35 Best On Demand Service Apps For Android and iOS

In this present time, On Demand Service Apps are highly in demand as through this online platform. Customers can directly install and use the services by just some clicks. And business owner can directly connect with the user and provide them on-demand service when customers need.

On-demand apps are a time saver as the only requirement is a mobile app or internet. And in this era, everyone owns a smartphone.

Through an app, many service providers can represent themselves in the market. And the customer can directly demand the service whenever they require to access any services at any time. This will completely eliminate the offline methods which is time wasting.

As per the survey, 45% of the adult population are using the on-demand services for fulfilling their on-demand services.

Do you know why people are highly depending on On Demand Service Apps?

Because using online on-demand services Apps is safe, users don’t want to worry about the verification of people whom they are hiring for services like security or for loading their own stuff. The verification of service providers is done by the admin before registration, and it also verifies the user (hirer).

But still, people are facing problems in some fields there are no on-demand services or apps. So if you are thinking of introducing or launching a marketplace app to bump-up your earnings then this article is really helpful for you, because here I am going to list down 35 On-Demand app ideas which you can initiate and grow.

1. On-Demand App for Laundry Booking App:

Laundry things can be a routine because people like to wear neat and clean cloth and for that, some people refer laundry services for their clothes.

Like if you want to attend a party but your clothes are not washed properly by your maid but you want to wear your favorite pants for this event. Is there any solution for this?

What if an on-demand laundry app is launched through which you can check and hire any of the registered or verified services. Here you can also set your time as if you want your pants in 30 min then you can set the time and check for the options and hire anyone according to your convenience.

If you are thinking of starting a startup then you can launch an on-demand Laundry Booking app and provide a platform to various holders to register and represent themselves through online way and the customer can check reviews and hire them as per the needs and boost your profit. 

2. On-Demand App for Security Guard Hiring App:

Very serious problem faced by people in the field of security either it is online security or offline security. Here we are going to talk about offline security services.

nowadays as the criminality index is increasing and for security, we people don’t trust someone easily. And in this present time, security is the thing which everyone wants like for there home-place, where they live, occasion or in clubs. What’s the easiest way of finding genuine people who protect you or your stuff?

What if an On-Demand app is launched by which you can directly hire professional and experienced security staff? If a platform is created by which people who are looking for a job as a security guard can create their profile. In this app security staff agency also contribute and make their profile in this app. Before registration of anyone, admin does the verification.

People who are looking for security guards can directly hire or communicate in-app people can hire a security guard as per their requirement. They can hire a security guard for a lifetime or for one day also by this on-demand security guard hiring app.

3. On-Demand App for Doctor Booking App:

In today’s world, taking care of your health is the most important thing. Nowadays everyone is busy in earning and making money and hardly take care of themselves or of their health.

Let’s take a situation, In a mid-night, you fall sick, you get started a headache which is hard to tolerate? you are not able to drive or visit any nearby hospital for a checkup. In such condition, if you have an on-demand doctor booking app by which you can directly contact to the specific area doctors. you can directly consult a doctor at any time through a call, voice call or video chat and describe your problem and take the prescription as soon as possible.

Without visiting any place you can directly connect with the doctor and if there is any emergency case then you can call them at your home place also. This platform provides doctors to represent their expertise area and help people through online consulting and people also like such app through which they can directly consult an expert for their problem without visiting anywhere. 

4. On-Demand App for Taxi Booking App:

Like an uber app, a marketplace app can be launched through which people can directly hire the taxi for a long or short trip.

If your group is thinking of starting a startup where you can provide the service like uber and ola then you can introduce an On-Demand Taxi Booking App where people can book their slot and time of travelling and make the advance payment through an online payment path.

If you want to invest and want to start a new business like Uber or OLA then you can introduce a similar app to uber or OLA, by which you can also provide a platform for other drivers, who can register themselves and provide services to the nearby people of their location if required. As an admin, you just need to verify the registered drivers.

