Are you thinking of starting a new Web App Ideas for business?

Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

Are you thinking of an idea by which you can quickly earn much as a part-time business?

So here we go because today I am going to discuss about Web App Ideas which are trending and by which you can make money by sitting at your home. If you are thinking of starting something new but you don’t have an idea of business or you need guidance then today I am going to discuss 50+ web app ideas from where you can decide which business you can start and earn more.

Let’s start the discussion of 50 Web App Ideas.

Web App Idea #1) News Website: From ancient times, news reading habit of people has not changed. Past time to today’s date many people still start their morning with a cup of tea and with newspaper. But as we are living in the digital era, everything is going online. And now the newspaper is also available online.

Introducing a news web app is one of the best ideas because people are fond of trending news. So you can launch a news website where you cover all the news headlines and current stories. You can also include the RSS feed.

You can charge a commission to other people, by allowing advertisement of other product or brand to show on your news web app. 

Web App Idea #2) Ecommerce Website: In this present time no-one is unaware of e-commerce business or E-commerce web app, everyone finds this comfortable because without visiting anywhere they can choose and buy that product from there place.

So you can also go for introducing your own e-commerce web app and make money from it. You have many options for launching an e-commerce store. You can go for clothing, furniture, cosmetics product, caps, jewellery or any other thing which people use in their day to day life.

You just need to host the platform and collaborate with the stores and take a commission for that. You can also make money through ads. 

Web App Idea #3) Job Recruitment Website: For making money, you can also launch a job recruitment web app and provide a platform for job seekers and job providers to find each other.

In this website, job seeker creates their account and add the details of their dream job and upload resume. The recruiter department of industries/company can directly check the worth person for the required post and contact them directly. Industries can also post the job role with the required experienced and person who thinks he /she is perfect for this role can directly contact to the specific industry/company.

You can make money by providing premium service to both the parties by which there work become easy and they can find a job or employee as soon as possible.

Web App Idea #4) Property Rental Website: As the name suggests, this web app is for people who want to buy or rent their property. You just need to fill the gap between them and provide them a platform through which they can easily get connected.

In this web app, the property owner can post their property with location and clear pictures and the person who is finding property in rent can check the properties and get connected to the owner whose property they find perfect for them.

With providing such a platform, you can charge some percent of profit from the owner for giving them a platform and help them to find customers easily. You can also make money by providing a platform for ad. 

Web App Idea #5) Directory Website: Directories website or web apps are a collection of data of organization or industries. It has the listing of industries in proper format and it is differentiated by categories of base on the work of industries, in alphabetic order with the details of name of organization, address and contact details.

If you want to earn from your home then you introduce this kind of platform in which organization details are saved and people who are searching for any companies/industries can directly check here and contact them easily.

You can make money by providing premium service to purchase for retrieving unlimited data from the directories. Earn extra money by providing your platform for advertisement to another website owner.

Web App Idea #6) Dating Website: Online dating is trending in this era, young people choose an online path for finding a future mate or making new, Zoosk, plenty of fish and many more web apps are the most popular dating website. You can also introduce your own unique dating website.

Dating websites are mainly used by youngsters for finding their future mate, for making new friends, for hookups or for only dating people. User can create their profile, add their personal information with preference and check the other user, match with them and date them.

How you are going to make money through this?

As with free features, if someone wants to access some advanced feature can purchase the premium version. As some dating apps also suggest the first date place, if you want, you also provide such services and collaborate with the shown places holders and charge commission. 

Web App Idea #7) Customized Printing Website: People are liking to have their name or pictures on the cup, mirror, t-shirt or anything which they are using daily. And customized printers fulfil their wish by providing them with this kind of services.

You become the bridge between them by providing a customized printing web app by collaborating with one or many customize printers business holder. People can visit the website check the work, cost and reviews and contact directly to the holders. Customer can also make online orders by providing the design to the printers.

Through this, you can make money per sell of the printed products. You can charge some amount of profit from the customized business holders because they are getting customers from your platform. 

