Here in this article, we are going to discuss the cost of developing a Delivery app like Dunzo. Digital platforms demand is increasing day by day in the market. People are moving more towards online services.

The advancement and innovation in the field of technology are considered as one of the best things to happen in the field of business or industries. Digital services make the services more convenient to access.

As per the current scenario, Business or industrial owners and Entrepreneurs are now making a high investment in the development of the online platform. These online platforms like web platforms, websites, and mobile apps help them to easily represent tZheir services in front of customers through smart devices.

The number of online customers or users is increasing day by day compared to offline users. People are getting highly comfortable in accessing the services using the online platforms as the services are available 24/7 and users can access them whenever they require through their smart devices.

As we know in this present time due to the COVID-19, customers, as well as business owners, are running towards the online services. Most of the companies had provided work from home facilities to the employees. People have started accessing the online platforms for every service from their place and get the delivery of services at their doorstep.

The usage of on-demand delivery services has also drastically increased in the recent period. According to the research, on average users have spent more than $57.6 billion in the on-demand economy.

It is observed that, as the increasing demand for on-demand apps, it is very beneficial to launch a delivery app like Dunzo.

Why have On-demand platforms become highly popular in this era?

People have to maintain social distance to keep themselves safe from this coronavirus, Coronavirus has genuinely affected the total economy. People need services but it is very difficult to step out.

In this fearful condition, on-demand delivery apps are launched as a savior which offers the services at the customer doorstep. Here let me list out some of the reasons for developing an On-demand delivery app development in this present era:

  • The increasing demand for hyperlocal delivery startups has directly increased on-demand services.
  • The quarantine and lockdown situations have added the other elements to the equation. Lockdown and restrictions have made it harder to shop for groceries as well as other services.

Dunzo Like App Development Services | The App Ideas

What is a Dunzo Delivery app and what is the working of an On-demand delivery app like Dunzo?

The Dunzo delivery app is a hyperlocal app-based service that offers a platform to users to hire people to run this delivery service. Users can easily create an account on Dunzo, place the request, and get the work done.

Dunzo can easily deliver services to the customer’s doorstep. Dunzo can enable a user to outsource their odd jobs to someone willing to do that. When a user makes a request then the algorithm connects them with their best delivery partner based on the location.

Dunzo On-demand delivery app services offer platforms like

On-demand apps can easily deliver anything like groceries, food, medicines, and more. This On-demand startup can fulfill all the desires of the customers. Let me list out some of the most popular services dunzo provide:-

  • On-demand food delivery services.
  • Ingredients and grocery delivery.
  • Medicine delivery services.
  • On-demand salon services.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit delivery services.
  • Luxury product delivery.
  • On-demand services for the health and wellness services

How can you monetize the Dunzo like on-demand delivery services platforms?

Many of the on-demand delivery services like Dunzo have potential revenue opportunities. When it comes to on-demand app development, you can create a business model around the following revenue streams:

  • You can charge up the delivery fees from the customers.
  • Charge up the listing fees from the vendors and stores.
  • By offering loyalty programs and membership programs.
  • Marketing and promotions offer.

What are the key features you can add up on an app service like Dunzo on-demand delivery services app?

Key Features for App Like dunzo | The App Ideas

Before planning to launch Dunzo like on-demand delivery app services, it is very important to know the required and basic features for an on-demand delivery app like Dunzo. Here I am going to list down features:-

Customer modules
  • Create an account.
  • Searching and finding options for the services.
  • Time tracking services.
  • Payments gateways.
  • Social media integrations.
  • Feedback and ratings.
  • Push notification.
  • Help and support services.
Business owners app
  • Manage their account
  • Manage the request of customers.
  • Track the revenue.
  • Manage the schedule.
  • Manage the availability status.
  • Push notification.
Admin Panel
  • Dashboard management.
  • Manage the user’s profile.
  • Manage the business owner’s profile.
  • Manage the revenues and commission.
  • Manage and track the services.
  • Reports and analytics generation.
  • In-app navigation integration.
  • Push notification.

How much does it cost to develop a Delivery app like Dunzo?

The cost of developing a Dunzo delivery app mainly depends on various factors like the designing tools, the technology platforms, the features or additional features, the complexity and functionality, and more.

So it’s quite difficult to provide the exact costing of developing a Dunzo-like on-demand delivery app. The approximate cost of developing a Dunzo-like on-demand delivery app ranges from 4000 USD to 15000 USD.

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