5. On-Demand App for Tutors Hiring App:

As education system is introducing many changes to make the education system better but parents work is increased as they need to find the best institute or best teachers for their children. They are concerned about their children’s education because their child’s future highly depends on education and parents have a tight schedule so they don’t have time to teach their child

They want an institute or personal tutor who is knowledgeable and teach their child nicely. And if you are parents then you must also face a problem of searching for the best tutor for your children.to eliminate such a problem on-Demand tutors hiring app can be launched. This platform provides many tutors to create their profile, add the expertise field and represent themselves. Parents can directly communicate and choose the best tutors for their child.

If you thinking of launching an on-demand service, then you can bring out such app by which parents can directly connect to the best and expert tutors.

6. On-Demand App for Psychologist hiring App:

In these time, every age people are suffering from depression, stress, phobias, anxiety and other problems. Workload is increasing day by day, every group of people are suffering from these problems.

Students and teenagers people have stress for their studies because the competition is increasing day by day. To stand out differently, they get pressurized to score high and in most of the cases students depressed. Youth people have stress to earn money for surviving in this modern era.

And people find it difficult to find a psychologist for consultants, so make people’s work easier by launching an on-demand Psychologist hiring app where a psychologist can create their account and whenever people need they can directly hire or consult a psychologist by using this app.

7. On-Demand App for Courier Delivery App:

As a courier service is serving people and help them to transfer their stuff from one place to another. Imagine a scenario, today is your cousins birthday who is living 50 km away from your house and evening there is a party at your cousin’s place. Suddenly your workload is increased and you are not able to visit your cousin’s birthday party. But still, you want to deliver the gift and make him happy.

How you are going to manage? There is one solution for such kind of problems, an on-demand courier service in which you can create your account and where you can post your required delivery service in detail with the proper destination. On the other hand, courier service agency or part-time delivery boy can register and provide service to the user by picking their item from their workplace and deliver it to the proper destination on time.

This on-demand courier delivery service can be introduced by the business holder who is providing this service or provide a platform to the part-time job seeker through which they can do service and earn.

8. On-Demand App for Pizza Delivery App:

If you are the owner of any pizza shop or pizza restaurant then you must have this kind of app for your customers and by which you allow them to enjoy your delicious pizza from their workplace without visiting the restaurant.

By on-demand pizza delivery app, user can order their pizza from anywhere and pizza get delivered in 20-30minutes. And by introducing and giving such services to the people, the owner can maximize their profits because through an app their service is reaching and using by more than a thousand people.

9. On-Demand App for Consultation App:

In today’s world everyone is seeking consultants in every field from starting a new business to purchasing a new item. From starting any new thing or if you get stuck, you always want consultancy from some expert from which you can predict and make decisions.

Online Consultant service is present for many things but there is no proper way to connect directly with the expert and take advice. So a new platform as an on-demand Consultation app can be introduced. By registering to such app you are able to take consultant of anything without any difficulty and hesitance.

This kind of app has well-defined categories of every field with the contact details of experts. So this app makes work uncomplicated and easy for the user to find an expert for any problem.

10. On-Demand App for Car Service Booking App:

Offline car servicing is very hectic because you need to search for the best servicing centre and then visit there to drop your vehicle and after servicing pick it up. And some of the service agency don’t even do servicing but you need to pay because you don’t know the exact scenario as you are not present there.

Second problem is faced by people when their car stops in the middle of the trip at an unknown location. So it’s really difficult for people to find a car servicing shop.

What if an on-demand car servicing app is introduced? through which you can hire any service from any location either the location is known or unknown to you, you can check the review and hire accordingly. And by hiring car services from this app you are able to watch the video of your car servicing, they can send you the video of your car servicing if you need. If they want to change some part which is damaged then they can ask you in-app and you can allow them or deny.

So this kind of app really helps the user in various ways and helps car servicing holders to expand their business and make their profit.

11. On-Demand App for Mobile repairing services App:

Its really tedious to find mobile repairing shop nearby to your location, in your budget and most importantly find specific mobile repair shop for specific phone brand.

