Shopify is an E-commerce platform which is used for developing an online store or e-commerce websites and apps. Nowadays, many people have started an E-commerce business to earn extra money because a platform like Shopify makes it easy to transfer an offline retail business into an online store.

First of all, we are going to discuss in detail, What is E-commerce?

E-commerce business generally refers to the sale and purchase of goods or services via using the electronic medium like internet or online platform.E-commerce was first introduced in the 1960s by an electronic data change on VAN(Value-added networks). Currently, E-commerce is ruling the market.

E-commerce business includes any type of buying or selling goods by using the online medium. There are a total of three are of E-commerce business: online retailing, Electronic markets and online auction. Freelancers, Small scale business and large scale business are all benefited from e-commerce.

What is Shopify and How Shopify works?

Shopify is a Canadian Multinational E-commerce company and its headquarter is located in  Ottawa, Ontario. Shopify is an E-commerce platform which is used for developing an online store, Shopify is developed by Tobias Lutke, Daniel Weinand and Scott lake in 2004.

If you are thinking of launching an online business then Shopify is one of the best platforms as Shopify offers a comprehensive e-commerce web builder complete with hundreds of templates. Shopify offers 14-day free trial so you can easily check whether you are comfortable with this platform or not.

Shopify offers support of 50 languages which makes it easy to sell products to customers anywhere in the world, integration of 70 payment gateways. Shopify also offers content management tools, Multiple features for good SEO(Search engine optimization) and Abandoned cart recovery.

Working of Shopify:

As we knew Shopify is used for developing an online store for selling goods and services via the internet medium. Shopify is used over 175 countries entrepreneurs. Store owner can easily add the product and its detail to the Shopify platform.

User can easily check the categories, search for the items, add it to the cart and purchase the product. After buying the product, the user can easily make payment by using various payment gateways like online payment or also choose COD(Cash on delivery) option.

What kind of products you can sell in Shopify E-commerce platform?

In Shopify E-commerce platform, we can sell the following products :

1. Physical Products: Physical products like clothes, jewellery, gift boxes or anything. You can also sell some hand made product in Shopify.

2. Digital products: Digital products include E-books, E-Courses, photographs, templates or any audio or video assets selling.

3. Consultation: If you are an interior designer or a life coach then you can list your services and user can book online consultancy.

4. Membership:-This is for people who want to sell their content. They can sell the subscription and only the members have access to all content.

5. Lessons and classes: This is for the teachers as they can provide the book lessons and students can buy it from an online store.

  1. Rentals Services: You can also start a business by using the Shopify platform where you can rent the dresses or props.

What are the Unique features of Shopify?

Here I am listing some of the unique features of Shopify which makes it different from other E-commerce platform:

  • Shopify offers beautiful themes that are easily customizable and responsive.
  • Shopify offers low pricing. You can start your business at just $29 per month.
  • Shopify E-commerce platform is trusted by over 1,000,000 Business.
  • Shopify provides the flexibility and ease of use.
  • Shopify allows unlimited products, there is no restriction on the number of products you can sell in a Shopify store.
  • Shopify offers unlimited bandwidth and online storage.
  • Shopify also offers the POS(Point of Sale).In this, you can process orders and take payments in person.
  • Shopify offers a variety of sales channels like online store, Facebook shop and Pinterest to sell products.
  • In Shopify, you will get a built-in fraud analysis feature.
  • Using Shopify, you can manually create your orders by adding the new orders and payment details.
  • Shopify also supports the discount code features.
  • Shopify supports Abandoned cart recovery features. It sends automatic emails to customers who are leaving your store without completing the checkout process.
  • Shopify dashboard highlights things like key analytics, including sales reports, orders and online store visitor data.
  • In Shopify, you can see your key financial information about your business using finance reports by which you can see the overview of sales, payment and pending sales data.
  • Shopify provides the 24/7 customer support by phone, e-mail or chat.
  • Shopify offers 70 payment gateways and it can be translated in more than 50 languages.
  • Shopify offers the custom domain name.
  • Shopify has the features of Auto-calculation of shipping prices for each customer.
  • Shopify also allows selling gifts card for the holidays.
  • Shopify fulfil the services Heavy lifting by collaborating with existing fulfilment services like Amazon or Rakuten.
  • Using Shopify, you can also introduce a Shopify dropshipping from which you do not require any inventory.

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