Web App Idea #8) All kinds of Services Platform: If you have a great network, then you can go for a multi-service provider web app. In such kind of platform, you can provide multiple services to the user by collaborating with many services providers.

Urban Clap is the prevalent web app which is providing many services on only one platform. Similar kind of website can be introduced for making more profit.

By this kind of business idea you can be connecting many service provider to the service needers and on per service, you can charge some amount of commission from the holders.

Web App Idea #9) Music Learning Website: This kind of web apps are less in market.50-55% people are a music lover or having their hobby of singing but to find a music teacher is really difficult and nowadays people having a busy day, so they refuse to join a class to learn music.

What if you provide a platform to music learners and music teacher? By which they get connected. Music teacher needs to create their profile and add their expertise field of music in their profile, music learner can search teacher as per their preference and hire them directly.

You can take commission on per student from the hired music teacher you can also place some paid music learning course on your web app. 

Web App Idea #10) Online Teaching Website: Due to lack of time, people or students are moving towards online teaching source. This platform gives them various options of learning and there is no limitation of a topic, the best example of an online teaching website is Udemy.

In online teaching web apps, expert teacher or professor can post their videos of a particular topic and learner can search for the videos, check the list, check the review and after analyzing all the things, at the end they purchase the course.

Website builder can make money by taking a commission from the purchased courses. You can also allow the third party to show their advertisement and charge them for that. By this way, they monetize their online teaching web app. 

Web App Idea #11) Blogging Website: You have seen on many websites the blog section, where many blogs are written related to their specific business. Who is writing this blog? mainly industries hire a blogger for content writing. And this blogging website connects bloggers and the industries.

In a blogging website, bloggers can create their account and write only half of the content and if someone wants to read the whole content then they have to pay or they can contact directly to the specific bloggers and if required hire bloggers to write their content.

Through this, you can make money by taking some percent from the transaction happening from your website. 

Web App Idea #12) Online Games Website: In this present time, people are referring mostly the online platform for playing games because through the online platform they can easily get a partner with whom they play group games. Many new games are now providing such services for maximizing their user.

You can think of launching a platform where a number of games can register themselves and the gamers just have to create their profile and it also offers a function like if 3-4 people are online at the same time, then they can connect and play group games else they can go for the individual playing.

You can make money by charging the game service holder on per visitors and downloader you can also provide your platform for premium games and take commission from that.

Web App Idea #13) Wedding Planner Website: Planning a wedding is really difficult because you need to arrange decorators, dress designer, DJ and many more things. To find the expert people and hire them for that particular activity is really tedious because in wedding season it’s really difficult to find and hire an expert wedding planner.

If you can provide a wedding planner web app to the user by which they can hire experts people, by doing the pre-booking. People who are doing business of wedding planning or part-time wedding planner can create their profile and add the approximate budget. People who want a wedding planner can visit the website and check or the better option in their budget and hire them.

You can make money by taking some part of the money from the budget of both the parties. You can also charge the wedding planner company who want to display their name at the top searches.

Web App Idea #14) Event Management Website: Planning any event is really hard because you don’t have any experience of arranging and you don’t have an idea about the pre or post problem which can occur in an event. To finding an event planner for a specific event is really difficult.

For introducing such web app you don’t have to be an event planner because you are just giving a platform to event planner to join and add their expertise field with the approximate budget. People who are organizing event can visit your website and search event planner as per their budget and contact them directly.

You can take the commission from the event planner agencies or from the individual event planner which mainly depends on the orders they get from your website.

Web App Idea #15) Raise a Fund: This kind of web apps are evergreen because daily new technologies are introducing and people are working on different projects or on some new startup. Mainly they develop only one product and then search for the people who can fund.

For making money, you can also launch a web app where people can post their unique product with the working video and ask for funds. Investors who are searching for a unique idea can visit your website and if they find any unique idea then they can fund the person for that unique idea.

You can earn money by taking a direct commission of 10-15% from the collected fund or you can earn from the advertisements which you are allowing and giving space to another party for displaying their ads.

