Education App Ideas

Education App Ideas are the most important thing for everyone because Education helps people to make their own development and help them in their growth. Education System is changing day by day and it is becoming more difficult for students to cover it in school or college.

And as school or college time is not sufficient for covering the whole syllabus or we can say the doubts of all students, so generally students try or take the help of other sources for learning and gaining knowledge for completion of the whole syllabus. In this present time, the education system is really difficult and students face really tough competition in each and every field.

Nowadays, in spite of joining any tuition institute, students are highly depending on digital assets for education purposes. As they can access anything or learn anything through an app or through online sources. There is no limit of time period whenever they require they can learn things by using Digital assets like Laptop, Tabs or mobile app.

Here I am providing some of the statistic related to Digital educational system which can help you to easily know the importance of launching Educational app ideas:

  • Education System can be called one of the most important fields and the demands of an Educational related solution are always in high demand.
  • Based on the research, Students grasp 25-60% more of study material through the online platform compared to the classroom.
  • E-learning platforms or Educational app ideas save 40-60% less time to learn than in a traditional classroom.
  • After Covid-19 crisis, around 20-50% increase in the usability of online platforms.
  • As per the research around 60-65% of the educational institute has accepted the digitalize solution like websites or mobile apps.

Currently, we are facing a pandemic problem Covid-19. As we all know till now there is no vaccine available for this coronavirus, the scientists are still working on it. And these diseases can be easily spread through one person to as a security purpose or to save lives we people are Lockdown at our own place.

Only Required services, as well as business, are allowed to run their services in this critical time. If we talk about the education system then we all know that schools, Colleges and Universities are closed for safety purposes.

If we talk about the education system then we can clearly observe that this Pandemic is really affecting the Education system. As the Schools and colleges are closed it is very difficult for students to utilize this free time in learning new things by accessing the advantages of Technology like online Mobile app platforms like Education App Ideas.

After controlling the future of Covid-19, the future of launching these Educational app ideas is going to increase with the time period.   Students, as well as teachers, get more comfortable with the online platforms and online platforms like Educational app ideas, will become one of the best ways for learning new things.

So if you are an entrepreneur of an educational institute or thinking of a startup by launching an education app, so here I am representing some education app ideas for students and teachers which is really helpful for them and provide them additional facilities:

1. Language Learning app:- As the name suggests, this app is used for learning different-different languages. This kind of app is helpful for students as well as for the teacher also. How?

As we know many students are moving to another country for higher studies or for better education so for that, they need to learn some basic terms of foreign languages. This kind of apps helps them to learn new languages through the way of quizzes and tutorials.

Sometimes language learning app useful for the teacher also, as they can learn and teach directly to the students for making extra income.

2. Dictionary App:- Dictionary App is helpful for all the age group people, it is helpful for students as well as for teachers and this kind of apps is also used by some professional people.

Education App Ideas

In the past, people used to carry the pocket dictionary or a dictionary of page 2000-3000 with them. It’s really time-consuming to search for a single word meaning from a Dictionary book.

Nowadays everyone is having their personal mobile phones,  people are more inclined towards the app, so it’s better to launch a dictionary app for making work easy and the app uses less time to search words and its meaning.

3. Quiz app:- Quiz apps are always in high demand, as students find quiz apps easy for testing self-preparation or for self-assessment. As we all know, the Education system is now introducing many quiz tests in each and every field.

Every competitive exam consists of only quizzes and some schools are also taking interviews through a quiz test. So this kind of app is really helpful for the education system for betterment.

So if you are from an Educational Institute then you can launch your own Quiz app in the market and help various users to easily play quizzes and learn new things.

4. Question and Answer app:- Finding and preparing questions and answers for each and every chapter is really difficult for the students. So by taking the referencing of their textbook, the Question and Answer apps solution can be designed through which students can easily find and prepare the answers.

One more module may be added to this app which contains some extra questions with answers for better preparation. In the end, a test series designed for the students by which they can easily do their self-assessment.

You can provide this app solution for your students which helps them to easily learn the things, as well as this app, can also be beneficial for your institute.

5. Personal Tutor App:- As we have also discussed earlier, students are more inclined towards the digital services for their educational requirements.

Personal tutor app helps the student to interact with an expert through the online platform and Student will clear their doubts easily by asking an experienced and expert professor. If required, the student can also ask and take the notes from an interacted expert through this app.