What if an online platform is given to all the mobile repairer where they can create their account and give a detailed description of their services with approximate cost and on the other hand people who are looking for a mobile repair service can check the services and the budget. User finds this easier and they can directly choose the shops according to their preference.

If you are thinking of launching an on-demand platform, then you can go for the option of introducing an on-demand mobile repairing services and make money by taking a commission on per orders.

12. On-Demand App for Cleaning Services App:

As you and many people don’t have time for cleaning the house. They don’t prefer to hire someone for cleaning because no one is trustworthy in this present time. Is there any solution through which you can easily hire trustworthy people, allow them to enter your house?

Yes, there is one solution to this problem. If someone can launch an On-demand Cleaning service app, by which the cleaning agency can register and also individual people register themselves after verification which is done by the admin and you can hire whenever you need someone for cleaning.

This kind of on-demand apps are always in trending, so if you are thinking of starting a business you can go for this option also.

13. On-Demand App for Photographer hiring App:

Its really difficult to find a professional photographer for any function or occasion. Because as we now have technologies so its very important to capture all the things and store it as a beautiful memory. But making it happen we need a professional photographer who owns a camera of high resolution and has experienced capturing every important moment nicely.

And searching for a perfect photographer is really hard, its better to provide a platform in which all the photographer can create their profile and add their clicked picture for reference with their approximate package. User can check and hire according to their preference.

14. On-Demand App for Load Transfer App:

Transferring Heavy load, mostly in industrial area is really tough because for transferring heavy load you need to hire an item loader. Apart from industrial area finding a vehicle for loading our own stuff which we want to move from one place to another is also hard.

If an on-demand Load transfer app is introduced by which people can easily hire the loaders for loading and transferring their things from one place to another. And through this platform, people who are providing the service of loading, are new to this field easily represent themselves in front of people.

So bringing out an on-demand load transfer app is always a good idea for starting a new business and make money. 

15. On-Demand App for Multi-Services Hiring Platform App:

This is a digital era and everyone is establishing their digital connection directly to their customer through the website and mobile apps but still, there are some services which don’t have an online platform and its really difficult for the customer to find an expert and a genuine people for any king of service.

What if a multi-service hiring platform is introduced in which all the service are divided into a well-mannered category and user also find it convenient to use in this everyone can register like Electrician, house cleaners, AC servicing, car servicing, two-wheeler services and all the services which are required by the user in their day to day life.

If you are thinking of initiating a startup then surely you can provide such apps to the user, you just need to collaborate with the service provider and bring everyone to the one platform for making it easier for the targeted people.

16. On-Demand App for Plumbers Hiring Platform App:

Imagine a situation where your water supplier is jammed in the morning and you have organized a noon party at your house. A Sudden problem arises and as you have a party at your own place, you have a lot of work to do like arrangement, catering and many more preparation and your plumber is out of town. only one option is there where you need to find a new plumber and it’s a time-consuming task.

For such a situation, what if you have an app through which by just some taps you can hire a plumber or we can say an expert plumber and within 1 hour your problem get solved.

Yes, here I am talking about launching an On-demand plumber hiring. Through an app, where many plumbers can register themselves and if someone requires, they can hire the plumber after analyzing the reviews.

17. On-demand App for Electrician Hiring Platform App:

In this modern era everyone is highly depending on electricity. Electricity can do many things, electricity is another source of entertainment, comfort, transportation and many other things. You can’t even imagine your life without electricity.

But as these things also require servicing in some period of time. Its really difficult to find an electrician who is experienced or can help you with the specific device problem.

The solution of this problem is bringing out an on-demand electrician hiring platform, from where user can easily hire an electrician at any time and for any kind of problem. If you are owner of electrician service agency then surely you can go for the app option and maximize your profit.

18. On-Demand App for Babysitter App:

Nowadays parents are mostly involved in making money and they find it hard to take time for their baby. They hire a Babysitter for their baby who can take care of the baby as a mother.

And this job is mostly done by women. As per the survey, people are not getting the genuine people for babysitting or genuine women are not getting jobs. One more problem is faced by people when their babysitters are going for a mini-vacation and they want to hire a babysitter for a short period but they don’t find the right people.