Web App Idea #16) Deal and Coupon Website: Online business or e-commerce websites are trending and this thing is going to popular in the future. To get more customers, the business holders are offering deals and coupons on festivals or on some special days.

Some people still not getting advantages of deal and coupon on specific services because they don’t find coupon easily. To make their work easy, you can launch a web app of deal and coupon where you can display the name of industries with the details of special offers.

You can directly earn from the industries whom detail you are sharing in your website or charge extra for displaying them in top suggestion. 

Web App Idea #17) Ratings and reviews Website: Before visiting any website or using any service, people like to refer its rating and reviews. They prefer to prior investigate and make a decision according to the review and rating of the services.

You can bring out a platform where you display the data of all the industries with their overall reviews and ratings. So people can directly visit your website for checking the rating and reviews before asking for any services to any industries or online business.

You can take a commission from the industries whose data you are displaying. You can also make money by showing ads.

Web App Idea #18) Advertisement Website: This kind of website are mostly used by people because by using this website user can earn money. You read that right, user can also make money, so you can imagine how many users you get per day if you launch this advertisement web app.

You have to provide a platform to business industries who want to reach people through advertisements. They can register on your website and pay you to display their ad of their product you just have to manage the ad. Many users can visit your website because after watching some ad they get a small amount of money.

This is the best way of earning money because you just have to give your space and allow another party to show their ad. On per viewer, you can charge your commission for marketing their product.

Web App Idea #19) Affiliate Website: Affiliate web apps are the most popular way of making money because you just have to list out the product according to the season from another website. After listing, you can display them on your website.

What is the working of Affiliate website? As a platform provider, you just want to list out the most demanding product from different-different websites and display them in your websites. User can visit your website and if they find any product good or find any product as per their requirement then they are redirected to that website.

You get your commission on per redirection to another website for any product.

Web App Idea #20) Dropshipping Website: If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business but you don’t want any inventory for storing stock of a product, then surely you can launch a Dropshipping website.

By introducing your own dropshipping website you don’t want to have an inventory. When someone makes an order from your website then with you, the supplier also got the order notification. The supplier can directly ship the product to the customer.

You got your commission on per product orders and you can also make money by allowing other businesses to show their ad in your web app. 

Web App Idea #21) Music streaming Website: Downloading and listening song is now out of trend. Everyone is inclined towards online streaming music. So you can provide a platform to music lover by introducing your own music streaming web app.

You just have to provide a platform to the user by which they can listen to the trending songs if they want they can add or create their playlist. users can also search for songs as per their mood like party songs, romantic songs, motivational songs and many more.

You can offer a premium service for using advanced feature and make money from it. 

Web App Idea #22) Video streaming Platform: In this present time people are moving towards online streaming video for entertainment. Online streaming video is popular because it suggests the newest and trending videos.

You can also introduce a video streaming web app for users who are addicted to videos. User has to create their profile and they can access the online video from anywhere. Web series are in high demand, so you can also add this in your video streaming web app.

You can offer a premium service for using advanced feature and make money. 

Web App Idea #23) Storytelling Website: This kind of website is mainly used by parents to tell stories to their child from which they can pursue some moral or good knowledge to their child.

For launching this platform you don’t need to have a story writer. By this, you are only providing a platform to story writer to post their story online. Parents can visit and check the stories from your website.

And here based on views on particular stories you get the money. you can also offer the premium services from where you can give additional services to the user. 

Web App Idea #24) Funny clips Website: This kind of web apps are evergreen always, Do you know Reason? Because nowadays people take out some time from their busy schedule to watch a funny clip online.Because funny clips divert their mind and by which they can refresh themselves.

If you are funny clip watcher then you may start this online business by introducing a funny clips web app. In this kind of platforms, people can post funny videos as well as they can also watch and rate the funniest video.

As a website owner, you can make money by ad or you get money as per the number of viewers on your website videos.

