The introduction of AR in the Food Industry has reshaped or changed the perspective of people for the food industry. Various fields like E-commerce, healthcare and education have accepted and are utilizing the advantages of AR for increasing their profit and providing the best user experience to their customers.

Nowadays, in every field or mainly the online startups are now integrating the AR model for attracting more customers to their business as well as they have also dragged the attention of various big brands towards the AR-based model integration in their business.

And That’s why various Food Business like Restaurants are understanding the potential of AR for their business profits and started to provide the AR-based App to their customers for making food orders through experiencing AR (Augmented Reality) Advantages.

Food Development

Statistics and figure about AR introduction in the food industry:

  • Currently, the AR total market stands at $3.5 billion.
  • 70-75 % of customers are believing that using AR is very beneficial.
  • The AR market has reached $659.98 billion in 2018.
  • By Statista report, the AR market will cross $5.91 billion to $198 billion by the year 2025.
  • Globally, in 2018 there are around 1 billion AR users.

Why is AR integration in high demand in today’s market?

It is very profitable to connect AR with the Food industry because in this present time people are more concerned towards their food items for maintaining proper health balancing, they need to know what veggies or ingredients are added to their favorite dish which they are ordering from the specific food industry/ restaurant.

AR provides the 3-D picture of the selected food item to the customer as well as they can check the size of the food item virtually. Customers can also easily view as well as customize the food item as per their requirement. 

The development of AR-based apps is little costly compared to the Mobile app or website development and that’s why only a few restaurants are providing this kind of service to their customers and generating excessive profit.

For Example:- One of the biggest Pizza brands “Dominos” has used the AR-based model for gaining more customers attention to their brand. Dominos has launched its AR-based filters on Snapchat.

Where along with dominos filters, users can also view the Pizza and directly click to the link to make the Pizza order directly from the Domino’s App.

Similarly, many Food Industries are introducing AR-based apps for giving the best experience to their customers and which indirectly promotes in generating more earnings. 

How AR will change the Food Industry?

  • Presence of AR in the Food Industry makes New Employee Training extra productive.

By having AR-based modules, your employee can easily get training. AR allows side by side training as well as execution by layering the extra learning of an employee’s personal view. 

New Intern or Employee can easily learn the work like cooking or serving without generating the problem like generating errors on an assembly line may result in wrong products, customer or worker injuries and many more.

  • By providing the AR-based app, you create the customer’s experience.

By using the AR-based app, your customer can easily visualize the 3-D model of the food item and they can easily customize the food item as per of their requirements. The AR-based app also helps the customer to get the exact food quantity or food size ideas by trying this AR-based app.

Customers can easily analyse the food item as well as the ingredient of veggies used for the making of the food item.

  • Having AR in the food industry, It can easily increase the engagement of the Customer.

As we all know this is the digital era, and people are more inclined towards digital services. So by providing AR-based services in the food industry definitely increase the engagement of users.

Augmented Reality can easily bridge between customers, food item and food item content.

  • Having an AR-based model in the food industry helps in minimizing the wastage of food.

Basically , as we have also discussed earlier, through AR-based apps, customers can easily view the 3-D model of the food before ordering. This kind of feature helps customers to get to know the approximate quantity of food, so the customer can order as per his/her requirement.

AR-based apps in the food industry reduced the rate of overeating as well as over food order which helps to decrease the food wastage ratio.

  • The AR-based model helps in eradicating the errors in food processing.

The AR-based app offers the Step by step breakdown of the food item which helps the new employers to watch and prepare the food according to the suggestion without making mistakes.

These steps can be applied to all kinds of Food Industry including beverages manufacturing.

  • AR-Based Models in the food industry help to customize food items displayed in the food Menu Card.

Restaurants, as well as a food court, who are using the AR-based model, can easily Show their menu card to the customer and the customer can view the 3-D visualization of the food item.

This can help the customer to check the ingredient as well as customize the ingredient as per the requirements. 

  • AR- Based model in the food industry helps to search for Niche Customers.

AR-based restaurant apps or food industry can easily overcome problems like language compatibility, reach out to the distant customer and offer your services via this kind of service.

Customers can easily navigate and search for food as per of their preference like dietary food, food for patience or religion-based dietary food.

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