How to fill the gap between babysitters and the parents? If an on-demand babysitter app is launched where babysitter can create their profile and enter some personal information and when any parent requires a babysitter for a long or short period of time they can directly search and hire a babysitter.

The profile of both parties must be verified from the admin side. So if you are looking for initiating a business, then you can provide this platform to more than a thousand babysitters and connect them directly to the needy parents.

19. On-Demand App for Luxury Car Booking App:

Middle class family people can’t afford a luxury car. And it’s obvious for a one-day occasion people refuse to buy a luxury car. In spite of buying they refer to rent a car from the people who own a luxury car or from the agency who is providing a luxury car for rent with driver.

And for finding such agencies and people is really tedious. What like the online booking system, you can also rent a car online or book a car online? Here we get an idea of launching an on-demand luxury car Booking app by which people can rent their car and who needs can directly contact to the owner. This platform connects the luxury car owners and people who want to take a luxury car on rent for 1-2 days.

20. On-Demand App for Gym Coach Hiring App:

If you have a month holiday or you are on a leave from your job or business and for a short period of time you need to focus on your fitness and you want a gym coach at your own place. What do you do?

Mostly in such case, people find people through offline ways like contacting their friends or colleague and ask them about reference. But don’t you find it time-wasting? Because your half of the time is wasted for searching for a coach.

The best solution to this problem is an On-demand Gym coach, where gym teachers can create their profile and add their expertise and when people require any coach they can check and choose the best coach for them and hire them for short or long period, as per the preference.

21. On-Demand App for Massage App:

Rather visiting a massage centre people find it more comfortable to get a massage at their own place. And nowadays urban clap is providing such services of massage at home at the preferred time of the customer.

Relevant to urban clap a marketplace app can be introduced where massage’s or part-time massager’s can create their profile people can hire the massage’s on demand, whenever they require and according to their time preference. massage’s who is available at that period of time can directly contact to the people.

22. On-Demand App for Water Delivery App:

Water is one of the basic requirement and water is required everywhere for everything. If you have organized an event or any party at your own place then with the food you need to also arrange the water jug which can be enough for your event.

But sometimes your prediction of water jugs goes wrong and you want more water jugs but finding on-demand water supplier is really difficult. To solve such a problem an on-demand water delivery services app can be introduced.

With this app, people can order the required amount of water and business holders of water supplier can directly help them by providing them with the required amount of water source.

23. On-Demand App for Medicine Delivery App:

Some medicines are routine for many people like for old age people, people having the problem of diabetes or High BP or Low BP and many more diseases where you need to take medicine daily.

At one day, your medicine is completed and there is no nearby medicine shop from where you can buy your medicine or the shop is closed due to some reason. Now, how you are going to complete your medicine course?

What if you have an app through which you can order your medicine and it is delivered to your own place? Yes, this can be possible by on-demand medicine delivery app where you can buy and make an order of required medicine.

This platform can also be helpful for medicine store for maximizing their profit and reach as many as customers through an online way.

24. On-Demand App for Digital Services App:

To finds a videographer or a content editor is really a tough task because finding the perfect people who have experienced and who are professional in this particular area.

Its really difficult to find each other for both parties, for business holders as well as for the people who are giving digital services.

For them, a platform can be launched, an on-Demand digital services app by which business holder can directly connect to the digital service providers and communicate directly about the requirements.

25. On-Demand App for Food Delivery App:

The most trending industry is food Industry. Nowadays people find it time-consuming to visit a restaurant or food court for lunch or dinner. They like to have their favourite food from their favourite restaurant to their doorstep.

Marketplace like swiggy and zomato are providing a platform to many restaurants to represent themselves in front of the customer and it also provides many choices to the user that they can check the list of food, review them and after analyzing order food.

A relevant app to Zomato or swiggy can be launched and collaborate with small food startup. You can launch your own On-Demand Food Delivery App and make money.