Web App Idea #25) Sports live score Website: Lover of sports are increasing day by day, people are totally mad for sports and they even don’t miss the matches or any tournament, but in some cases, they have to lapse their match for some serious reason and at that time they choose to watch score online.

So for such people, you can introduce sports live score web app, where you can show the live score of each tournament with commentary. It’s all up to you either you go for cricket live score, football live score or you can display all the sports tournament live score.

As you are giving the live score, you get a commission from the tournament whose live score you are displaying on your can also make money through ad or you will also earn through the number of live viewers on your web app.

Web App Idea #26) Astrology Website: In morning time, most of the people are curious to see their horoscope and predict their day. People blindly trust astrological beliefs.

You can bring out an astrological web app in which people can check their horoscope daily and if some astrologers want to write some tips as per the horoscope daily then they can edit in your web app.

You can make money by introducing the premium service where people can check more numerology according to their horoscope value. You can also earn through ad.

Web App Idea #27) Latest business Ideas: Nowadays people want to be an entrepreneur or they want to start their new business. People have financial support but they don’t have a business idea. For them finding a new idea is hectic.

If you want, you can launch the latest business ideas web app where people can post their new ideas and investor visit your web app and purchase the new business idea.

You can take directly your commission from the purchased idea, you can also provide the premium service through which investor can check unlimited ideas. 

Web App Idea #28) what’s trending: In this present, everyone wants to be in trend either its for fashion or a trending hot topic. But for being in trend, people want to visit every social media, every online service to keep himself/herself updated.

But What if you combine all the trending thing in one platform? Yes, you can launch what’s trending web app where you post trending photos, videos, product and also the trending topic. People don’t have to visit every social app to see the trending thing they can directly check your website.

As with product you can also add a link to another website from where user can buy if they want, for that you can take the commission. you can also make money by ads.

Web App Idea #29) Book review platform: Now people are more inclined towards online service, and when we talk about books, so now books are also available online from where you can read and purchase the e-book.

You can introduce a Book review platform from where people can buy the e-book and before purchasing they can read the summary and also check the review and rating of the book. The suggestion of after book can also be shown to the book readers.

You get the direct commission of the purchase book. In your website, you can also sell the book series which a collection of 5-6 or more books and make money. 

Web App Idea #30) Social networking website: Social networking website, the most popular and always trending web apps. Through this people can connect virtually with many people, this overcomes the distance hurdle.

Like Facebook, Instagram you can also introduce your own social networking site. As we know there are more than 100 social networking websites, so to stand out differently you need to add some unique features to your social networking website.

There are various ways of making money from a social networking website you can show the ads of another e-commerce website, offering premium option, by doing promotion of any place or of any product. 

Web App Idea #31) Consulting Website: Nowadays people want to consult for all the things like for starting a new business, for career, buying any luxurious product, health issue or for investing money. Finding an expert for every field is not an easy task.

What if you provide them with a platform from where they can contact the expert and ask the consultant for specific issue or problem. Here every consulting agencies can register themselves and whenever user require they can directly connect with them.

You can take the commission from agencies and charge them extra who want to be in top suggestion. On per contact from your platform, you can charge and make money. 

Web App Idea #32) Question-answer platform: Sometimes people click to the craziest question and they want a perfect answer for that, or sometimes people are having the genuine doubt or question for which they need expert advice.

So platform like Quora provides them with a service where they can post their questions and knowledgeable people can answer. If you want, you can launch a relevant web app to Quora by providing some additional features to make it different from quora.

You can make money on the number of answers and on number of users. 

Web App Idea #33) Invoicing Website: This kind of web apps are mostly used by a business or industrial owner for generating an invoice for their client, where they can include all the list of services with the amount.

Online invoicing website is trending and this web services can simplify the way of managing a business and monitors business sales, generate invoices, receive and track the payment. You can also start your own Invoicing web app where you can monitor the sales of registered industries and simplify their business.

You can add the premium services where people want to spend some money for using the additional features. 

Web App Idea #34) Proposal making online Website: Making a proposal or creating a proper proposal is time-consuming because most of the industries or companies use word document for creating any proposal document.