6. Student community app:- Student community app is only for the students. In this app, students from different -different university or school can connect with each other and ask for a specific requirement.

Some students feel comfortable to interact with the same age group people, this platform is for such students where they can easily connect and chat with other students and ask them anything related to their studies.

7. AR-based learning app:- Integrating AR- Based learning app in the education system make the education system easier for the student.

Education App Ideas

AR- Based learning app can be used by schools for a better experience as it makes really easy to show the experiment and real-life objects or model. Students find such kind of app really interactive and this helps easy and quick to learn and grasp new things for the students.

8. E-Book Reading app:- An E-book reading app is an app through which user or student can easily read various books through an online platform. If needed an extra module for download is also added to this app.

This kind of app is really helpful to the student as they don’t need to buy or carry books with them, whenever they require they can easily access all the books at any time from everywhere through an app. User can also highlight and prepare notes within an app.

9. Audio Book summary App:- In this Audio Book summary app, users don’t need to download or read the books. Similarly listening to songs, the user can start the Audiobook of any book through an app.

Sometimes like while driving or travelling it’s really difficult to read the books manually or through an app so to utilize this time user can use the Audio Book summary app were He/She can listen to the whole book easily.

10. Student Performance Tracking app:- This kind of app is helpful to the teacher or the parents. Through using the Student performance tracking app, the teacher can keep track of all students. 

This kind of app helps teachers to keep track of all the students by which teacher can know the overall performance of each and every student and can easily analyse or track the students. This helps the teacher to figure out the students to whom they need to take care of the most. 

On the other side, by having this app solution, parents can directly connect with their children’s students and get daily reports like results, behaviour and everything related to their child.

11. School Bus App:- As the name suggests, this app is for management of School Buses. As some schools are giving the facilities of the bus to the students but its really difficult to manage the bus details manually.

To make their work easy, School bus app can be launched in which all the bus details can be mentioned and live bus tracking system can also be added.

12. Student to-do list:- This app, Student to-do list app can be used by the student only. This app is a personal app for the student in which they can make or create the to-do list related to their educational routine.

Education App Ideas

This app helps the students to create and manage their time for preparation of exam or for daily preparation. The remainder of the work module can also be added in this app.

13. On-demand tutors hiring app:- In this present time, This kind of apps are in high demand because finding the best tutor is really difficult at this present time. Parents find this really difficult to find the best tutor for their child.

On-demand hiring app is a platform where a tutor can create their profile by adding all the expertise subjects and some basic information about themselves and whenever required parents can easily find the best tutors for their child using this platform.

14. Attendance app:- Attendance app is an app which is mainly helpful for school or college staff. This kind of app is mainly designed for the teacher because it is really difficult to manage the attendance manually on a register book.

It’s better to launch an Attendance app where the teacher can take the attendance of the students and at the end of the month, they get the monthly evaluation of each and every student’s attendance.

15. Study time app:- For students, it’s really difficult to divide and manage the time for study because with daily revision they need to complete the Homework of school and work of tuition.

To make their work easier a Study time app can be launched in which student can add their daily time table for studying and on time by time this app reminds them about their work. This app really helps the student to easily manage their time for study.

16. Find grammar mistakes:- As students, as well as many people, are inclined towards apps services. But Still some people face grammar issues in their profession. Grammar is a general subject which is useful in every field including educational institutes. 

For helping such people, if you are from an educational institute then you can think of launching an app solution which can app users to easily fix or correct their grammar mistakes through this find grammar mistake app.

17. Preschool app:- As the name suggests, Preschool app is for the kids who are about to join the school or who have just started their school. Nowadays kids are also using mobile devices and this can be one of the best solutions which helps them to grasp things quickly.

Education App Ideas

For a kid of age between 2-5 years, a preschool app can be launched by which they can learn the alphabet, numbers, colours, animals, flowers, fruits and about many things which help them to clear the entrance interview of any school easily.

18. Competitive Examination Apps:- Preparing for any competitive exam without any coaching is really difficult because initially from many online sources students have to find the perfect syllabus, then reference book and after preparing the test series for self-assessment.

If a competitive examination app is launched then this makes the work easy for the students as within an app they get the whole syllabus, E-book or reference book name and at the end of Student want they can also test themselves by attending test series.

