Nowadays people are moving towards the digital world for fulfilling their basic requirements as currently, people can easily access every service online through a website or through an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App. As everyone is now owning a Smartphone and a good internet connection so it’s really easy and comfortable for people to access the online service.

An On-Demand House Cleaning Services App is for people who have a busy schedule and its really difficult for them to keep the house clean and as a solution, they hire maids or people for house cleaning on a daily basis.

On-Demand House Cleaning Services App is for the people who are doing jobs or business and they don’t have time to keep their house clean regularly. People are facing difficulty in finding a trustworthy person to whom he/she can trust and hire for House Cleaning services. And it is really time-consuming and tedious work of finding any best agency or people for house cleaning services.

So in the market, an app like On-Demand House Cleaning Services Apps are in high demand as people can directly get the platform from which they can easily hire anyone according to their convenience and on the other hand, people who are seeking for such jobs can create their profile and directly connect with the people and get a job. Using an app is also time-saving.

In the market, such kinds of apps which provide the House Cleaning service are less available. So if you are running a House Cleaning agency then you can launch this kind of on-demand service provider app like the Urban clap. Through an app, you will reach as many as people and app really help you in gaining more customers or in maximizing more profit.

If you are thinking of launching any marketplace platform for the people through which they can easily connect and fulfil their basic Service requirement then you can introduce an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App in the market.

You might be thinking what’s the profit of just introducing an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App in the market?

Let me tell you that by introducing an On-Demand House Cleaning Service platform you can also earn money through the platform. There are various paths through which an admin of on-demand app or website can make or earn money.

Here I am going to list down some list of points of earning money by launching an On-Demand House Cleaning Service platform:

  • By allowing a third party to use your platform for marketing their product by displaying ads and as an admin you can charge the third party.
  • By introducing a premium service app. User has to buy this app for accessing extra services and functionality.
  • By providing subscription service.
  • House Cleaning service providers can pay some amount of people to the admin for displaying them on the top rankings.
  • Admin can charge some percentage of commission on per jobs.


The On-Demand House Cleaning Services App should be designed in such a way that people can use it easily or it can be easily accessible by the user. On-demands apps generally consist of a total of 3 panels.

1. User Panel.

2. House Cleaning Services App provider peoples or agency Panel.

3. Admin Panel.

Let’s discuss the working of an On-Demand House Cleaning Service App or how this 3  panel are interconnected with each other? 

User panel is for the user, in which the user can create their profile, search for the best On-Demand House Cleaning Service service provider people, check the profile and easily hire them. User allows to give the feedback or reviews and also check the reviews or feedback before hiring.

House Cleaning Service provider peoples or agency Panel is for the service provider in which they can register and before creating profile their account can be verified by the admin and after that, they can easily set up their profile. Service provider can easily set there availability time and their charges.

Admin panel is for the people or group of people who have introduced this app in the market. The Admin’s only job is to manage all the panels efficiently, troubleshoot the problems of their app users. Keep track the activities and take action if any modification or updation is required in-app.

The success behind the apps or on-demands app depends on the features or functionality added to it. At a very initial stage before launching, the basic or must features can be known by the introducer or launcher.

Here I am listing down the key or basic features of an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App:

As earlier we have discussed in an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App consists of three panels. Let’s discuss the features of every panel in detail:

User Panel:


  • User Sign in /Sign up page.
  • User can create and set their profile
  • Can manage the profile simply
  • Search and filters the House Cleaning service provider
  • User can check the profile and details of every House Cleaning Service provider.
  • User can check and compare the fees of House Cleaning Service provider.
  • Can Hire
  • Do online payments
  • Contact directly to the hired person
  • Can check payment history
  • User can do complaints (goes directly to the user)
  • Use can give feedback or ratings

House Cleaning Services provider peoples or agency Panel:

  • House Cleaning people service provider can sign-in /sign up
  • Can easily create or set up their account easily, verify their account and add some basic information.
  • Able to add their experience and work details
  • Can manage the profile
  • Can update their availability time
  • Can add the fees.
  • Can notify whenever someone has hired them.
  • Payment management
  • Can able to check and manage their feedback or reviews.
  • Able to check their history

Admin Panel:


  • User management-Managing their account
  • House Cleaning Services provider profile management-Categorize each and every profile accordingly.
  • Check and verify the profiles
  • Premium and subscription management.
  • Payment management
  • Dispute or complaint management
  • Contact management
  • Reports management and analysis
  • Special Offers and discount management
  • Ratings, Reviews and feedback management.

How much does it cost to develop an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App?

The cost of an On-Demand House Cleaning Services app highly depends on the layout, design, features or functionality. The app development cost also depends on the technology which is used for developing the app or the app require in which platform in Android, IOS or in both.

We are from The App Ideas, a leading web and app development industry. We offer you the best and experienced mobile app development team who has worked on various on-demand app projects. We worked on both the platform Android as well as IOS mobile app development.

The approximate Timeline or Costing of developing an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App is:


  • App Design:- 7 Working Days
  • Android App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • iOS App Development:- 25 Working Days
  • Web Backend & Apis:- 30 Working Days
  • Testing, Bug fixing, and Deployment:- 5 Working Days


  • The approximate cost of developing an On-Demand House Cleaning Services App is  4000-7000 USD.

Would you like to launch an On-Demand House Cleaning Service app?