Flutter App Development Cost is a newly introduced technology developed by one of the biggest community Google in 2015. Flutter is a free and open-source SDK, which is used to develop the mobile app in Android as well as in IOS from a Single codebase. Flutter is a promising platform when it comes to developing a perfect business app by using advanced tools and features.

Like React Native, Flutter is also cross-platform. Flutter apps are developed using the Dart Programming language. Dart is an object-oriented programming language that is developed by Google.

The Idea Behind the developing flutter is Widget as flutter UI is developed by mixing various widgets. Basically like other cross platforms, Flutter does not use the OEM widget for UI designing. It has its own widget collection which can easily fit on both platforms(Android and IOS).

Currently, flutter is used by many big communities like Google, Alibaba, hamilton, and many more.

If you are thinking of developing a mobile app in flutter then this is one of the best ideas for startups for gaining profits. Mobile apps are very crucial in this present time because mobile apps have made our lives simpler, efficient, and advanced. The mobile app provides flexibility and comfort that we can easily order, book, or shop anything by using apps.


Why you Should choose flutter?

Flutters have removed the javascript bridge to communicate with the OEM widget. Flutter apps are using a dart programming language. Dart is a client-optimized programming language for the development of mobile apps on multiple platforms. Dart is an object-oriented, garbage collected and class defined programming language.

Flutter provides a highly attractive UI and has intrinsic UI property for developing the native app development for Android and IOS. These are some points which make flutter application the better option.

What are the Features of Flutter Technology?

  • Flutter is used for cross-platform app development.
  • Flutter has Flexibility, Integration and scalability capabilities.
  • Flutter provides the Hot reload features. Because of Hot reload feature, the developer can make changes and instantly see
    the changes in the app.
  • Flutter is Accessible to native features and SDKs.
  • Flutter provides the reusability of codes.
  • Flutter offers huge widget library. Flutter is able to develop customizable widgets and complex widgets.
  • Flutter provides native feel and features.
  • Flutter provides the 2D to create vector animation.
  • Flutter provides the smaller code size and faster type check.
  • Flutter provides the one-stop solution to develop,deploy and manage changes.
  • Flutter has high effective portable GPU rendering UI power that allows working flutter on the latest interfaces.
  • Flutter provides a highly customized user experience.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of flutter?

Advantages of a flutter:

  • Flutter is a cross-platform which allows one codebase for two platforms.
  • Flutter provides the high-performance of app development including CPU usage, frame number per second,
    average response time and many more.
  • Flutter provides easy Accessibility and Internationalization.
  • Flutter provides the Hot reload feature which allows the instant update without needs of plugins.
  • Flutter is easy to learn as learning dart is simple.
  • Flutter provides the custom and ready-made widgets for quick UI coding.
  • Flutter allows for faster code writing.
  • Flutter takes less testing time.
  • Flutter provides the Same app Ui on older version of platforms.
  • Flutter is perfect for MVP(Minimum Viable Products)
  • Flutter is compatible with all the platforms.

Disadvantages of a flutter:

  • Flutter has Massive file size.
  • Flutter does not allow any third party libraries.
  • Flutter is only for the development of mobile apps and it isn’t supported by web browsers.
  • Flutter offers limited libraries.
  • Flutter offers limited TV support.
  • Flutter is a new technology, so it is really hard to find the experienced developer for flutter app development.
  • Flutter offers week IOS features support.

Flutter App Development

How much does it cost to make an app in Flutter?

Flutter app development highly depends on some of the elements like:

  • The Features and the functionality of the app.
  • App designing and developing
  • The number of modules.
  • Purpose of app development
  • Developer experience.

The approximate cost of developing an app in Flutter is 2000-5000 USD.

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