19. Poem/Rhymes learning app:- This kind of apps are for the kids of age 3-8 years, as at the initial stage school teaches them poem and rhymes but it is not sufficient for children to learn it from the school.

Poem/Rhymes learning app helps the teachers, as well as parents for preparing their child through the animated poem videos with perfect audio and music. Children find this app interactive for learning poems and rhymes quickly.

20. Storytelling app:- As the name suggests, this app is also for the kids as they like to listen to stories from their parents before going to bed. Some Schools also arrange some Session for the students where they conduct stories with their morals.

To make it more attractive and interactive, a storytelling app can be launched, which contain various stories with animated videos and at the end, the moral of the story is also included. So this app solution makes the work easier for everyone.

21. Math Problem-Solving app:- Almost 70-75% of students are suffering from the fear of maths because they find it difficult to solve the math problem.

So for such students, a math problem-Solving app can be introduced by which they can learn and solve maths problems easily and if they require they can update the question and get the full solution from the Experts or other users of the app.

22. Homework Reminder app:- It’s really difficult for students to remember their daily homework because someday they get various subject work and someday they don’t get any work from school. Some of the students also have to do tuition work.

Education App Ideas

To make work easy for the students a Homework reminder app can be designed which help or remind the students about their homework on time.

23. Self note app:- This app is for students as well as for the teachers. We all know our studies are incomplete without any notes. Teachers are also making notes for the student which is very helpful for exams.

In spite of using notebooks, it’s easy to use an app, a self note app where students can easily write and prepare their personal notes. Teachers also use this app because this makes their work easy as they can easily share their notes with the students.

24. Puzzle app:- This kind of app is mostly used by the people who want to increase their thinking ability or like to do the brainstorming by solving difficult puzzles.

Puzzle app includes various level puzzles and also includes the aptitude section which helps the students to learn aptitude questions by playing quiz games. This kind of app helps students to increase their brain abilities.

Above I have mentioned 25 education app ideas which you can use for the digitalization of your education firm or for starting any educational startup.

25. Educational Events:-  Generally, we know that along with Studies extracurricular activities like Educational events are also important for the students. And that is why many schools, as well as Colleges, organize Educational events by arranging some professional teachers or mentors who can guide their Institute Students.

For keeping changes, some schools arrange educational events on a monthly basis for their students. For the awareness of the educational events they write it into the notice board as well as also tell teachers to convey this message to the students.

But this can not be the best way of conveying messages to the students because if someone has missed the classes then there are high chances of missing the events. Along with this, it can be called a headache for schools to manage the registration process of the students.

For these kinds of problems, educational events can be launched which can notify the students about the upcoming events and students can easily register for the events online. This platform makes the work easier for Schools to manage records easily.

26. Career Guidance app:- Career guidance apps can be called as one of the most demanding apps in this present time or we can say that this Career guidance app is one of the best solutions for the students to choose their field wisely.

After clearly the board’s exams like 10th and 12th it is very difficult for students to select the proper stream with their interest. Some of the students don’t know about the courses which they can do after their board’s exam. There is no proper guidance available which can help them to get proper information about the Streams which they can expand. And in the end, they end up by selecting the courses without having much knowledge.

And sometimes students regret their decision because there is no guidance they get earlier to choose subjects. For solving these kinds of problems, a Career guidance app can be launched for the students by which they can easily check and explore all the options they get and end up by selecting the most preferable courses based on their interest.

27. Note Sharing app:- As in the above ideas, we have discussed an app solution name self note app which is basically for preparing the self notes of the students. The Note sharing app is probably used for the purpose of sharing notes from the class or seminar organised by the schools or university.

Note Sharing app is beneficial for the students when they have missed classes, educational seminars or presentation lectures due to some reasons for around 10-15 days then it is very difficult for students to manage the current status.

Using these kinds of Note Sharing app solutions, Students can easily connect with the other students and ask them for the notes of the missed classes. This app solution can help students to easily manage the missed classes and study in less time.

28. Inter School-College Competition app:- Inter-School College Competition app, As the name, suggests this solution is basically based on the extracurricular events organized by the School for their Students. Extracurricular activities are a must in some educational institutes to also help their students to learn various fields along with studies.

Many schools and colleges participate in these kinds of events. The events include sports events, cultural events, technical events and many more which can be helpful for students to easily explore more fields.

