How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Music Streaming App? can be developed for the people who are music lovers and badly want to learn music. This era is known as the digital era as everything is digitizing, every service is moving towards the online platform as it is reliable and easy to use online services by using an app or web app platform.

Why an On-Demand Music Streaming App is required?

As per the research, we have very few people who are involved in other activities like music, dancing and many more. So finding through an offline way of any best course or finding a mentor who can guide you in learning music is really difficult.

Nowadays everyone facing a busy schedule so its really difficult for students or music learner to take out time from their busy schedule and join a coaching centre for learning music. So its better to launch on-demand platform music learning app for people who want to learn music.

Music has a vast branch. Music is categorized in various forms like classical, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Rap, Heavy metal, Electronic, Pop, Latin, Folk, Opera and many more types of music are present in all over the world. Some times learning music is also known as learning instruments like piano, flute, violin and many other musical instruments.

So from here, you will get two different app ideas for launching an on-demand music Streaming app:


1. An On-demand Music Streaming App is for people who want to learn music (Singing).

2. An On-demand music Streaming app is for people who want to learn a musical instrument.

In the market, there are fewer options for music Streaming apps are available. Some music Streaming apps are  Music note trainer, Read music is for the people who want to learn music notes. Some musical instrument learning apps are Piano sheet reading, Solfa: learn music notes, Sight Reading Trainer, Learn Music notes and many more.

Is it beneficial to launch an on-demand Music Streaming App?

In the market, generally very less or no on-demand music Streaming apps are available. So it is really profitable if you are thinking of launching an on-demand music Streaming app. If you are running any music learning agency then you can launch an online platform and move your business to an online platform because this helps you in boosting your profits.

If you are thinking of launching an online platform or an online business through which you can earn more profit then you can think of introducing an on-demand music Streaming app in the market. This type of platform helps you to make money through online path.

Here I am listing some point of earning money through on-demand music Streaming app:

  • By providing the subscription option to the user (Music learners)
  • By launching the premium app in the market, in which the user has to pay some amount of money to access the extra features and functionality.
  • By doing or allowing third-party advertising and marketing by showing ads on your platform.
  • The music teacher has to pay a little amount of money to the admin for showing them on the top ranking.

How this On-demand music Streaming app is going to work?

An on-demand music Streaming app or any on-demand app consists of three main panels. The panel of On-demand music learning apps are a user panel, an admin panel and a music tutor panel.

An Admin panel is for people or a group of people who have launched this on-demand music Streaming app in the market. After launching an app in the market the job of admin is to manage the app in a proper way and maintain the app. Admin has to do the verification of the user as well as music tutor before creating their account.

In a music tutor panel, many music tutors have to register themselves, verify their profile and then create their account. In account, they need to add some basic personal information, courses, fees, availability time, expertise field and many more information related to themselves and music.

User panel or music learner panel in this panel user has to add their basic details and create their account. User can search for the music categories with the specific music teacher, can directly connect to the music teacher, check the courses and make online payments.

This is how an On-demand music Streaming app work for every panel.

Let’s discuss the key features list of an on-demand music Streaming app:

As we have discussed earlier that on-demand music Streaming app consists of three panels, so let’s discuss every panel features list in detail:


User (Music learner) Panel:

  • Can sign in/sign up
  • Can verify their details or account
  • Can create their account
  • Can manage their account
  • Can see or search the list of music by applying filters.
  • Can able to access the free courses.
  • Can able to purchase the paid courses
  • Can able to see the purchased course list
  • Can do the meeting via Video call by using various path(Skype or Zoom).
  • Can able to make the favourite course list
  • Learners can ask questions
  • Learner can give feedback or reviews to the tutors
  • Learners can raise dispute or complaint(It is directly going to the admin)
  • Can do online payment
  • Can able to check the activity history

Music Tutor (Mentor) panel:

  • A tutor can log in or register in-app
  • Tutor can set up or manage his/her profile
  • Tutor has to list down his courses in which he/she is an expert
  • Can see who has purchased their music courses
  • Can set the prices of courses
  • Can manage the meetings with the user.
  • Can able to answer and clear the doubts of the user.
  • Can able to check reviews or feedback.
  • Can see various reports of his/her progress.
  • Can manage his/her payment history or history

Admin Panel:

  • User (Music learner) profile management
  • Music tutor profile management
  • Music categories management
  • Sub-Categories management
  • Courses management
  • Featured list management
  • Subscription or premium account management
  • Payment management
  • Dispute or complaint management
  • Reports management and analysis
  • Offers or coupon code management
  • Ratings, reviews and feedback management.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand music learning app?

The cost of an on-demand music learning app depends on some factors like features, functionality, layout, the technology which is going to develop the app and the platform in which it is going to develop in Android, IOS or both.

We are from The App Ideas, a leading web and app development company. We assist people in completing their IT service requirements by providing them with the best and unique IT solution. We have worked on various on-demand app development and we have also worked on a project related to on-demand music Streaming app.

Here we are giving the approximate timeline and cost of developing an on-demand music Streaming app:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:-25 Working Days
  • IOS App development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:-30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug  Fixing and deployment:-5 Working days.


The approximate cost of developing an on-demand music Streaming app is 4000-7000USD.

Would you like to create a Music Streaming App?