To make their work easy, you can launch your own online proposal making web app from where people can generate a proposal in a perfect format. They can drag and drop the extra details from their devices and at the end, they get a formatting personal document.

For an advanced formatting template, you can charge some amount of money for purchasing that particular template. 

Web App Idea #35) Food Delivery web app: Nearly 56% of the population is using this online food delivery services because people find it comfortable, they just have to order and in 1 hour their food is delivered to them at their house.

Zomato and swiggy, a marketplace food delivery web apps are earning in billions. If you want you can introduce a relevant app to zomato and swiggy where you provide a platform for many restaurants to come and registers, and upload their restaurant menu. You can provide the delivery services to the restaurant, who don’t have a different staff for delivery services or staff of delivery boys.

You can earn through an ad, by taking a commission on every order and if you are giving the delivery service then you get directly your commission from that.  

Web App Idea #36) Travel tips: Before travelling to any place people want to refer the travel tips but for that, they need to surf various websites or web apps, there is no way from where they can directly get the travelling tips for each and every place.

So you can provide a platform where visitors can post some travel tip by their experienced journey and the future visitors can read the tips and if they want more guidance then they can make comments and clear their doubts.

You can earn through ad services and get paid as per the visitors.

Web App Idea #37) Buy & Sell anything: Rather to throwing old things, in this present time people are referring to selling their old product. And people who can’t afford some costly things can buy second-hand thing which is not used much by the first owner.

OLX is providing a platform where people can sell their old things and another user can buy the things in half of its actual price. you can also introduce a relevant web app to OLX where user can sell their old stuff by adding the selling price and the clear picture of that things, another user can check the product and if he/she finds it in budget and fine then they can directly contact the sellers.

You get the direct commission on the sold product and you can also make money by promoting any service on your platform. 

Web App Idea #38) find a co-founder: Starting a business is not a cup of tea, you need to find investors, an experienced business person, a person with fresh ideas or many more. To create this kind of team is really difficult and time-consuming because finding genuine people is really hard.

What if you make it simple by introducing a  find a cofounder web app? Where people can create their profile and add their expertise field and the person who is searching for the people for starting a business can directly find a team of people from your web app.

You can bring out a premium services for making unlimited search and you can also make money by ads. 

Web App Idea #39) Auction Platform: Auction is like playing a game through which people can buy the product, ideas and many more things by paying the highest bid in the community. In earlier times, people use to organize an auction where they can sell the product publicly and the highest bidder gets the product.

You can provide an online platform, an online auction web app, where seller can post the product details with its clear image or video, bidders come and bid their amount online and at the end, the highest bidder wins the product.

You can directly receive the commission from the sold amount of the product.

Web App Idea #40) Truck Loader Services: Finding a truck loader is really difficult for moving heavy loads or transferring industrial machine part from one place to another many web apps are available, who is providing the service of finding the truck loader but people still find it difficult to search the truck loader in the budget.

You can introduce a Truck loader web app in which the truck driver or the loader service provider registered themselves and when any person or any industrial wants any truck loader, visit your website and contact the truck driver and hire them.

On per order, you get your commission. 

Web App Idea #41) Product Price Comparison website: As various websites are available for each and every product, for each and every service. And when people are getting many online options, before buying they check the price of product in every website and start comparing.

To make their work easy, you can launch a product price comparison website. In this website, you can display the product and the price list of product from every e-commerce websites. Now the customer gets the direct platform from where they can easily compare and buy the product at the cheapest price.

Generally, people who are running such services use the pay per click policy and the other way of earning is by ad or promotion. 

Web App Idea #42) Travel booking price comparison website: Middle-class people only search for the travel service at the cheapest price with the best facility.

You can also launch a Travel booking price comparison web app, where you can display all the travel agency with their price for each and every place. When user is planning for any trip, then they can directly visit your website, compare the services and book as per their budget.

You get the direct commission from travel agency whom you are providing the platform and helping them to boost their sales. 

