React Native vs Flutter both Open Source and free cross platforms for Mobile App development. This both platforms provide excellent UI support and better Native Experience.

As in today’s world, many cross-platform technologies are introduced for the development of the mobile app in Android as well as IOS by using the one codebase. React Native vs Flutter are the most popular cross platforms which allow the single codebase for developing the mobile apps in both the platforms Android as well as IOS.

Here we are going to compare both the technologies Native and Flutter:

1. Programming Languages

React native:-React Native is a framework of the most popular language JavaScript. JavaScript introduction is not needed as JavaScript is the most popular language.


Flutter: – Flutter is written in Dart programming language. dart is newly introduced technology which is launched with several new features for developing the beautiful native apps.

2. Who launched this technology in the market?

React Native: – React Native is developed and introduced by Facebook.

Flutter: – Flutter is developed and introduced by Google.

3. Stability and Flexibility

React Native: – React native directly communicates with the native platforms, which provides better user experience.

Flutter: – Flutter is new to the market. Flutter offers rich sets of customized widgets.

4. Ease of coding and IDE

React Native: – React Native offers easy learning due to the use of JavaScript. React native is supported by all the IDEs.


Flutter: – For using flutter, you need to learn dart for crafting the app. Currently, it is only supported in Android Studio and Visual Studio.

5. Initial Release year

React Native: – React Native is launched in 2015.

Flutter: – Flutter is launched in 2017.

6. Native Performance

React natives: – React Native provides good native performance.

Flutter: – Flutter provides superior native performance.

  • Documentation

React Native: – React Native has the up-to-date and imprecise documentation

Flutter: – Flutter provides precise, clear and up-to-date documentation.

  • Ecosystem

React native: – React Native has been from a longer period of time than a flutter, so it has a richer ecosystem. It is used by some of the big companies like Facebook, Walmart, Tesla, Uber and Skype.


Flutter: – Flutter is a new technology in the market so it is still struggling. Flutter is used by Alibaba, Google and Hamilton music.

7. Component Library

React Native: – React native consists of the very large inclusive library.

Flutter: – Flutter consists of Smaller and non-inclusive library.

8. Adaptive Components

React native: – In React Native, components are adaptive automatically.

Flutter: – In flutter, components are not adaptive its need to be configured manually.

9. Main Architecture

React Native: – React Native main architecture consists of Flux and Redux.

Flutter: – Flutter main architecture consists of Bloc (Business logic Components).

10. GitHub Stars

React native: – 83,200 Stars on GitHub

Flutter: – 81,200 Stars on GitHub

11. Experienced Developers

React Native: – As React Native is from a long time in the market, so it is really easy to find the best and experienced developer for developing the React native App.


Flutter: – Flutter is newly introduced in the market, so it is really difficult to find experienced Flutter developer.


As we have compared both the technology React Native and flutter. Both the technologies have some similarities and in some cases React native is better or in some cases flutter is better.

React Native is around from a longer period of time so it has a more experienced developer or it has gained more popularity as it has more strong points. On the other hand, Flutter is new in the market but it is launched with some advanced features and functionality than React native.

If you talked about the winner then React native vs flutter both are the winner as choosing the platforms is mainly depends on its use case. If you are good with JavaScript then you can go for React Native app development and if you are more towards the C++ or Java then you may like the Dart programming language and you can easily go for a flutter.

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