But the major issue faced by the School and colleges is to manage the record of the events, the students, participants, Winners and much more. The Organizer of the events has to manage a lot of data for the success of the events.

The Best Solution to manage all the things easily is an Inter School-College Competition app. By having this app organizer can easily manage all the data, School and colleges can manage their participant’s data and students can easily participate in the events through these online platforms.

29. Painting/Drawing app:- Painting/Drawing app Solution for the students who like to draw or fill up colours in predefined Drawings. In schools we have a subject drawing, Drawing subjects is basically for students who highly keep interested in the artwork.

This Painting/Drawing app solution is for the students who are artists and who like to paint things well. Students can easily register to this app solution and access various services like they can make drawings, fill up colours or paint to the predefined drawings. After completing the task they can also share it to social media.

30. The virtual Classroom app solution:- Virtual classroom app solution is one of the best as well as a demanding solution in this present era. Many schools and colleges are accepting these kinds of solutions for the betterment of the education system.

In the time of any crisis, these kinds of virtual classroom app solutions are very advantageous. And that is why various institutes, as well as a personal tutor, are Shifting towards the online platforms for Spreading knowledge among the students. On the other hand, it is very easy for students because they can attend lectures from any place.

This virtual classroom app helps a tutor to give online classes to the students from any place and Students or we can say multiple students can join the live streaming classes and access it from anywhere.

31. Vedic Maths app:- As we know, Vedic maths are very popular methods for learning quick Maths. It contains some of the best tricks which help students to easily solve a complex problem without facing many difficulties.

Maths can be called as one of the difficult subjects among all the subjects. Why not provide a Vedic math app solution which can help students to easily learn new tricks to solve complex maths problems in less time.

32. Educon Video app:- Here we are trying to suggest a very unique solution which can be included in an educational system and can be called as one of the unique educational app ideas which probably help students to learn new things in a much different way.

Educon Video app is an app like TikTok but it is basically launched for the students and for the purpose of learning different -different skills related to drawing, Sketching, maths trick, learning new tricks of learning some formulas and many more.

The tutor or the people who like to teach easy tricks for learning can easily create their account in this educon platforms and start creating 1-2 minutes videos based on the new tricks, knowledgeable videos, as well as this app solution also includes the extra activities which are strictly related to learning like dance, painting and many more.

33. Vocabulary App:- You all must be familiar with the world Vocabulary, Which can be called as one of the most important parts for learning in this present time. There are various sources available which can help people to fix and improve their vocabularies like coaching institutes or some online notes.

Why not provide a Vocabulary app solution by which users can easily learn the vocabulary lessons by playing some quizzes integrating into the app solution. If you are from the Education institute then you can launch your own vocabulary app in the market.

34. Online Exam app:- Online Exam app, from the name of the app solution you can probably get the ideas of the app solution which we are going to discuss.If online learning is possible then why not to have an online Exam app which can help you to easily track the performance of their students.

Various competitive exams have already accepted the online Exam app solution which is easy to conduct the exams only for a quiz question. If you are running an Educational institute then you can launch your own Online Exam App solution through which the students can easily register to the app and complete the exams on the provided time.

35. Programming language learning app:- Students who keep high interest in the field of programming languages face difficulty in the initial phase to get proper guidance or source which can help them to learn programming languages based on their interest.

Various coaching centres are available for students where they can join and learn programming language but again it is time-bound and it is good for students but professionals don’t have much time to join classes for learning and improving their programming language.

You can provide a Programming Language learning app solution from which the users can learn various programming languages like C, C++, PHP, Python, Java, Scala, R and many more. These kinds of Education app ideas solutions are also beneficial for the IT sectors Students as well as profession to access services at any time from anywhere.

36. Alumni Network App:- It is very difficult for schools and colleges to maintain the data of pass out students. Pass Out student data is very useful for students who are pursuing their school and College as they can connect with them and ask for guidance or some study materials.

If you are from an Educational Institute then you can launch this Alumni Network app solution in the market which can be called as similar to LinkedIn. In this app solution, Students can easily connect with their seniors and ask them for Guidance and job-related details. User can connect, job post, like and chat with the other users.

Above I have mentioned 36 education app ideas which you can use for the digitalization of your education firm or for starting any educational startup.

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