Corresponding to the Uber-smart lifestyle the popularity of Dating App seems quite obvious. These days, thanks to mobile apps we can find our love life and friends just with a simple on-screen swipe action. Yes, we all love the way a simple swipe expresses our liking of a girl or boy on Tinder. All these dating apps completely transformed the way we meet, greet and fall in love with strangers.

As we know, in this present era, digitalizing is getting popular day by day. Nowadays every business including the E-commerce stores, transportation booking facility, making order of the services and also for dating or finding partners and Soulmates.

Dating apps like Tinder, Hitwe, Bumble, Azar, Woo, Quack and more. In this present time, we have around millions of dating app solution based on the people preferences and trending requirements based on the audience.

The opportunity of dating apps is huge since almost every one of us for the most part of the day remains glued to the mobile screen. The millennial’s are already spending the better time of the day indoor, thanks to mobile. This is why most dating apps are doing well in attracting and engaging new users. The unique interactive features of Tinder made it instantly a phenomenally popular app. But Bumble, Hitwe or several other niche dating apps didn’t remain left behind.

Are you aspiring to make a dating app and take the advantage of the huge financial prospect of booming online dating market? Well, such an aspiration is quite justifiable considering the huge market opportunity. When building a dating app, the first consideration is obviously the development cost. Through the length of this post, we are going to explain the key cost factors and the development cost of dating apps in detail.

Dating App

How the Dating App Development like Tinder work?

Tinder has broken the tradition of dating apps in more ways than one. This cross-platform app just made a shift by using geographical proximity as the key feature to display and promote dating choices to the user. The left and right swipe respectively referring to Like and Dislike is also a unique feature of the Dating App Development.

Dating apps like Tinder offers a platforms to the users to list their details and check the profile of other users based on their preference as well as locations. User can like the profile, check the details, connect with users through chat modules, and Video or audio call.

Tinder and all major dating apps like Bumble and Hitwe use Facebook user data to get inroads into the preferences, common interests, location and friendship status of the users. The alerts to the users when mutually matched people are in the same location is another unique feature of the Tinder. Simplicity and ease of browsing the users based upon common interest and other parameters is the most saleable point of Tinder and such successful Dating App Development.

Key features of Tinder

When you want to make a precise assessment of the cost of development for a Tinder-like dating app, the cost factors are the features you choose for your app. On three key aspects that your new dating app must take inspiration from Tinder include a simple and easy to interact design, echolocation-based matching of profiles and an advanced algorithm that finds ideal matches based upon several areas of common interests and preferences.

Let’s have a look at the key and minimum viable features of your Dating App.

  • Social media registration and integration to utilize user profile information
  • Maintaining user anonymity
  • Active protection and prohibition of abusive and obscene content
  • Unique user engagement features like the Tinder Moments.
  • Suggestions for dating matches
  • Advanced algorithm for profile matching

The cost to create an app like Tinder

Finally, it is the development cost that matters most. Let us be clear about one thing. Tinder like app however simple it looks, technically it involves a complex architecture and a very complicated development process. So, realistically speaking, it won’t be a low budget app since the estimated development time for such an app can be somewhere around 800 to 1000 hours. Let us have a look at the key cost components of an app like Tinder.

  • For single platform development that will integrate all the key technologies like geo location mapping, social media integration, payment processing for advanced versions, will take at least 600 to 700 hours of development.
  • The backed support for such an app has to be rock-solid and powered by the most sophisticated mechanism to ensure faster response time to glitches and issues. The backed development will require at least 200 to 300 hours of development.
  • The design process which is crucial for such an app will take at least 100 hours comprising all the time required for wire-framing and prototyping.
  • The PM/QA process that will take care of testing and last mile logistics before the application gets live, can take up to 100 hours of development.

By averaging, the development cost as $10 per hour, building a Tinder-like dating app will take around 600 to 1000 hours for a single platform and will cost $6,000 to $10,000.

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