bar.
  • View profile of computer technician.
  • Check the services and prices.
  • Hire the computer technician
  • Make Payment.
  • Feedback and reviews.

2. Computer Technician

  • Computer Technician Log in/sign up.
  • Able to verify their account.
  • Create and manage profiles.
  • List down the services.
  • Manage user request
  • Accept or decline user requests.
  • In-app map integration.
  • Track earnings.
  • Manage feedback and reviews.

3. Admin Panel

  • Track current activity.
  • Manage user profile.
  • Manage computer technician profile.
  • Ads and premium services management.
  • Coupon code management.
  • Report generation.
  • Payment management
  • Feedback and reviews management.

How much does it cost to develop an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring Platform?

The cost of an On-demand Computer Technician Hiring app generally depends on some of the  factors like:

  • Mobile App designing.
  • Mobile App Complexity.
  • The Technology (Android, IOS or Both) of your choice which we can use for app development.
  • Basic functionality of this kind of app.
  • Advanced features.
  • App Developer’s experience.

The App Ideas is a leading web and app development company which provides the best solution of On-demand platforms along with the best price. We have developed various on-demand platforms and we provide unique designing as per the specific business and which also help to attract more users.

Here I am going to list down the approximate timeline and cost of developing an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring app:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • IOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 5 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing an On-Demand Computer Technician Hiring app is  4000-7000 USD.

Would you like to create a Computer Technician Hiring App?