Web App Idea #43) Travel booking website: When a person plan a trip or a long vacation than they also search for the services like flight /train/bus booking services, hotel or nearby restaurant of the travel spot.

You can launch a Travel booking website, from where user can book a flight, train or bus for travelling. You can also provide a package in which a user can book the travel way and also book the nearby hotel.

You earn by charging commission to travel booking agency and the hotels whom you are providing a platform to represent themselves. 

Web App Idea #44) Bus Booking: For mini or short trip, people generally refer to travel from a bus. For one-day picnic, schools refer bus. Finding bus service provider is hard and it’s also time-consuming.

What if you provide a common platform for the bus travel agency, to come and register themselves? Here I am talking about a bus booking web app, where many bus travel agency can register and whenever someone wants a bus service can check and book the bus service.

Here you get your commission from the bus travel agency. 

Web App Idea #45) Movie Booking: Watching movie on the weekend is a kind of ritual, and some movie lover always watch the first show of every newly released movie but sometimes they face the problem where they went to the theatre but the movie tickets are sold out and this thing ruins the whole mood and plan.

What the solution? The online movie booking web app, which you can launch and earn. Through this website, you are providing a platform where all the movie theatre can sell their movie tickets online and the user can do the pre-booking of the movie from your website.

You get a commission on the number of bookings. Another way of earning is through ads or promotions of other services. 

Web App Idea #46) Professional networking: Social networking site is trending and we can say that the social networking site is evergreen. But for professional networking, people can’t use the social networking site.

So for the professional use, people refer the professional website to make a connection or for growing networks. So you can launch your own professional website which is only used for professional purposes and by professional people. Example of a professional website is LinkedIn.

You can earn by providing premium version also with free services. you can also make money by promotion or collaborating with other service providers. 

Web App Idea #47) Sell digital assets: Many people are making money by this kind of business where they provide a platform for people to post their digital assets like pictures, videos and anything. People who find it amazing can buy it from the website.

You only have to provide a platform to the people who can upload their work like HD photos, video clips, Templates or codes. People who find it useful or good, can buy it from your website through various payment methods.

You can take the commission from the seller or also earn by ads. 

Web App Idea #48) Hire a digital contractor: Some industry or company want digital contractor who can work part-time for them or they want to hire someone for a short period of time but its really difficult and time-consuming for them to find the people who are worth.

You can provide a platform to such industries or company from where they can hire the digital contractor for a short period of time. And people who are a digital contractor or people who are designer, website or app developer, video maker (2d & 3d) or a game developer can easily create their profile on your website. And through this platform, the holder can easily hire any digital contractor.

You can make money by taking commission and from ads or promotions. If you want you can also provide the premium service to the user. 

Web App Idea #49) Career advisor websites: Nowadays student get confused and want some guidance for choosing future option for their career. For this, they need an expert career advisor who can guide them perfectly and clear all the confusion.

You can start a business by bringing out a career advisor web app. Here career advisor or career advisor agency can register and people who are searching for career advice can directly search and contact them easily.

You can make money through commission or by displaying ads of different parties. 

Web App Idea #50) Stock market website: Stock marketing is always in trends and people are making money part-timely from stock marketing because people find it easy and simplest way of making money.

You can introduce a stock market website for stock marketing lover from where they can learn the stock tips. By using this website, you provide your user service of online selling and buying of stock.

You can make money by charging some amount of money from the stocks.

One bonus web app ideas which I am going to add with this 50 web app ideas.  

Web App Idea #51) Cooking recipes website: Cooking is a routine task and no one like to cook and eat daily the same food. So everyday people or a home cook need new dishes with simple recipes. There are many online ways of learning cooking but it’s time consuming because every time people need to search for a new website for learning.

You can also launch a cooking recipes website or web app where chefs can post the recipe of new dishes and if required they can also post the preparing food video. Now for getting the new dish recipe people just have to visit your web app.

You can make money by taking a commission from the chef and if you want you can also launch a premium version of your website.

Would you like to create a Web App for your business?