In this world, everything needs maintenance because things are upgrading from time to time. So to keep things updated, maintenance is required. Nowadays online services are in high demand, so people are now launching their business website and to keep the website updated, regular website maintenance is required in some time gap.

As new functionality and new technology are introducing day by day, different -different version are launching in every field so for compatibility maintenance of website is required. The need for maintenance website is important because due to maintenance the website utility time is increased. The website maintenance is less expensive than website repair. So its mandatory to maintain your website.

There are two main types of website maintenance:-

1. First one is maintaining the integrity of website code.

2. Second one is updating of website content.

You might be thinking, why it’s important to maintain a website?

Website maintenance is important. Let’s understand the importance of maintenance with an example – you never skip the maintenance of house or car because these things need time to time maintenance to keep it upgraded. Same way it is important, regular maintenance and protection of the website.

There are various benefits of well-maintained websites, let me list some of them:-

  • Website load faster
  • Maintaining website increase sales.
  • Maintenance website increases the security level of the website.
  • Website runs more reliably.
  • If we keep regularly maintaining of the website then the website can take advantage of new features of updated technology.
  • As search engine refer the websites that are fast, error-free and well maintained, so if your website is regularly maintained then it is betterment for ranking.
  • Compatible for all device -As in earlier time websites are only used in desktop but nowadays various devices are launched like laptop, tab or mobile phone. So to make your website compatible for all the screen size, website maintenance is required.
  • If the website is not maintained regularly then it has a higher chance of attack by a hacker.
  • Maintained website create up to date impression of your business.
  • To increase visitors in your website-If, you keep maintaining your website regularly, then it attracts your customer to check your website on a regular basis.

As from the above list, you can figure out the importance of website maintenance.

But do you know, what are the things you should take care of the maintenance of the website?

How Much Does it cost to Maintain a Website

Maintenance of the website contains these few things to keep updating for the betterment of the website and keep the website up to date. So here I am listing down the things which you should care about the maintenance of the website:

  • Daily Backups
  • CMS security
  • Software updates
  • Plugin Security
  • Few hours of website work
  • Priority support.
  • E-newsletter management
  • Regular search engine optimization
  • Monthly Analytic reports
  • content update.
  • Image update.
  • Updating layout and design of the website
  • Link checking
  • Malware and spam protection.
  • Fixing bugs or error
  • Analyzing website for broken links 

As up to now, you have understood why maintenance of website is important and what the things which are updated in website maintenance, so let’s discuss how much does it cost to maintain a site?

Cost of website maintenance highly depends on the things which you want to add or update. We are from The App ideas and we also provide the maintenance service of the website. We also do the redesigning of the website with maintenance. We provide maintenance service for all types of website.

The approximate cost of maintenance of the website is 499 USD/ year or 50 USD/month.

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