26. On-Demand App for Fuel Delivery App

If you are thinking of launching any On-Demand App Ideas then you can also introduce an On-Demand Fuel delivery app. This type of apps generally refers to provide the On-demand services of fuel.

Most of the people face difficulty when they are going on a long outing and their vehicle fuel gets over in the middle of the trip. In many cases, the person is unaware of the areas and it is really very difficult to find Fuel services.

As a solution, an On-Demand Fuel Delivery app can be launched by which whenever a person requires fuel, can easily access the app services to get fuel.

27. On-Demand App for a Medical Test App

An On-demand Medical test app is an app which provides people with the services of all kinds of medical test services. Many times for a small medical testing people have to visit the hospital and which is really time-consuming.

For saving time, an On-demand Medical test app can be launched. This type of app is really very helpful for the people as they can easily access the services via apps and hire the lab technician for a medical test at their own place.

28. On-Demand App for Gift Delivery App

On-demand gift delivery app is very helpful in this present time. Because of the hectic or busy schedule, people forget the special occasion of their loved ones. Due to shortage of time, they fail to send the perfect gift to their loved ones.

For helping such people, an On-demand gift delivery app can be launched. As the name suggests this type of app provides the gift delivery services to the people who fail to deliver the gifts.

This Gift delivery app helps people to deliver their gifts to their loved ones at the perfect time.

29. On-Demand App for Grocery Delivery App

In Today’s market, there are various On-demand grocery delivery apps are launched. This type of apps provide the services to buy the groceries from the selected grocery stores and after buying the products are delivered to your own place.

Grofers is the most popular On-demand grocery delivery app which provides various options to their users to buy and also offer delivery services. This kind of On-demand app ideas is in high demand in today’s market.

If you are thinking of launching any On-demand app Ideas in the market then you can go for an On-demand grocery delivery app which helps you to generate the maximum amount of revenue.

30. On-Demand App for Salon Appointment App

Every service is now moving towards the online platform, where users can easily access all the services from their Smartphones. An on-demand Salon Appointment app is for people who don’t like to visit the saloon and wait for their turn as it is time-wasting.

So as a new On-demand app idea you can launch an on-demand Salon Appointment app in the market. Whenever people want a Salon app than they can easily book the saloon services and get the services at their own place and own time.

31. On-Demand App for Pest Controlling App

Pest controlling or Pest services are generally used by all of the people because some insects, animals or bugs which survive at people’s home place or workplace are damaging some important things.

To help such people, an On-demand Pest controlling app can be launched which provide the services from where user can easily buy the required pest control and save their home or work stuff from damage.

32. On-Demand App for Flower Delivery App

On-demand Flower delivery app is used for buying the flowers and deliver to the special ones on some special occasions. Sometimes whether to go for a gift selection people refers to send flowers or Bouquet.

So by On-demand flower delivery app user can easily check a various variety of flowers or bouquet. User can easily buy and deliver it to their loved ones and surprise them.

33. On-Demand App for Computer Technician Hiring App

It is really very difficult to find a Computer technician when you get any errors or issues at your computer system. To find a better computer technician is really very difficult in this present time.

So to eliminate this problem, an On-demand Computer Technician hiring app can be launched from where people can hire the best computer technician whenever required. This app is also helpful for the large or small scale industries as they also require a computer technician at some point.

34. On-Demand App for Milk Delivery App

Milk is one thing which is a part of each and every household. Generally, people purchase it every single day. Everyday person needs to visit nearby local dairies for buying milk.

So for making their work easier, an On-demand Milk delivery app can be launched from where user can easily order the amount of milk they require from their local diaries or grocery stores and it is also delivered to their own place.

35. On-Demand App for Vehicle Repairing/Services app

At some point, due to a small accident or because of some problems, your vehicle damage in the middle of the road. And it is really tough to find a mechanic who can repair or service your vehicle insufficient time.

To overcome this kind of problem, an On-Demand Vehicle Repairing/services app can be launched. By which the user can easily hire the nearby mechanic whenever your vehicle could be giving some trouble.

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